Denise Maher

  1. Homeland SecurityAll visitors must be announced – not to mention interrogated and frisked. New York’s doormen are being drafted for the war on terror.
  2. Tenants to Landlords: Pay Up!The midtown high-rise tenant, like a lot of New Yorkers, thought she was overpaying for her place – but she also thought she could do something […]
  3. At Stuy Town, the Wait Is Over“I was so excited when I got an envelope!” says Barbara Leone, an attorney who applied to the wait list of Peter Cooper Village several years ag […]
  4. Silicon Alley: Party DownsizeAt Pink Slip Parties, the Internet’s unemployed go for broke.
  5. Technology: Tune In, Turn On, Go UpLate-model luxury cars have dashboard GPS and JetBlue flights feature seat-back DirecTV, but most elevators block out even a humble cell signal. […]
  6. Nightlife ‘99: Where To Go In New YorkA long time ago, in a decade that seems far, far away, New York’s club bathrooms were filled with more decadence than the clubs themselves. But […]