Derek de Koff

  1. Smokeless SmokesWith cigarette taxes up and smoking in bars, restaurants, and parks now banned, a subculture has grown up around “e-cigarette” nicotine-delivery […]
  2. This Is My Brain on ChantixI’d heard it was the most effective stop-smoking drug yet. So I took it. Then those reports of suicidal ideation began washing in.
  3. The Scene: Generation WDown and out in Williamsburg? Not exactly. How the victims of a sputtering economy are fueling a creative explosion.
  4. Strict Doorman PolicyThe nineties obsession with celebrity culture might be gasping its last breath, but don’t tell that to Frank McHugh, director of the new Chelsea […]
  5. Home on the RoadshowIt’s taken Chubb’s Antiques Roadshow – one of PBS’s hottest commodities – five years to get to Manhattan, but executive producer Peter Cook sa […]
  6. Dramas of DysfunctionYour folks are in town, and you’ve braced yourself for a clannish Thursday. Want to send a message on Friday night? Five plays that will – ever […]
  7. Captain KiddBy day, he’s the path-breaking designer of book jackets every ambitious writer wants to work with; by night, he’s a comic-book connoisseur and […]
  8. Not in Oz AnymoreChris Meloni jumps from TV drama to big-screen laughs in the retro spoof Wet Hot American Summer, where you may not recognize the gruff d […]
  9. 7 Ways To Show Gay Pride(before and after the parade)
  10. At Home with the Magician: Extra CheeseMaster illusionist David Copperfield is making a plump burrito-like object – disappear! We’re sitting in the vast bedroom of his multilevel mid […]
  11. Ghetto FabulousMarc Berkley – tireless promoter of all-night dance parties, gay culture, and, well, Marc Berkley – always knows where his thrill-seeking crow […]
  12. Fashion: Hide in Plain SightWhen the Gap commanded EVERYONE IN LEATHER!, we submitted – whether Spring Street glamour groupies (“They’re Helmut”), East Village artists (“T […]
  13. Dance: Billy Elliot’s Corps AudienceA class of ten 16-to-19-year-old boys was in the midst of a warm-up session in the School of American Ballet’s Alexandra Danilova Studio at Linc […]
  14. The Twilo ZoneMaudlin muscle boys! Drag-Queen Witches! Junior (Vasquez) junkies! After sixteen straight hours of partying in New York’s most caffeinated club, […]
  15. Tech 2001 / The Second ComingWith the arrival this month of the Playstation 2, Sony’slatest bid for gaming-world domination, Derek de Koff examines the soul of the machine - […]
  16. Fashion: Habitrail of TearsSeventh Avenue turns cute little hamsters into cute little outfits.
  17. Fall Preview: FilmSEPTEMBER
  18. Heavy PettingIn her debut film, The Tao of Steve, writer-director Jenniphr Goodman proves that a fat man is good to find.
  19. Marketing: Flesh PeddlersBurger King’s campaign to make Chicken Run appetizing.
  20. Summer Fun: Suddenly, This SummerWhat do you get when you cross the city that never sleeps with the love that dares not speak its name? An entire summer of good queer fun.