Derek Lawrence

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    Mekhi Phifer Answers Every Question We Have About 8 Mile“The first thing I remember when I think about 8 Mile is, Damn, I almost turned down my name in an Oscar-winning song.”
  2. role call
    Seth Green Answers Every Question We Have About The Italian JobOn the sequel that never got made and the scene that caught Green’s real-life reaction to an almost-decapitation.
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    Chris Messina on the Art of Phone Acting While Waving a Mini-Sword Around“I wasn’t quite sure what that sword was doing there, but I knew that it should be used,” says the Air scene-stealer.
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    Keri Russell Said Yes to Cocaine Bear Because Margo Martindale Was in ItWith Keri, Margo, and Matthew Rhys, Cocaine Bear is an unofficial The Americans reunion.
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    Inside 80 for Brady’s Most Surreal and Guy Fieri–est Moments“[Marshawn and Rita] hit it off behind the camera and now they text each other, just to check in.”
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    John Wick’s Shamier Anderson Wants a Tracker Spinoff With Meryl StreepThe John Wick: Chapter 4 breakout is already fighting for more.
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    Tara Reid Answers Every Question We Have About The Big LebowskiOn beating Liv Tyler and Charlize Theron for the role of Bunny Lebowski and making the Coen Brothers laugh.
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    Steve Zahn Answers Every Question We Have About Out of SightOn warning J.Lo not to bother with the “actor-making-an-album crap,” George Clooney’s “birthday” prank, and his soft spot for vulnerable dimwits.
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    Stephen Lang on Quaritch’s Return From the Dead in Avatar: The Way of WaterThe Avatar actor on his macho baddie’s unconventional return in The Way of Water and where Quaritch ranks in the pantheon of Cameron movie villains.
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    William H. Macy Answers Every Question We Have About Boogie NightsOn his visit to a porn set, Burt Reynolds’s “clueless” attitude, and making Paul Thomas Anderson laugh — and smell — during that killer shot.
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    A Guide to All the NBA Cameos in Adam Sandler’s HustleFrom Philadelphia 76ers royalty past and present to the superfans, analysts, and commentators you may recognize.
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    Rosie Perez Answers All Our Questions About White Men Can’t JumpOn losing it in front of Alex Trebek, that time Woody Harrelson ratted her out to Wesley Snipes, and the trio’s upcoming Oscars reunion.