1. songbird
    Stevie Nicks Memorializes Christine McVie, Her ‘Best Friend in the Whole World’Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham have also shared statements mourning their late bandmate.
  2. this! is! an interview!
    Jeopardy!’s Sam Buttrey Hopes You’ll Invite Him to Your Fancy PartiesThe breakout contestant from this year’s Tournament of Champions on that Doja Cat clip and his own X-rated songwriting endeavors.
  3. finale thoughts
    Linda Cardellini Sets Dead to Me FreeHow Judy Hale’s “greatest achievement” made the final twist possible.
  4. respect the classics
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2022 Rock Hall Induction CeremonyThat “Jolene” super-jam is going in the history books.
  5. disrespect the classics
    Bruce Springsteen Defends His Own Ticketmaster Debacle: ‘I’m Old’“I know it was unpopular with some fans. But if there’s any complaints on the way out, you can have your money back.”
  6. chat room
    The Crown’s Olivia Williams Brought Monty Python Energy to Her Tampon Scene“It ends up with Charles, literally, saying he would go round and round the bowl and never flush down. It’s not a sexual fantasy.”
  7. this! is! an interview!
    Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio Browsed Reddit Before Their Jeopardy! TournamentTalking strategy and streaks with two of the game’s greatest players.
  8. rock hall 2022
    For Lionel Richie, Family Comes Second“I missed 25 years of pep rallies, bonfires, and family reunions,” he admitted in his Rock Hall speech.
  9. rock hall 2022
    It’s a Humble Eminem ShowIn his Rock Hall speech, the rapper said he shouldn’t be there “because of a couple of reasons.”
  10. rock hall 2022
    Dolly Parton Concedes: ‘I’m a Rock Star Now!’Even if she still feels like “a hillbilly in the city.”
  11. rock hall 2022
    Duran Duran’s Rock Hall Induction Had One Less TaylorAndy, the band’s original guitarist, revealed his stage 4 metastatic prostate-cancer diagnosis in an open letter.
  12. superlatives
    Steve Miller on the Most Impulsive and Patient Music of His Career“I always wanted my albums to be hard to take off. Once you put them on, I want you to enjoy everything.”
  13. 657 boulevard
    Investigating The Watcher With Its Star ReporterA conversation with Reeves Wiedeman about what the Netflix series got right and wrong about 657 Boulevard.
  14. finale thoughts
    Siobhán McSweeney Hopes Sister Michael Inspires AnarchyDerry Girls’ star on her signature eye roll and galvanizing the youth: “She does care about these girls. Maybe not individually, but as a collective.”
  15. a long talk
    Ken Jennings Ascends the PodiumThe Jeopardy! co-host (and its greatest champion) settles into his dream job, one year after the show’s legacy was almost tarnished.
  16. this! is! an announcement!
    Jeopardy!’s Newest Tournament Is Only for LosersNo, really. That’s the entry requirement.
  17. respect the classics
    Phil Collins and Genesis Now Have a Very Visible $300 Million TouchThey sold their rights, and hope to “bring some of this music back to life.”
  18. respect the classics
    Bruce Springsteen’s New Era Is All About Soul, ManHe’s pivoting to Motown covers for his new album.
  19. disrespect the classics
    Ha, Jann Wenner Is Pissed About a Recent Rock Hall Induction“I hadn’t heard of a single contribution this individual made to the creative side of music. But he had accumulated influence and wealth.”
  20. superlatives
    The Most Transgressive and Personal of Blondie, According to Debbie and Chris“Transgressive? How much time do we have?”
  21. chat room
    Adina Verson Has Lingering Questions for Only Murders in the Building“What did that timeline look like? I made some stuff up in my head about it.”
  22. a long talk
    The Bachelorette Needed Trista Sutter’s Fairy TaleThe contestant behind the franchise’s foundational love story has some advice for its producers.
  23. superlatives
    The Most Seductive and Poetic of Roxy Music, According to Bryan Ferry“We didn’t want to be a one-trick pony.”
  24. respect the classics
    Everyone Thank South Park for Reuniting RushGeddy!! Alex!! Emotions!!
  25. respect the classics
    Joe Walsh Isn’t Making Eagles Money for His Late Show ResidencyBut he swears to Colbert it doesn’t matter.
  26. disrespect the classics
    Bruce Springsteen’s Team Doesn’t Care How Much Your Tickets Cost“That is a fair price to see someone universally regarded as among the very greatest artists of his generation.”
  27. superlatives
    Jack White on the Most Stubborn and Prophetic Music of His Career“I’m always starting from scratch. And wow, I’m here again.”
  28. respect the classics
    And the Victor of Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams’s Mansion Feud Is …Not a whole lotta love between these two.
  29. chat room
    Matthew Modine Doesn’t Think His Stranger Things Time Is UpThe actor on the “unforgivable crimes” of Dr. Brenner and whether “Papa” is worthy of redemption.
  30. chat room
    Brett Gelman Punched and Kicked His Way to Becoming Stranger Things’ Action Hero“They were like, ‘See if you can break this practice board with a side kick.’ I did. And then they were like, ‘You just broke somebody’s rib.’”
  31. superlatives
    The Most Joyous and Romantic of Journey, According to Neal Schon“We show our dexterity and diversity on all of our albums. We’ve traveled the spectrum musically from A to Z.”
  32. chat room
    Sadie Sink on Her Stranger Things Season From Hell“There’s still a small glimmer of hope.”
  33. the classics got no respect today
    Glenn Frey Would Not Approve of This NonsenseA brawl broke out among VIP guests at an Eagles concert, during “Take It Easy.”
  34. ted!
    An Interview With Stranger Things’ Most Oblivious Dad“If you remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the vixen, Jessica Rabbit, is like, ‘I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way.’ Ted is like that.”
  35. superlatives
    The Most Ambitious and Cinematic of Duran Duran, According to John and Nick“We were part of a vanguard that really changed people’s lives.”
  36. great investments
    The Lehman Trilogy Is Being Adapted for TV, and It’s Still Doing the TwistDoes the rotating glass box have an agent?
  37. chat room
    A Very Sunny Chat With Henry Winkler About Barry’s Very Dark FinalePlus, encountering Sinatra and hugging dogs on set.
  38. chat room
    Joseph Quinn Knows His Stranger Things Wig Was the Real Star of the SeasonInspired by another iconic Eddie.
  39. tonys 2022
    What Should Win at the 2022 Tony Awards?A conversation about the best of the 2021–22 theater season.
  40. times like these
    Foo Fighters Will Headline Tribute Concerts for Taylor Hawkins“It is now up to all of us who loved him most to honor Taylor’s legacy and the music he gave us,” his wife wrote.
  41. chat room
    Stranger Things’ Jamie Campbell Bower Wants to Be Saved by a Kate Bush CoverThe actor spent seven hours in the makeup chair every day he played Vecna.
  42. respect the classics
    Sex Pistols Guitarist Prefers Steely Dan to His Own Band“I’m f-cking tired of it, to be honest with you.”
  43. chat room
    Laura Haddock Was Gently Hazed While Filming Downton Abbey: A New EraConfirmed: A certain Crawley is a “cheeky monkey.”
  44. obits
    Andy Fletcher, Depeche Mode’s Keyboard Savant, Dead at 60The band confirmed that his “untimely passing” came after an aortic dissection.
  45. superlatives
    The Loudest and Wittiest of Def Leppard, According to Joe Elliott“We were young enough to enjoy it without killing ourselves.”
  46. manchester’s finest
    Liam Gallagher Hops Aboard His Own ‘Magic Bus’His maraca-infused track, “World’s in Need,” was inspired by the Who.
  47. chat room
    Kevin Doyle Knows He ‘Won the Lottery’ With Downton Abbey: A New Era“Molesley is clearly a bright man, but he’d never been allowed to let his intellect and talent, for what it was, flourish.”
  48. times like these
    Taylor Hawkins Allegedly Told Dave Grohl He ‘Couldn’t F-cking Do It Anymore’Two of Hawkins’s friends are now apologizing for their comments.
  49. chat room
    Filming Mr. Mayor Is Like Being ‘Shot From a Cannon’ for Vella LovellThe Crazy Ex-Girlfriend alum on finding her joke rhythm and the disarming charm of Ted Danson.
  50. this! is! an interview!
    Jeopardy! Champion Mattea Roach Knows She’s Divisive“I’m enjoying myself a lot, and that’s why I played the game that way.”
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