Doree Shafrir

  1. second acts
    Niecy Nash Makes Me Want to Define My Own CareerLike the actress, I didn’t want to be told I could only do one thing.
  2. your shopping cart
    Guest Strat Haul: What Doree Shafrir Bought in May“It’s cheap, easy to install, and seriously, my butt has never felt better.”
  3. infertility
    I’m Not an ‘Infertility Warrior’I’m just a woman trying to become a mom.
  4. How Ingrained Is Sexism in Silicon Valley? Ask the Women Trying to Get FundingWomen entrepreneurs describe being degraded and humiliated when trying to get their companies off the ground.
  5. popular
    How I Tried and Failed to Be a Cool BossKaraoke nights just weren’t the same when I bought drinks with a corporate card.
  6. Cancel That LimousineEight alternative ways to commute from altar to dance floor.
  7. Yours for a DayEight fantasy venues paired with reasonable—but equally desirable—alternatives.
  8. it’s a man’s world
    Dispatch From the Cosmo ‘Man Summit’Seeking alpha-males who will pull your hair during sex.
  9. twitter
    Twitter Made Me Hate YouPeople you like and admire can be total idiots in 140 characters or less.
  10. apps
    Popular Foursquare Prompts Antisocial NetworkingHow to avoid people who use Foursquare.
  11. chat room
    Casting Director Vinnie Potestivo on Finding the Right Amount of CrazyFor ‘Sunset Daze,’ he went to karaoke bars … at 2p.m.
  12. the supremes
    Kagan Was Tough, Open Say StudentsThe Supreme Court nominee was apparently an excellent teacher.
  13. intel
    Wisenheimers, Scary People, and Debate-Team Captains: A Taxonomy of Commenting CommunitiesAn anthropological survey of thirteen strange online cultures.
  14. Tweet Tweet Boom BoomA new generation of tech entrepreneurs in the city is trying to overthrow old media and build a better New York—with the help of their iPhones. […]
  15. iPad Reviews: The Best of the HyperboleAn iPad is a person! Who will save us all!
  16. it’s the circle of ‘like’
    The Warm-Fuzzy WebThe new world of nice netiquette.
  17. 3. Because the Stuy Town Nine Are Like a Chicago Seven for RentersThey were the little guys and in New York, when it comes to real estate, the little guy tends to get the short end.
  18. The Siege We Live WithGet ready for another round of unsettling changes you won’t even notice six months from now.
  19. Where in the World Will Chelsea Wed? And Who’s Invited? The wedding of former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky is this summer’s ultimate status invitation
  20. hipsters
    Meet Nick Gray, Thrower of ‘Culturally Significant’ Williamsburg PartiesA hipster profile.
  21. Visiting DayIt’s been 21 days since campers first arrived at Trail’s End. Now their parents have six hours to show them just how much they’ve been missed.
  22. SubhamptonMapping the future floodwaters.