Duff McDonald

  1. 62 Minutes With Pat KiernanBattling ennui with the beloved NY1 anchor, who not-so-secretly has his eye on Regis’s job.
  2. Elizabethan EraElizabeth Warren could be Obama’s best hope to get the masses back on his side.
  3. oh great now money is going to run hollywood
    How Long Until Bettors Short Movies on HSX?Some news from La La Land has us worried — for them.
  4. UnwarrentedDoes Buffett deserve his outsider rep?
  5. white men with money
    Who Will Succeed Ken Lewis?Assessing the Bank of America chief’s possible replacements.
  6. Will Rule for FoodSeptember 15 marks the first anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers, and along with millions of unemployed Americans, many erstwhile Masters […]
  7. The Answer MenMcKinsey & Co. are supposed to know it all. They’re business consultants who travel the world and charge corporations top dollar to help them ru […]
  8. ink-stained wretches
    Post ‘Rising Star’ Is Actually FallingThe tabloid accidentally celebrates a Citigroup executive’s demotion.
  9. white men with power
    Arthur Levitt Joins Goldman Sachs As AdviserThe longtime SEC chairman crosses the Street again.
  10. The HeistHow Jamie Dimon resisted the quick and dirty temptations of Wall Street and put himself in perfect position for the deal, or maybe steal, of t […]
  11. Money TroublesIt was a good week for bad economic news. But which measures matter most to New Yorkers?
  12. Cash of the TitansYou can’t lose a fortune unless you have it in the first place.
  13. 21. Because We’re Finding Out Who’s Really Worth Their Paycheck on Wall StreetThey may be teaching creationism in Tennessee, but Wall Street is and always has been a place where, in the long term, only the fittest survive.
  14. The Catastrophist ViewWhat would it take to send the U.S. economy—and New York’s—into free fall? A doomsday primer.
  15. The Hanger-onEven as the Wall Street mob calls for his head, Citigroup CEO Chuck Prince still has his job. How does he do it?
  16. Working BlueIs it now acceptable to say “fuck” in the office?
  17. Big Swinging AxMerrill Lynch’s Stan O’Neal became the first Wall Street CEO to lose his job over the credit crisis. Which megabanker might end up on the choppi […]
  18. The Dog That RoaredWhy the guy who bought Chrysler is the ultimate New Yorker.
  19. The Running of the HedgehogsMaybe you were hoping that hedge funds were another passing fad that you could safely ignore. Well, they are a fad, but they show no evidence of […]
  20. The Celebrity Trust IndexSophisticated celebrity-ranking survey shows which famous people Americans feel most influenced by as brand-shills, and why. (New York celebs ar […]
  21. Please, Sir, I Want Some More.How Goldman Sachs is carving up its $11 billion money pie.
  22. A Hard LandingJetBlue proved that profits and good service were not impossible in the airline business. But it sure wasn’t counting on jet-fuel prices soari […]
  23. Taranto’s WebPR Flack Leveraged the Right-Thinking Wall Street Journal into a Blogging Franchise.