E. J. Samson

  1. Sarita EkyaS’MAC, 345 E. 12th St., near First Ave.; 212-358-7912
  2. Table DiscussionWhere can you get a table-for-two at 8 p.m. on a day’s notice? We tried our luck at our restaurant critic’s recently reviewed hot (or-not-so […]
  3. Out TonightLooking to party on Gay Pride weekend? Whether you’re gay, lesbian, or whatever, you’ve got options.
  4. Your Scene, Your SongNot interested in your standard karaoke bar? In this city, you can find the right song list and the right setting.
  5. Beyond the Black PartyMissed out on last month’s Black Party? These gay soirees should hold you over until next year. Plus, a preview of what’s in store this spring.
  6. Don’t Drop the BallAt press time, these venues still had tickets to their New Year’s Eve parties for sale. What are you waiting for?
  7. Be Our GuestWere you the last to know about Madonna’s recent guest DJ set at Luke and Leroy? Don’t let it happen again.
  8. The Freaks Come Out at NightBut which night? With Halloween on a Monday, you’ve got multiple options for multiple types of parties.
  9. Oh, the Horror!As these recent DVD releases testify, it’s been a scary year for Hollywood and we’re not just talking about the slump at the box office. Let the […]
  10. seduction. . .And you thought New York’s gay scene was incestuous. 
  11. It’s Phuc Tap!“Phuc tap” means “complicated” in Vietnamese, but Eileen Fogarty’s autobiographical show tends to oversimplify.
  12. Dancing at the BarsFrom inner city kids to D-list celebrities, everybody’s donning their dancing shoes this summer. To do the conga with confidence, look no furthe […]
  13. Dancing at the BarsFrom inner city kids to C-list celebrities, it seems like everybody’s dawning their dancing shoes this summer. To get on that conga line, he […]
  14. The State of the Cheap NeighborhoodA few years ago, New Yorkers refusing to shell out thousands for a cubicle-sized studio retreated to these locales. But are these nabes still a […]
  15. Mojitos NuevosThese hotspots go beyond the standard mint, rum, sugar and lime of this classic summer cocktail.
  16. Parade PointersEverything you need to know about the LGBT Pride Parade—from where to watch it to who’s taking to the streets. (And how to avoid those pes […]
  17. Be SceneA gay bar or club for every taste/fetish/curiosity out there.
  18. Christopher Street Pub CrawlChelsea’s Eighth Avenue may be today’s gay man’s main drag, but the West Village’s Christopher Street still holds […]
  19. Special Edition: The After-PromNo fake ID? No problem. Five clubs relax their 21-and-over policy during Prom season, giving high school grads a chance for the Big Night to liv […]
  20. Winter Hot SpotsSuffering from seasonal affective disorder? Five new boîtes provide cold-weather oases.
  21. Tops on BottomsHow to turn your old T-shirts into … underwear.