Eleanor Cummins

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    Is the Pain All in My Head?A new treatment called pain-reprocessing therapy promises to cure chronic pain — but maybe not for everyone.
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    No, You Can’t Recycle a Bowling Ball (But People Sure Keep Trying)The hard truth is these things are going to live longer than we are.
  3. the highlight
    The danger of the new skepticism“Question everything, right?” is the new mantra for some. But social echo chambers have propelled “healthy” skepticism into surreal terrain.
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    A requiem for the Twitter presidencyHow Trump blurred the lines between politics and persona in ways that will reverberate for years.
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    Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and the national embrace of stepmothersKamala Harris, Jill Biden, and the national embrace of stepmothers
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    Shirking from homeShirking from home
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    How to fight fear and anxiety when quarantine endsThe coronavirus pandemic has done a number on our mental health. We asked five psychologists for advice on emerging from our homes to a changed world.