Elisabeth Donnelly

  1. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Series-Finale Recap: Revenge of the Sitcom WifeIn the end, what was this show?
  2. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap: I’m Not Following YouAllison needs to decide if she can leave Worcester — and Patty — behind.
  3. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap: Near-Death EnergyKevin causes a lot of problems, but he also solves a bunch in his own special way.
  4. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap: No ExitA blackout strikes Worcester. Are Sitcom World and Bleak World the same in the dark?
  5. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap: A Party for PattyPatty is one of those birthday people, the sort that doesn’t like to celebrate at all. Nevertheless, Allison’s gonna try.
  6. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap: The Worst Day of My LifeAllison is haunted by the past … but maybe Gertrude Fronch won’t be.
  7. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap: Marriage, Right?Is there anybody in Worcester who isn’t in denial?
  8. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Season-Premiere Recap: Worcester Wild DudeWhat does the fallout from attempted murder look like in Sitcom World? Well, kind of like early Breaking Bad.
  9. chat room
    Matt Berry on Why Making What We Do in the Shadows Was ‘Terrifying’“There’s no reason why a vampire would be afraid of heights, much like a bird wouldn’t be afraid of heights. That’s the veil of acting.”
  10. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: This Song About Zach Braff Being Your DadMaybe this song sticks with me because it gets to a little tiny truth in the world: we’re trained to see the faces we love everywhere.
  11. hidden figures
    Hidden Figures Director Theodore Melfi on Opening Doors for Women“You close the door on women, you close the door on humanity.”
  12. New York Film Festival
    Director Mike Mills Still Trying to Impress Wife Miranda JulyThe 20th Century Women director finds it “hard to keep up” with his film-making, book-writing, art-making wife.
  13. confessions
    My Mother’s Cancer Made Me a Food NutIt snuck up on me, but before I knew it I was a type-A food perfectionist who would beat death.
  14. revenge is sweet
    Kate Winslet: Looking Fabulous Is the Best RevengeKate Winslet is well-dressed in The Dressmaker — and in real life.
  15. reading
    Is Dietland 2015’s Most Surprising Book About Women?Dietland is what you get when you blend commercial women’s fiction, second-wave feminism, and Fight Club.
  16. interviews
    Q&A: Melissa Auf der Maur on Post-Rock-Star Life“Hudson reminds me of Montreal in the nineties,” says the nineties alt-music queen.
  17. digital love
    Fantasy or Fun? The Rise of ‘Ideal Boyfriends’ on TumblrAnalyzing L.L. Bean Boyfriend, Bon Iver Erotica, and other hot online archetypes for the post–Tiger Beat woman.