Eliza Shapiro

  1. It’s Really Happening: After Trade Snag, Tebow Is a New York JetThe trade hit a brief snag after the Jets forgot to read Tebow’s contract.
  2. 1,500 March for Justice in Trayvon Martin CaseAbout 1,500 people participated in the Million Hoodies March, protesting for justice in the killing of Trayvon Martin.
  3. early and often 2012
    Ron Paul on Leno: Code Names and a Brokered ConventionRon Paul chats with Jay Leno about his potential Secret Service name and a brokered convention.
  4. Cajun Campaign Bash Bonanza: On to Louisiana Santorum amps up his ad fund-raising in the Bayou State.
  5. Charlie Rangel Will Run for 22nd Term Charlie Rangel will seek a 22nd term representing New York’s newly renumbered 13th congressional district.
  6. crazy people
    Flying Dutchman Uses Custom Birdwings to Soar Over the HagueHe gets almost as emotional as the Double Rainbow dude.
  7. ink-stained wretches
    Gray Lady Hires Spencer Stuart to Look for CEOThe New York Times Company has hired executive recruiting firm Spencer Stuart to look for a new CEO.
  8. early and often 2012
    Mitt Romney Wins Big in Illinois [Updated]Surprise! Mitt Romney wins the Illinois primary.
  9. early and often 2012
    Michelle: Barack ‘Always Upbeat About Congress’Michelle Obama talked to David Letterman about John Boehner.
  10. early and often 2012
    Karen Santorum Talks Women’s Rights With Piers MorganKaren Santorum chatted with Piers Morgan about her husband’s belly and contraception.
  11. Justice Department, FBI Will Investigate Trayvon Martin Killing [Updated]The Justice Department and FBI will investigate Trayvon Martin’s killing.
  12. early and often 2012
    Mitt Can Run, But Not Hide, From Social IssuesMitt Romney doesn’t want to talk about much besides the economy.
  13. Apple Sold 3 Million iPads This WeekendThat’s a lot of iPads.
  14. crime and punishment
    Middle-Aged Woman Lights Fifteen Trash Cans on Fire A woman in her fifties lit at least fifteen trash cans on fire in midtown Manhattan today.
  15. linsanity
    Linsanity: Now a Vehicle to Sell VolvosBadum ching!
  16. Romney, Santorum Secret Service Names Revealed!Mitt is “Javelin.” Rick is “Petrus.”
  17. ink-stained wretches
    Jayson Blair Gives Mike Daisey Good AdviceJournalism … it’s about trust!
  18. mo’ money mo’ problems
    Apple to Decide How to Spend Extra $100 BillionApple will decide what to do with its $100 billion extra in cash.
  19. Cop-Threatening OWS Tweeter: Just Kidding“I’m in Florida, what am I going to do?”
  20. The Cheapest Rent in Manhattan: $55.01 in Soho“I hope to die here, but not soon.”
  21. C-SPAN CEO, Broadcaster of Congress, Steps DownBrian Lamb, the man responsible for bringing the Senate to your living room, will step down exactly 33 years after C-SPAN launched.
  22. early and often 2012
    Romney Wins Big in Puerto Rico Victory for Romney; failure for Santorum’s khaki shorts.
  23. lady business
    Ultrasound (and Contraception) Ultracraziness“I believe that we live in America. We don’t live in the Soviet Union.”
  24. white men with money
    Bloomberg Boosts Goldman’s Damage-Control EffortBloomberg pays a visit to Goldman Sachs HQ.
  25. crime and punishment
    MTA Employee Allegedly Punched 6 Train PassengerAnd that’s why you always have exact change.
  26. Suspect in Afghan Shootings Had Been Drinking“He just snapped,” a U.S. official said.
  27. early and often
    Obama Doc Road Traveled: A By-the-Numbers LookFired up and ready to go!
  28. white men with money
    Mitt Romney Meets Occupy Wall StreetThe inevitable candidate met the inevitable protest.
  29. linsanity
    Knicks Win: What a Difference a Coach MakesWhen’s the last time anyone saw the Knicks win by 42 points?
  30. Mom Who Snatched Baby From Queens Hospital FoundLeila Rajnarine snatched her biological daughter from the hospital during a visit with the child’s foster mother.
  31. Dave and Barry’s Excellent Culinary AdventureObama hosted David Cameron for a White House state dinner with Meyer lemon pudding.
  32. frogs
    It’s Not Easy Being … a New Leopard Frog SpeciesNot to be confused with the southern leopard frog.
  33. british people
    2 Fast 2 Furious: David Cameron Likes BasketballObama took British PM David Cameron to an NCAA game.
  34. Encyclopaedia Britanica Is Going Out of PrintGood-bye to all that.
  35. Santorum Sweeps Alabama, Mississippi [Updated]So much for cheesy grits.
  36. Bush Ex-Officials Avoid Birth Control and CanadaBush alums are afraid of birth control and Toronto.
  37. early and often
    Mitt’s Birthday: No Medicare or Meatloaf CakesMitt Romney turned 65 today.
  38. Chad Ochocinco Takes 200 Strangers Out to DinnerThe New England Patriots’ wide receiver treated them all to a meal at soul food temple Sylvia’s in Harlem.
  39. Things Chris Christie Does Not RegretHe’s not sorry for calling a former Navy SEAL an idiot.
  40. approval ratings
    Gas Prices Up, Obama’s Approval Rating Way DownBad news bears for Barry Obama.
  41. rich people problems
    Romney’s Donors Say the Darndest Things Like this billionaire hedge-fund manager who says the super-rich have an “insufficient influence” on national politics.
  42. BlackBerry Loses Its Base: Hill StaffersHas Obama’s favorite gadget reached its twilight year?
  43. The (Office) Rent in Hong Kong Is Too Damn HighBut commercial real estate in New York is pretty pricey, too.
  44. Kobayashi Eats Thirteen Grilled Cheeses in One MinuteAnd where else but at SXSW?
  45. Obama’s Choice: NCAA Pool or Reelection?March Madness begins!