Ellen Carpenter

  1. The Friar and the NurseThis Elizabethan update finds an untold love story in Romeo and Juliet.
  2. Public GardensHere’s a substitute to keep you placid till you can afford that weekend home in Rhinebeck. Grab a book and a bottle of water, bypass the […]
  3. Top Five Irish-Music VenuesWhen it comes to hearing traditional Irish music, you can’t rely on U2 to supply a bouncy fiddle line. Celebrate your Irish heritage (or s […]
  4. Holiday CocktailsWhat better way to warm up the Christmas season – or take the edge off the shopping scene – than with a spicy holiday drink?
  5. Belly-Dancing RestaurantsForget what your mother said: Staring is required when belly dancers are present. Season bites of baba ghannouj with a little shimmy.