Emily Kirkpatrick

  1. year in review
    The Year Celeb Meal Deals Got WeirdFrom Cardi B and Offset’s date-night dinner at McDonald’s to the Reneé Rapp bowl at Sweetgreen.
  2. year in review
    The Year Everyone Started Dressing Like Julia FoxDresses are more sheer than ever before, exposed G-strings are even tinier, and the bare nipple has long since been liberated.
  3. peak dupe
    A Day in DupesCould I pass off a wardrobe of fakes as the real thing?
  4. rules of rom coms
    Every Time Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Promoted Their Rom-com Too WellDo we have another Mr. & Mrs. Smith situation?
  5. year in review
    It Was Julia Fox’s YearAnd Julia Fox’s year only.
  6. cut opinion pages
    Let the Woman RestThe Marilyn Monroe in Blonde is yet another figment of our imagination. Maybe we could come up with something else now?
  7. growing up
    Teaching Myself Piano at the End of the WorldThis time, on my terms — not my mom’s.
  8. culture
    Are We Finally All Caught Up With the Kardashians?The family’s new Hulu show, premiering later this week, is just more of the same.