Emily Maskell

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    All the Books With 2023 Screen Adaptations to Add to Your Reading ListIncluding the Hunger Games prequel and a new season of Slow Horses.
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    Lampooning Every Parent’s NightmareNobody wants to drop a baby, but Anna Konkle found a way to make you laugh about it.
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    60 Page-to-Screen Adaptations to Add to Your 2022 Reading ListGuillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities and Pinocchio, She Said, and more.
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    15 Book-to-Screen Adaptations to Read Before the End of the YearHouse of Gucci, The Last Duel, and even a few adaptations not directed by Ridley Scott.
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    11 Noteworthy Documentaries Celebrating LGBTQ+ WomenFrom 1920s lesbians appreciating art in Paris to a retired Illinois couple coming out after six decades together.