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    Jake Gyllenhaal Survives Hostile Work EnvironmentMila Kunis: “Could I have toilet paper?”
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    Anna Kendrick Tormented by Unsightly Co-starPlus: Bryce Dallas Howard totally down for some nepotism.
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    Timbaland Resolves Not to Waste Time on the Haters in 2010Plus: Matt Groening’s debt to Walt Disney.
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    Michelle Rodriguez Plans to Keep Her Clothes OnPlus: Blossom speaks!
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    Zoe Saldana Will Have You Know She Trained Very Hard to Be a Computer-Generated Character in AvatarPlus: The ‘faux’-bickering between Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant continues.
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    Alec Baldwin’s Tendency to Overshare Is Becoming a Bit of a ProblemPlus: George Clooney rages against “dumbasses” from the Netherlands.
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    Joe Jonas Is a Blank SlatePlus: Todd Phillips, director of ‘The Hangover,’ has a plan for Tiger Woods.
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    Hugh Grant Hasn’t Quite Figured Out How to Compliment His Co-StarsPlus: Dita Von Teese is NOT a stripper, thankyouverymuch.
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    New Morrissey Album a Complete Failure, Says MorrisseyPlus: Heather Graham is all for pregnant strippers.
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    Don’t Expect Daniel Day-Lewis to Join the Frat Pack Anytime SoonPlus: Sarah Jessica Parker on Molegate.
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    See Photographer Lea Bertucci Turn the Indoors OutThe Brooklyn-based artist creates postcards from the underworld.
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    Avatar’s Zoe Saldana Still Working On Perfecting Her ‘Female Empowerment’ Talking PointsPlus: Miley Cyrus, Viking queen?
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    Mark Wahlberg Just Thrilled to Put a Slug in Derek JeterPlus: Everybody loves ‘Gossip Girl,’ even cops!
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    Sam Worthington Is Just As Terrified of James Cameron As Everyone ElsePlus: Lady Gaga’s dad wasn’t always what you’d call a Lady Gaga fan.
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    Mariah Carey Is Still Complaining About That Mustache in PreciousPlus: Billy Corgan is jealous of Dave Navarro’s nipple rings.
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    Fleet Foxes Guy to Cure Insomnia With Next AlbumPlus: Zooey Deschanel says awful things about David Boreanaz.
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    Blue Was Pretty Much the Only Color Left, Says James CameronPlus: Shakira dreams of a better future.
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    Helen Mirren’s Attic Just Full of Nonsense AwardsJames McAvoy: “I’d have snot all over!”
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    Elijah Wood Is So NicePlus: Matt Dillon not to be trusted with an Oscar.
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    Vera Farmiga: OverPlus: Rupert Everett has some controversial advice for closeted gay actors and actresses.
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    Will Ferrell Recasts Anchorman 2Plus: Not even Bono is sure why people keep giving him money.
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    50 Cent Is Not Too Concerned With Improving His Credit ScorePlus: Find out why everyone used to call Ian McKellen “Oscar.” (Hint: It wasn’t because he was grouchy.)
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    Hey, Ellen DeGeneres, Eminem Wants Your JobPlus: William Shatner acknowledges that a lot of his old co-workers think he’s a dick.
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    Apparently It Would Be Pretty Easy to Convince Natalie Portman You Were a SpyPlus: John Mayer not opposed to making crappy music.
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    Don’t Tell the Late Roberto Bolaño You Thought Parts of 2666 Were a Little SlowPlus: Emmy Rossum to ruin Thanksgiving.
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    Vulture Presents the Best of Performa 09Concluding yesterday was Performa 09, the third iteration of the biennial that sees 150 performance artists descend on New York. See our slideshow recap!
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    Blake Lively Isn’t the Least Bit Worried About Being Attracted to Alan ArkinPlus: Dakota Fanning talks about smooching her New Moon co-star, Kristin Stewart.
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    Bill Nighy Refuses to Do Shakespeare Without Access to a Righteous Pair of Leather PantsPlus: Jack White bags on Santana!
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    Vera Farmiga’s Breasts Have Finally Found Their PurposePlus: The secret reason “Stairway to Heaven” became so popular is finally revealed.
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    Peter Jackson Considers Roasting Stanley Tucci in the Fires of MordorPlus: J.J. Abrams is still sensitive to ‘Star Trek’ criticism.
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    Carla Gugino Is Desperate for Some Legitimately Sexy Porn to Come Her WayPlus: Do Alec Baldwin’s love scenes with Meryl Streep in ‘It’s Complicated’ match up to his with Kim Basinger?
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    See Angela Strassheim’s Eerie Crime-Scene ArtThe photographer learned her technique working at the Miami Forensic Imaging Bureau.
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    Mad Men’s Sexism Could’ve Been Funnier, Says Bill ClintonPlus: ‘Titanic’ was basically just an excuse for James Cameron to get free scuba lessons.
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    Taylor Swift Basically Over, Says Wynonna JuddPlus: Kristen Stewart exactly like Jodie Foster.
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    Jon Hamm Reveals His Plan BPlus: Eva Mendes no fan of video-game movies.
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    Sneak Preview: MoMA’s Tim Burton RetrospectiveSee a sprawling show of films, photos, props, and puppets, as well as a selection of immaculate, beautiful, and sinister drawings the director has done throughout his life.
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    John Lithgow’s Nudity an Inspiration to AllPlus: Robert Pattinson’s jump-roping ability impugned.
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    Natalie Portman Got Those Letters You SentPlus: Bradley Cooper on finally getting to kill people.
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    Twilight Star’s Plan to Dress Like Homeless Person Foiled by FanPlus: Even Jemaine Clement has feelings.
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    Judi Dench Practically a Regular Person, Claims Kevin SpaceyPlus: John Cusack already sick of himself.
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    George Clooney Impugns Friend’s Mustache-Growing AbilityPlus: Robert Pattinson on his limitations.
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    Let Us Show You ‘Who Shot Rock & Roll’The Brooklyn Museum’s photo exhibit showcases rock stars, of course, but it also highlights the photographers who captured them.
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    Tom Hanks Puts a Ring on ItPlus: Jamie Foxx on being a creepy elderly person.
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    Nona Willis Aronowitz on Writing About Feminism, Her Mother Ellen Willis, and CatcallingThe New York writer traveled the country in a Chevy Cavalier and spoke with women about what it means to be a feminist.
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    It’s All Downhill After the Second Oscar, Says Hilary SwankPlus: David Beckham to be a REAL sex symbol for Halloween.
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    Avatar Just Another Art-House Gig for Sam WorthingtonPlus: Chace Crawford basically a girl, says friend.
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    Rod Stewart to Spare Us More Rod Stewart SongsPlus: Taylor Swift makes funny noises.
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    Matthew Weiner Has You Pretty Much Figured OutPlus: Taylor Swift on screening her boyfriends.
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    Get Lost in David Hockney’s Poppy Landscape PaintingsThink Van Gogh meets ‘The Wizard of Oz.’
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    Alec Baldwin Saves Julie Andrews’s CareerPlus: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ gets the Obama stamp of approval, sort of.
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