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  1. my favorite places
    74 of Our Favorite New Yorkers on Their Favorite Places in New YorkFrom a 24-hour Ukrainian restaurant to biking in the Rockaways.
  2. transit
    Tales From the Impending L-Train ApocalypseHow locals are preparing for April’s L-train shutdown.
  3. 2018 midterms
    12 Young People on Why They Probably Won’t VoteOnly a third of Americans ages 18 to 29 say they will cast a ballot next month. Here, we ask why.
  4. justice
    When Walking While Trans Is a CrimeThe NYPD says it’s taking a more sensitive approach to sex work, but not everyone benefits.
  5. weddings!
    His & Hers: Colorful Wedding Bouquets and BoutonnieresOr hers and hers. Or his and his.
  6. weddings!
    Wedding-Industry Insiders Share Their Expert TipsA gown designer on going simple, ring-makers on going black diamond, a hairstylist with a cure for the updo, and more.
  7. q&a
    Meet New York’s Buffest, Poppiest String Quartet“Last year, this middle-school girl came to our show. Afterward, she said: ‘My sister loves One Direction, but you guys — you are my One Direction.’”
  8. 6 Famous Authors Who’ve Written FanfictionThe Outsiders author S.E. Hinton wrote fanfiction about … The Outsiders?
  9. best bet
    A Spine-Friendly Pillow for Deep SleepFirm with just a hint of marshmallow.
  10. What Went Wrong at Spa Castle’s Premier 57?The much-anticipated Manhattan location was shut down this week.
  11. best bet
    A Sleek Silicone Oven Mitt for Kitchen FlexibilityIdeal for hoisting trays of gluten-free muffins and dropping lobsters into scalding water.
  12. imports
    Finally, European Cult-Brand COS Opens in New YorkCocoon coats for all. 
  13. best bet
    The Optimal Scissors for Holiday Gift-WrappingFor cutting paper (and gift wrap, and ribbon, and card stock).
  14. weddings!
    22 Gorgeous Monochromatic Wedding BouquetsHold something bold on the big day.
  15. holiday gift guide 2014
    Deck the Halls: 49 Gifts for the Home to Give This SeasonBeyoncé’s stand mixer, no-pollen bouquets, a deconstructed pitcher, and more.
  16. weddings!
    5 Wedding Experts Share Their Tricks of the TradeA dress designer on ‘90s silhouettes, a florist on hellebores, a makeup artist on zits, and more.
  17. best bet
    A Tabletop Vegetable Spiralizer for Perfect Al Dente ZoodlesConquer even the most bulbous squash.
  18. design hunting
    How Jenny Wolf Interiors Created This Modern Bachelor Pad From ScratchThey had two imperatives to address: unifying the space and bringing in light.
  19. best bet
    The Perfect Travel Mug for Any Morning CommuteSturdy, vacuum insulated, and civilized in size.
  20. H&M’s Sister Brand & Other Stories Is Finally StatesideThis will tide you over until COS comes to New York.
  21. best bet
    A No-Smudge Ballpoint Pen for Sketching or JottingThe Midori brass pen produces a clean, fine black line.
  22. best bet
    A Conversation-Starting Houseplant That Adds a Bohemian TouchForget the fern and the ficus.
  23. best bet
    A Hyperpigmented Eye Shadow for a Gaga-Worthy LookGet bold, painterly eyes.
  24. An On-the-Go Bike Pump for Peace of MindFor your haul up to Nyack.
  25. style tribes
    The Japanese ‘Lolita’ Subculture Takes New YorkThe reopening of cult store Tokyo Rebel attracted a well-accessorized crowd.
  26. best bet
    The Ideal Goggles for Lap-Swimming or Ocean-FloatingA happy medium between high-speed (and under-eye-bruising) Swedish goggles and the soft-frame, leak-prone leisure styles.
  27. the dedicated
    Birchbox’s First Brick-and-Mortar Store Actually Makes Sense The subscription-box-tailer goes brick-and-mortar. 
  28. The Best BetThe goal: Find the ideal swim goggles for laps at the Y and bobbing on your back in Montauk. We spoke to swim-supply stores across the region, c […]
  29. Best BetsSuperlatives From limited-edition dunks to Frankenstein patches for your Eastpak, each of the city’s new streetwear shops has a specialty.
  30. Best Bets4X4 Beach Loungers Tote it, park it.
  31. boobs on pots
    New Hipster Job: Boob Potter“There’s definitely some overlap between my pots and the areola debate.”
  32. Best Bet: The Ideal Potting SoilFor fire-escape menageries or raised rooftop beds.
  33. Connect the Clay PeopleMarta is friends with Eleni who borrows kiln space from Farrah. They all started out at Choplet. Here, try to follow the Greenpoint–North Willia […]
  34. Get Your Pots HereHomecoming 107 Franklin St., nr. Greenpoint Ave., Greenpoint; 347-457-5385 Formerly named Caffe Spina, this planter-centric hub benefits fro […]
  35. Where to Throw DownStudios and classes with extra-hot kilns, boozy Friday nights, and a ceramicist patient enough for your 11-year-old.
  36. The Everything Guide to Urban ClaymakingThere’s a reason the guy with the man-bun on your morning commute has been showing up with muddy orange splotches on his jeans. He, like dozens […]
  37. Best BetsFirst Look This month, Partners & Spade co-founders Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti will debut The Boerum House and Home (312 Atlantic Ave., Bo […]
  38. The Best BetThe goal: Find the ideal potting soil for fire-escape menageries or raised rooftop beds (or to top off one of the planters in our “Everything Gu […]
  39. best bet
    Best Bet: Led Lenser P7.2 FlashlightThe goal: Find the ideal flashlight, for both summer blackouts and camping in the Poconos.
  40. The Best BetThe goal: Find the ideal flashlight, for both summer blackouts and camping in the Poconos. We spoke to avid hikers and buyers at outdoor stores […]
  41. Best BetsNew Niche Five objets d’artist shops, including Damien Hirst’s first U.S. store, make their debut.
  42. Pitch a HorseshoeFrom custom beanbags to designer badminton, updated lawn games for discerning park people.
  43. Park It in a New ParkA burst of playgrounds, picnic spots, and sprinkler-side roller rinks debuting this summer.
  44. Best Bets: Mother’s Day EditionThe West Village perfume district, floral arrangements, and more new stuff in stores for Mother’s Day.
  45. Best BetsCluster Los Angeles–based clothier Alternative joins central Soho’s sustainable-shopping hub.
  46. Elevate the BasicsCasual dishes (dry-rubbed ribs, fried chicken and waffles) get dressed up by the city’s top caterers.
  47. Field to TableFerns and ivy, poppies and forget-me-nots—and other wild arrangements seemingly plucked from the High Line.
  48. Anything But White CakeRainbow sprinkles, Marie Antoinette ruffles, a donut tower, and other nontraditional takes on the dessert course.
  49. Foiled!Wedding invites get the metallic treatment.
  50. Best Bets: April 7-20, 2014New Niche Joining the wave of pint-size shops is the just-opened Deth Killers, co-run by tattooist Scott Campbell.
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