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    Harry Reid on What the Government Knows About UFOsThe former Senate majority leader is definitely a truther.
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    13 Reasons to Believe Aliens Are RealHow seriously should you take those recent reports of UFOs? Ask the Pentagon. Or read this primer for the SETI-curious.
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    Austin’s Done Just Fine Without Uber — Even If South by Southwest Hasn’tTechies complaining about Austin’s lack of Uber are confirming precisely what Austinites have come to resent about SXSW.
  4. Prisoners of KnowledgeThe Atlantic’s James Fallows on standing up to warmongering D.C.
  5. Liberal HubrisFormer New Republic editor Peter Beinart on how he came to regret his pro-war stance.
  6. politics
    A History of WHCD Punch LinesAn ad hoc presidential-history cheat sheet. 
  7. Back Then, This TimeGaming out 2016 with former Clinton crisis manager Chris Lehane.
  8. After the HuntOutfoxed director Robert Greenwald, ten years on.
  9. 1. Don’t Be Scared of TaxesThey won’t drive the wealthy away.
  10. 4. Focus on Schools They must improve.
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    Levar Burton on 12 Years a Slave, 36 Years After RootsJust like happened after his 1976 miniseries, he suspects that people will unfortunately snap back to their entrenched racial beliefs.
  12. The Roots Rubber-Band EffectLevar Burton on whether we still need the American slave narrative.
  13. shutdownpocalypse
    ‘It’s Hard to See How Boehner Gets Out of This’: Dick Armey on the ShutdownPrediction: The speaker is going to take it on the chin, one way or another.
  14. shutdownpocalypse
    ‘I Had More Prestige’: Newt Gingrich on the ShutdownFailing to get a concession from Obama would be “a disaster of historic proportions.”
  15. early and awkward
    Trey Grayson Reflects on Rand Paul’s Rise“I don’t think that anybody would have thought on Election Night in 2010 that three years later he’d be a top-tier presidential candidate.”
  16. Will Smith Already Played Edward SnowdenEnemy of the State screenwriter David Marconi says he warned us about the NSA fifteen years ago.
  17. The Loneliness of the Black Republican“Conservative black chick” blogger Crystal Wright on the GOP’s failed minority outreach.
  18. The Evolution of a TrollRarely does online jargon become offline slang, but like meme and viral, trolling has entered the broader language. (It’s even made the OED.) As […]
  19. New JournalismSCOTUSblog publisher Tom Goldstein on winning the court press wars.
  20. Fred Williamson on Originating the Badass Slave“No possible way could I have played any characters that were black prior to me coming into the movie industry.”
  21. School-Shooting Specialist Bill Bond on Why Lockdowns Save LivesThe principal of a Paducah, Kentucky, school saw three of his students killed. His one word of advice? Lockdown.
  22. obits
    Dave Brubeck: The Man Behind One of Jazz’s Most Popular AlbumsDave Brubeck, who died this morning at 91.
  23. documentary
    Jay Bulger on His New Doc, Beware of Mr. BakerThe film retells Cream drummer Ginger Baker’s life story in talking-head interviews, archival footage, and striking animation.
  24. documentary
    Jay Bulger on His New Doc, Beware of Mr. BakerThe film retells Cream drummer Ginger Baker’s life story in talking-head interviews, archival footage, and striking animation.
  25. early and often
    Unskewed Polls Founder Dean Chambers Takes Stock of Obama’s WinNot only did his projection of a Romney win prove incorrect, but he was forced to concede defeat to Nate Silver.
  26. The Goldwater CampaignCatching up with Harry Jaffa, the 94-year-old historian who wrote, “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”
  27. The Forever CampaignCosts rise, new gizmos displace old ones, and operatives are replaced by their protégés, but for 52 years the rules of the election game have ha […]
  28. Lessons LearnedLionel Loueke plays like a natural. But it took him a decade of relentless practice to sound that way.
  29. 228 Minutes With Jad Abumrad and Robert KrulwichBagging batteries and playing matchmaker with the geek darlings of public radio.
  30. Dukakis’s RegretWhat the onetime Democratic nominee learned from the Willie Horton ad.
  31. English King Appoints Drag QueenHello, Gov’n’r!
  32. English King Appoints Drag QueenHello, Gov’n’r!
  33. An EducationWashington Governor Chris Gregoire on how she evolved into a marriage-equality champion.
  34. stuck in the mittle
    Three of Romney’s Most Devastating Florida Ads, and Why They WorkedThe secrets of slime.
  35. Latter-Day LeaderMatthew Bowman, author of The Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith, on how religion shapes Mitt Romney’s candidacy.
  36. The Art of the Negative AdTwelve rules for mauling your opponent on TV.
  37. Newt Gingrich Stole His ‘Kiddie Janitors’ Idea From New York Magazine To be fair, he acknowledged his debt to former columnist Joe Klein.
  38. Read His LipsThe congressional deficit supercommittee is at risk of deadlocking over taxes. And for that, you can largely blame (or thank, depending) America […]
  39. The Jobs CollectionBelow, a selection of Steve Jobs’s devices held by MoMA, Cooper-Hewitt, London’s Design Museum, and Hamburg’s Museum for Arts and Crafts, illust […]
  40. In Search of Lost TimeRe-creating the room where Martin Luther King Jr. spent his final night.
  41. The Illusive IndiePollster and former Clinton adviser Stanley B. Greenberg debunks the fantasy of the independent voter.
  42. IraqHunting for a link.
  43. Planes, TheFlying weapons.
  44. Big-Box LogrollingLooking to quell opposition to its plan to put a store in East New York, Wal-Mart has been pulling out the stops
  45. Get JazzedFive shows to check out at the Undead Jazzfest, running June 23 through 26.
  46. Jazz AgeFive swingin’ shows (including one benefit) to catch this week.
  47. don larsen
    Don Larsen on Toasting the Achievement of a Lifetime“We had Champagne. It was a ball.”
  48. Jazz It UpFive swingin’ music events to catch this week.
  49. 21. Bike Traffic Lights Are Beautiful, Life-Affirming ThingsIt was July 1980, and Ed Koch was talking big about overhauling the city’s streets. Single-occupancy cars would be banned from the East River br […]
  50. 44. Because When a Wholesome Family Weekend Deteriorates Into “One Bad Night,” the Economy Gets a BoostThe Sheen Stimulus
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