Eric Konigsberg

  1. controversies
    Mario Batali’s Empire in the Wake of Mario BataliA year after allegations against him emerged, anyone who eats at Babbo is still filling his pockets.
  2. landmark rooms
    The Four Seasons Invented the Power Lunch. Can It Be an Actual Food Destination?The guys behind Carbone try something radical: actually paying attention to what’s on the plate.
  3. bad blood
    Inside the Jewelry Feud That Stretches From Jaipur to Madison AvenueThe dueling princes of the Gem Palace.
  4. profile
    Goga Ashkenazi: The First Female Oligarch of FashionWhat would Madame Vionnet make of her?
  5. chatroom
    Bob Odenkirk on Saul Goodman’s Strange JourneyBreaking Bad fans are going to have to “adjust.”
  6. profile
    Breaking Bob: With Better Call Saul, Odenkirk Steps Into the SpotlightEasily the most anticipated new show of the year — and the first spinoff of this golden age of premium cable.
  7. Woo Cho Bang BangJoin a gang, shoot a classmate, go to jail for a few decades: business as usual for some kids in Brownsville, murder capital of New York City.
  8. Snapchat’s WinklevossFrat guy says bros cut him out of app fortune and fame.
  9. profile
    The Trials of Art Superdealer Larry GagosianFor the past two decades, he’s been the most powerful gallerist in the world by a wide margin. Now he’s facing two bruising lawsuits.
  10. The Ambassador of NowhereWhen Yemen’s U.N. Ambassador quit during the troubles, he lost his job, his country, his mansion, his well-fed chauffered life. But what he kept […]
  11. 240 Minutes With Joshua FerrisHis first book was about the many ways in which the marketing Establishment tormented its cubicle slaves. The second shows that torment can just […]
  12. Why Damon Dash Hates MondaysHe has a $400,000 car, a cook, a butler, and 1,300 pairs of sneakers. He gives his once-worn socks to charity. But when Jay-Z, h […]
  13. Marks Nabs JohnsHow gallerist Matthew Marks bagged the flag man and became the new Leo Castelli.
  14. Border CrossingAway from it all, and then some, in rural Mexico
  15. The OB-GYN Who Loves WomenDr. Niels Lauersen is so charismatic that patients flocked to his insurance-fraud trial. But investigators are asking: Just how good a doctor is he?
  16. Goy VayRabbi Shmuley Boteach thinks Michael Jackson can help rebuild his religion. The Kabbalah Center sells Hebrew holy water. Makor, on the Upper Wes […]
  17. The Fame of the the DameCan a rude, clueless, provincial Australian woman who’s actually a man conquer Broadway and win a place in the American cultural pantheon? Barry […]
  18. The Color PurpleSo what if Selena Roberts gets carried away?
  19. There’s Something About GenoA legend among his character-actor friends at Marylou’s and Elaine’s for his impeccable style and his long romance with the wiseguy life, Geno D […]
  20. Jimmy Nederlander’s Endless RunDisney and the rest of America have come to Broadway, but the patriarch of theater’s last dynasty does business just the way he did when the cit […]
  21. The Real SpreeThe pride and intensity that made knicks star Latrell Sprewell great also caused him to lose control and attack his coach. Can he change? Should he?
  22. Big Man on CanvasPainter John Alexander commands high prices and famous friends. But his social calendar may be costing him art-world respect.
  23. Washington’s Sexual AwakeningIn the capital, rules about sex are made to be broken.