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Eric Levitz is a senior writer for Intelligencer. He covers politics and economics.

  1. early and often
    Climate Hawks Should Have Given Joe Manchin His PipelineProgressives must prioritize expediting the build-out of clean energy over obstructing fossil-fuel development.
  2. conservatism
    Why the GOP Will Lose Its War on ‘Woke Wall Street’Republicans can’t accept that they dislike modern capitalism, so they’re blaming “ESG” instead.
  3. all the live long day
    Why America’s Railroads Refuse to Give Their Workers Paid LeaveWall Street’s new robber barons can’t make the trains run on time.
  4. early and often
    The NYC Media Might Have Cost Democrats the HouseAfter New York outlets hyped rising crime, counties in the NYC media market voted more Republican than their immediate neighbors.
  5. early and often
    Joe Biden Is Realizing Trump’s ‘America First’ VisionThe president is alienating allies and waging economic war on China to ensure America’s industrial supremacy.
  6. early and often
    One Worrying Sign for Democrats in the Midterm ResultsThe gubernatorial elections in Georgia and Ohio suggest that a right-wing Republican could win moderate voters in 2024 merely by not being Trump.
  7. foreign interests
    Should Ukraine Give Peace Talks a Chance?Six questions that advocates of imminent diplomacy — or indefinite war — must answer.
  8. the money game
    Is Effective Altruism to Blame for Sam Bankman-Fried?SBF’s crypto schemes were allegedly inspired by his desire to “do the most good” for humanity.
  9. foreign interests
    Biden’s New Cold War Against China Could BackfireThe U.S. is now officially committed to thwarting China’s development goals. That comes with big risks.
  10. early and often
    Mark Kelly’s (Likely) Win Is an Indictment of Sinema’s PoliticsTurns out, you don’t need to sabotage your president’s agenda to win swing voters in close states.
  11. the midterms
    David Shor’s (Premature) Autopsy of the 2022 Midterm ElectionsDemocrats won the midterm by persuading independents, not mobilizing their base, according to the Democratic data guru.
  12. early and often
    The 7 Big Lessons of the 2022 Midterm ElectionsDemocrats pulled off the strongest performance by an in-power party in two decades.
  13. the midterms
    For Democrats This Midterm, Winning Isn’t EverythingThe long-term survival of social safety-net programs and blue-state abortion rights may depend on Democrats losing by a little instead of a lot.
  14. ukraine war
    Progressives’ Ukraine Letter Was Right (and Pointless)Their position on the Russian war was common sense disguised as contrarianism.
  15. early and often
    The Media Did Not Trick Voters Into Disliking InflationIt is possible for a voter to worry more about rising prices than creeping authoritarianism without ever watching CNN.
  16. the system
    Return of the Hostage TakersJoe Biden’s last chance to stop the GOP’s economic sabotage.
  17. the big picture
    How the Diploma Divide Is Remaking American PoliticsCollege graduates and blue-collar workers have distinct cultural values. Myriad changes in American society are increasing the importance of that gap.
  18. climate change
    Throwing Soup at Paintings Won’t Save the ClimateTheatrical stunts can’t keep fossil fuels in the ground. Only cheap green energy can.
  19. episodes
    Kanye West Can Be Bipolar and Accountable for His AntisemitismThe case for holding someone accountable for harmful actions does not rest on whether they had full agency over their behavior.
  20. the money game
    The Fed Might Just Break the Global EconomyA conversation with Adam Tooze.
  21. kids these days
    The Whiny Grade-Grubbing NYU Students Have a PointIt is too hard to become a doctor in the United States.
  22. q&a
    Why Effective Altruists Fear the AI ApocalypseA conversation with the philosopher William MacAskill.
  23. climate change
    Once Again, Environmentalists Are Sabotaging Climate ProgressThanks to conservationist opposition to nuclear and hydropower, New York’s carbon emissions could surge in the coming years.
  24. politics
    The Grim Lesson of Congress’s Failure to Sustain COVID FundingIf we can’t prioritize public health after a pandemic kills 977,000 Americans, how will we ever prioritize climate change?
  25. inflation
    The Fed Can’t Save UsThere is little reason to believe that the central bank can significantly curb inflation without engineering a recession.
  26. foreign interests
    Did Biden’s Gaffe About Putin Contain a Kernel of Truth?The president insists he isn’t pushing for regime change in Russia. But it’s not clear what endgame he is aiming for.
  27. the media
    Compact Magazine Makes a Strong Case for LiberalismWith enemies like this, liberalism needs no flatterers.
  28. foreign interests
    Peace Isn’t Coming to Ukraine Any Time SoonA war of attrition looms.
  29. foreign interests
    Why Putin Has Brought Hell to MariupolThree reasons the battle for the city could have a decisive impact on the war.
  30. foreign interests
    The Left Has Half-Baked Answers on UkraineSome American leftists continue to prioritize ideological comfort over critical thought.
  31. foreign interests
    The Emerging Path to Peace in UkraineAs its losses mount, Russia has moderated its demands and signaled openness to a compromise backed by the west.
  32. foreign interests
    Why China Probably Won’t Send Military Aid to RussiaBeijing has an interest in helping Putin — in ways that don’t expose it to the threat of western sanctions.
  33. the economy
    Modern Capitalism Is Weirder Than You ThinkThree asset managers now collectively own a big chunk of nearly every corporation. As a result, capitalism no longer works as advertised.
  34. energy policy
    Here’s How Biden Can Lower Gas PricesWithout undermining his climate goals.
  35. foreign interests
    Ukraine Is a War Without EndgameNo side in the conflict seems to have any idea how to avert disaster, be that the ruin of Ukraine, a global recession, or nuclear war.
  36. russia sanctions
    The Pain and Potential Gain of Biden’s Russian Oil BanThe move will deal a blow to Putin’s regime but impose a new burden on U.S. energy consumers.
  37. foreign interests
    The Terrible Case for a No-Fly Zone in UkraineDoes NATO really want to start World War III?
  38. the economy
    The West’s Sanctions on Russia Are Working Too WellCould economic warfare against Vladimir Putin backfire?
  39. vladimir putin
    Putin’s War Looks Increasingly InsaneThe Russian leader refuses to modify his goals, even as the costs mount.
  40. foreign interests
    Is America to Blame for Russia’s War in Ukraine?No, but U.S. policy decisions might have caused it.
  41. foreign interests
    The War in Ukraine Looks Unwinnable (for Everyone)Putin is poised to lose his war of aggression. So is the rest of the world.
  42. ukraine invasion
    Could Putin Go Nuclear in Russia’s War With Ukraine?Putin’s brinkmanship is a reminder that we are only one accident, miscommunication, or powerful psychopath away from nuclear war.
  43. foreign interests
    Which Russia-Ukraine Take Is Right for You?A menu of possible opinions, with something for every brand of American pseudo-intellectual.
  44. political science
    The Urban-Rural Culture War Has Gone GlobalThroughout the developed world, the city and the country have developed sharply divergent social values.
  45. public health
    America Can Get Back to Normal and Get Better at Fighting COVIDThere’s still a lot policy-makers can do to protect the most vulnerable without inconveniencing the broader public.
  46. liberalism
    Ibram X. Kendi Does Not Run the Democratic PartySo why do some centrist pundits pretend otherwise?
  47. conservative media
    Why Conservatives Celebrate the Canadian TruckersCOVID mandates are ripe fodder for fraudulent populism.
  48. the pandemic
    The Democratic Party’s ‘Mask Off’ MomentVoters are sick of the pandemic and public-health mandates. Democrats can’t stop the former, so they’re ending the latter.
  49. labor
    ‘Pro-Worker Conservatives’ Are Just Union Busters in DisguiseIn Marco Rubio’s new plan, the GOP’s overtures to the working class have reached their logical end.
  50. the economy
    Real Modern Monetary Theory Has Never Been TriedSince the dawn of the pandemic, MMT has been neither vindicated nor discredited.
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