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Eric Levitz is a features writer for Intelligencer. He covers politics and economics.

  1. debates
    Are America’s Cities Overpoliced?A debate between one of America’s most prominent advocates for defunding the police and a socialist opponent of that policy.
  2. year in review
    The Wackiest Political Stories of 2023From Lauren Boebert’s steamy Beetlejuice date to Ron DeSantis’s pudding fingers, U.S. politics had another bizarre trip around the sun.
  3. the discourse
    Masha Gessen on Israel, Gaza, and Holocaust AnalogiesA conversation with the Russian American journalist about the uses and abuses of Holocaust memory.
  4. early and often
    The Legal Merits of the Colorado Supreme Court Decision Don’t MatterThe ruling may actually make it more likely that an insurrectionist becomes president in 2025.
  5. early and often
    Why Biden’s Poll Numbers Will Get Better(And why they won’t.)
  6. climate change
    The New Global Climate Deal Is Mostly Hot AirFixing the climate requires cheap clean energy, not cheap words.
  7. the discourse
    How Bad Is Antisemitism in America, Really?It’s a genuine social problem. But the U.S. is nevertheless an exceptionally safe country for Jews.
  8. the democratic party
    No, Democrats Are Not Driving America’s Culture WarsThe party remains more focused on progressive economics than “wokeness.”
  9. the left
    Is Widespread Economic Discontent Good for the Left?Just because voters dislike the Biden economy doesn’t mean they’re eager for radical change.
  10. foreign interests
    The Price of Hamas’s Destruction Is Too HighIt’s time to give a temporary peace a chance.
  11. the economy
    You Don’t Want 2020 Prices BackOnly a depression could bring back the pre-pandemic levels of inflation.
  12. foreign interests
    In Bibi’s Israel, Musk’s Brand of Antisemitism Is KosherHow a plutocrat can post antisemitic tweets one day and shake hands with the Israeli prime minister the next.
  13. early and often
    Trump Has a Plan for Massively Increasing InflationThe GOP candidate is benefiting from outrage over high prices, even though his policies would raise them further.
  14. technology
    OpenAI Was Never Going to Save Us From the Robot ApocalypseThe idea that a single nonprofit could ensure that AI was developed at a “safe” speed never made any sense.
  15. israel-hamas war
    Sam Harris’s Fairy-Tale Account of the Israel-Hamas ConflictOn the question of Palestinian terrorism, the atheist podcaster prefers dogma to rational inquiry.
  16. the economy
    3 Reasons Biden’s Strong Economy Is UnpopularThe U.S. economy is the envy of Europe yet the bane of American voters’ existence.
  17. israel-palestine
    The Two-State Solution Is Still Our Only (Distant) HopeProposals for a democratic one-state solution are unpopular with Palestinians and anathema to Israeli Jews.
  18. ideas
    Do Democrats Need to Get Less ‘Globalist?’A new book argues that Democrats must embrace economic nationalism to win back the working class.
  19. the discourse
    Is That Antisemitic?The fraught terminology surrounding the war in Gaza.
  20. israel-hamas war
    The Suppression of Israel’s Critics Bolsters the Case for Free SpeechThe deplatforming of pro-Palestinian speakers illustrates the vitality of a free and open discourse.
  21. conservatism
    The Most Incoherent Conservative Take on Israel YetHamas’s attack proved conservatives are right about everything, a conservative explains.
  22. israel-hamas war
    The Undisputed Facts In Gaza Are EnoughThe case against Israel’s campaign does not rest on its culpability for the explosion at al-Ahli hospital.
  23. israel-hamas war
    Why Israel Can’t Bomb Its Way to PeaceA conversation with Yousef Munayyer, a leading advocate for Palestinian rights.
  24. israel-hamas war
    The U.S. Is Giving Israel Permission for War CrimesAs Israel incinerates entire city blocks, the White House offers its tacit approval.
  25. israel-hamas war
    No, America’s Declining Power Didn’t Cause Hamas’s AttacksThe problem isn’t a deficit of American global influence but the misuse of that influence.
  26. israel-hamas war
    A Left That Refuses to Condemn Mass Murder Is DoomedTo advocate effectively on behalf of Palestinians, progressives must not forfeit their moral authority.
  27. immigration
    A Wall Won’t Keep Biden’s Border Problem at BayDemocrats face a political challenge with no legislatively viable solution.
  28. conservatism
    Don’t Celebrate When People You Disagree With Get MurderedThe right’s morally obscene and intellectually bankrupt response to the recent killings of two leftists.
  29. the economy
    Are Rising Bond Yields and Deficits a National Crisis?America’s long-term economic outlook might pose a challenge to progressives.
  30. conservatism
    Scott, Haley, and the Radicalization of the ‘Moderate’ RepublicanThe South Carolina politicians combine the plutocratic priorities of Paul Ryan with the lunatic jingoism of Donald Trump.
  31. republican debate
    Who Won (and Lost) the Second Republican DebateIt was a good night for slick con men and a bad one for everybody else.
  32. uaw strike
    Biden’s UAW Rally Exposes the Bankruptcy of Trump’s PopulismBiden walking the picket line while Trump addresses a nonunion auto plant perfectly illustrates their parties’ distinct approaches to labor issues.
  33. election 2024
    Trump Wants His Enemies to Fear for Their LivesThe GOP front-runner is stoking threats of violence against anyone who threatens his power. It’s working.
  34. uaw strike
    What Trump Gets Wrong (and Right) About the UAW StrikeThe EV transition threatens to hurt unionized autoworkers. But Biden’s policies aren’t to blame.
  35. conservatism
    No, Democrats Aren’t to Blame for GOP Voters Loving TrumpA myth that won’t die.
  36. early and often
    3 Economic Risks That Could Decide the 2024 RaceBiden’s reelection may hinge on the trajectory of oil prices.
  37. early and often
    3 Lessons From the First History of Biden’s PresidencyTo pass an ambitious progressive agenda, move fast and stroke egos.
  38. ideas
    The Nerd Trying to Turn the GOP PopulistOren Cass’s quest to make Republicans heed the interests of their working-class base.
  39. early and often
    The Case for Biden to Drop Kamala HarrisAn 80-year-old president probably shouldn’t have an exceptionally unpopular heir apparent.
  40. criminal justice reform
    Prisons and Policing Need to Be Radically Reformed, Not AbolishedInstitutions of law enforcement and criminal detention are necessary. But they shouldn’t look anything like the ones we have now.
  41. danny masterson rape trial
    A (Very Partial) Defense of Ashton Kutcher and Mila KunisIt’s okay to write a leniency letter for a rapist, just not one that implies he’s innocent.
  42. the left
    Corporate Greed Is Not Our Only ProblemProgressives don’t need to choose between fighting corruption and accomplishing their goals.
  43. u.s. history
    Was American Slavery Uniquely Evil?We don’t need to minimize the barbarity of premodern forms of slavery to advance racial justice in America.
  44. vision 2024
    Who Won (and Lost) the First Republican DebateIt was a good night for Ron DeSantis and a bad one for your grandchildren.
  45. republican presidential debates
    3 Things at Stake in the First GOP Primary DebateEven with Donald Trump offstage, the showdown in Milwaukee could change the trajectory of the 2024 campaign.
  46. 2022 elections
    For Republicans, Abetting Coups Is a Good Career MoveHouse Republicans who aided Donald Trump’s efforts on January 6 are more likely to win reelection.
  47. vision 2024
    The Rise of the Young, Liberal, Nonwhite Republican?A significant minority of GOP voters are not what you would expect.
  48. conservatism
    Oliver Anthony and the Incoherence of Right-Wing PopulismWhen working people direct their class resentments at “the obese milkin’ welfare,” rich men north (and south) of Richmond make out like bandits.
  49. the left
    The 28 Types of ProgressivesOr why it’s important not to conflate questions of value with questions of fact.
  50. movies
    Oppenheimer’s Politics Are Good, ActuallyContrary to critics’ claims, the movie is soft on neither the Soviet Union or the American security state.
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