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  1. the city politic
    The Trials of Alvin BraggThe Manhattan DA was meant to reform New York’s justice system and bring down Donald Trump. Three months into his tenure, both prospects look shaky.
  2. crime
    Got HerAfter skating for years, Ghislaine Maxwell is convicted of sexually abusing girls with Jeffrey Epstein.
  3. crime
    Last ChanceJeffrey Epstein escaped justice. Now his victims nervously await the trial of his alleged accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.
  4. art world
    Deitch’s Last Show: Shepard Fairey PortraitsThis exhibition will be his first and last under Deitch’s mantle.
  5. franco
    James Franco Announces His New Gallery Show, Done General Hospital Style!Even after his ‘GH’ stint ends, Franco the artist will live on!
  6. Law and Order
    Bruni’s Review, E-mails Used in Blue Hill TrialThe plaintiff is using Bruni’s written words to argue their case in a wrongful-termination suit.
  7. Herr ZeitgeistThe rise of Klaus Biesenbach, MoMA’s Übersocial, very German curator at large—and the new head of P.S.1.
  8. Temporary Openings
    Max Fish Celebrates Twentieth Birthday in MiamiThe LES dive brings its regulars to Art Basel.
  9. Nickel and DimedFor sixteen years, the United Homeless Organization’s plastic donation jugs have been ubiquitous around town.
  10. Shepard Fairey Keeps Hope AliveEven Shepard Fairey’s assistants are appropriated. It’s 1 p.m. and 80 degrees on December 2 in Miami, where Fairey’s installing an 80-foot-long […]
  11. Dossier: Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, 24Profession:Art curator and dealer.
  12. artsy
    Urs Fischer Skips Own New Museum Opening; Interactive Sculpture DisappointsThe work, a motion-activated replica of a human tongue called ‘Noisette,’ is intended to result in a “mischievous slapstick routine.”
  13. dissonance
    New York Philharmonic Postpones Havana Concert After Patrons Are Shut OutOops: The company has been granted travel licenses, but the folks financing the excursion aren’t allowed in.
  14. 86 Minutes With Alec BaldwinThe Philharmonic’s new announcer on his Mahler-conversion moment, his impatience with pop music, and his classically trained fantasy wife.
  15. Madoff Sell-offBernie Madoff’s summer home went on sale via the Corcoran Group, part of a vast collection of his properties that are being sold to help reimbur […]
  16. I Am My Own WifeAs a new generation discovers artist Genesis P-Orridge, he fulfills a quixotic long-term project: turning himself into his late spouse.
  17. radio free hamptons
    Hamptonites Worried Public Radio Might Fall Into the Wrong HandsA Save Public Radio co-founder fears “a right-wing evangelical group.”
  18. Just Hired!From the MTA to IAC, this fall’s new masters of various city universes.
  19. The Selling of New York’s ParksIs “Exxon Bryant Park” in New York’s future?
  20. news reel
    Is Met Opera GM Peter Gelb Spending When He Should Be Cutting?Yes, claim his critics.
  21. kumar goes to washington
    Will Kal Penn’s New Job Mean a Kumar-less Harold & Kumar Movie?“I’ve decided to take a step away from acting, so I hope that the folks who make the ‘Harold & Kumar’ films will respect my decision to work in public service.”
  22. made-off
    Inside the Madoff Sentencing: Victims Emotional, Defense UnsympatheticMadoff’s lawyer made some attempts at defense, but no one was having it.
  23. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Gets 150 Years, Concedes ‘Legacy of Shame’Judge Denny Chin has given Bernie Madoff the maximum sentence.
  24. ink-stained wretches
    Time Rushes Commemorative Michael Jackson Issue for MondayAnd for $5.99, it’s yours.
  25. michael jackson
    First Posthumous Michael Jackson–Memorabilia Auction Scheduled for TodayActually, it was randomly scheduled before yesterday’s events. But still: creepy.
  26. Two for the MoneyKatherine Farley, just named chairwoman of Lincoln Center, is the wife of Jerry Speyer, chairman of MoMA. How much philanthropy can one couple h […]
  27. zombies
    Zombies Invade Governors IslandYesterday, volunteers hopped the ferry to film the final scene of a movie called ‘Isle of the Dead.’
  28. neighborhood news
    High Line Overcrowding: Only 1,700 Visitors at a Time?The Parks Department anticipates having to put an attendance limit on the park’s visitors.
  29. Cut Out the MiddlemanThese artists’ galleries closed, but buying from them directly can save you dealers’ fees.
  30. What to Get With the Money Your Great-Aunt LeftYou just came into $10,000. Art & Advisory’s Rachel Greene and Erica Samuels offer three strategies for spending it.
  31. Lastly, Play the Odds (But Just for Fun)William Powhida cheekily predicted which of his fellow artists would still be star properties in the future. We asked other art-world types to w […]
  32. What to Bid OnOn the auction block in May.
  33. Tiepolos for Sale! Sisleys Too!Obviously, you can’t afford these. But here are (relative) bargains.
  34. The Opportunist’s Guide to ArtLet’s be clear: Buying art is always a luxury, and especially right now. That said, if you’re sitting on a little money and craving a little bea […]
  35. intel
    Larry Levine’s Tips for Surviving PrisonThe man reportedly advising Bernie Madoff’s niece on prison behavior gives Intel some of his storied advice.
  36. school daze
    Parsons Lets Go of Adjunct Faculty in Fine Arts“I believe when you lose your job, and there’s no justification for it, it’s ‘being fired.’”
  37. ink-stained wretches
    The Story With Vanity Fair’s ‘Web Exclusive’ West Side Story FeatureIs Condé Nast finally taking the Internet seriously?
  38. school daze
    Columbia J-School’s Existential CrisisThe media bloodbath has made for unhappy days uptown, and a fight for change is brewing in the school’s hallowed halls.
  39. poster boy
    MoMA Denies Being Complicit With Poster BoyCBS Outdoor, the firm that installed MoMA’s ads in the Atlantic-Pacific subway station, believes MoMA approved of Poster Boy’s remix.
  40. poster boy
    Poster Boy Remixes MoMA Subway AdsOn February 10, the Museum of Modern Art launched one of its most extensive and expensive advertising campaigns in history. Then Poster Boy showed up.
  41. news reel
    UPDATE: Senator Charles Schumer in Hot Water With Local Arts OrganizationsNo one seems happy that the stimulus package all but ignored the arts.
  42. news reel
    Elizabeth Peyton’s (Not So) Welcome HomeThe art collective Ridykeulous toasts (or is it roasts?) Elizabeth Peyton.
  43. Home Decorating With the ObamasAt a time when people are having trouble holding on to their houses, Barack and Michelle Obama have sensibly decided not to use taxpayers’ money […]
  44. White Collared TVLarry Levine, who advises white-collar criminals, isn’t afraid of publicity—last week he claimed to have been sought out by Bernie Madoff. Now h […]
  45. Lehman’s Taste FuturesKathy Fuld, the wife of former Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld, is a trustee at MoMA, and the bankrupt firm owns pieces by Jasper Johns and Frank […]
  46. Steel’s New DealWill the New York City Opera greet the first season under new general manager George Steel with a strike?
  47. Met Borrows Against Lobby ChagallsIn a move described by a Metropolitan Opera board member as “a decision of last resort,” the company has collateralized the giant Chagalls in i […]
  48. Downsides of PatronageBefore global finance crashed, Robert Jain commissioned twelve artists to create works inspired by Wall Street terminology.
  49. blog-stained wretches
    Bill Bennett and David Kuo’s Culture11 ShutteredA conservative website with promise bites the dust.
  50. money
    How Do You Stop an Art Collector From Charging?Until recently, Sotheby’s accepted Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for auction purchases — but not anymore!
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