Erica Orden

  1. news reel
    George Steel Already Here, General Managing at City OperaSteel’s official start date may be February 1, but he’s not wasting any time in Dallas.
  2. news reel
    Exclusive: George Steel to Be Named General Manager of New York City OperaThe announcement could come as early as this evening, two sources with insider knowledge of the situation told Vulture today.
  3. Lawsuits
    Le Cirque Hit With ‘Cater Waiter’ LawsuitLawyer Maimon Kirschenbaum, the scourge of restaurateurs, strikes again.
  4. Neediest CaseworkersCity charities are getting a lump of coal in their stockings right when they’re needed most.
  5. Electroboy’s Latest ShockerBig pharma tell-all.
  6. Collecting SmokeHow does a museum acquire art that vanishes the moment it’s made?
  7. news reel
    Has New York City Opera Found Its New Director?A former executive director of NYCO says the embattled company will appoint George Steel, the former director of Columbia University’s Miller Theater, to the position.
  8. major screw jobs
    Madoff’s Other Victim: CultureArts institutions could be the next victims of Bernard Madoff’s malpractice.
  9. news reel
    Is New York City Opera Headed for Bankruptcy?A former high-ranking staff member says declaring bankruptcy is ‘a real possibility and perhaps a good option.’
  10. the economy
    Rich Lady Opens 14,000-Square-Foot Gallery to Sell Her Own Art’It never occurred to me to market through an existing gallery,’ says Tzarev.
  11. A More Cautious OrgyThe post-bubble Art Basel Miami Beach promises to be much less of a haute debauch. Where are the sponsors?
  12. Götterdämmerung Time for City OperaBrokeback.
  13. Obama on the BeachVote for him, buy art of him.
  14. Tear DownsCredit crunch crushes MoMA’s houses of the future.
  15. Ivy Leaguers in the FoxholesROTC back at Columbia?
  16. Stateside Sarko Takes Edgy Art HomeKoh, no!
  17. Most Glamorous eBay Find EverWelcome back, Jean Harlow.
  18. No Koch Float for NYC OperaHe’s paid for the theater.
  19. Advertisements for ThemselvesThe search for Malia and Sasha look-alikes to sell products.