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  1. the city politic
    10 New York City–Based Charities I’m Giving ToGiving Tuesday is a great opportunity to help fix what’s broken here in New York and around the world.
  2. the city politic
    New Yorkers Rejected the Doom and Gloom About CrimeMidterm voters did not accept the premise that crime is an all-consuming battle that New York is losing.
  3. early and often
    How Hochul and Zeldin Stand ApartFrom crime to housing to congestion pricing, here’s what New Yorkers need to know about how the gubernatorial candidates differ on the issues.
  4. the city politic
    ‘I Could Be the Mayor’That the Reverend Calvin Butts had a clear path to political power but chose not to take it was just one of the extraordinary things about him.
  5. the city politic
    The Banks Administration Inside the Adams AdministrationDavid Banks is serious about turning around New York’s schools. And it’s just one part of his family’s political project.
  6. the city politic
    The Horror That Continues to Haunt Our CityTreating New Yorkers with serious mental illness is one of the only ways we can prevent tragedies like the murder of FDNY Lt. Alison Russo-Elling.
  7. early and often
    Conversations Can Save Our Democracy, TooHaving frank, civil discussions with others about issues, candidates, and how our democracy works can make a difference.
  8. the city politic
    New York’s Leaders Are Sleeping Through a Housing EmergencyThe political response should reflect the size and speed of the worsening crisis. It hasn’t even come close.
  9. the city politic
    Why Are So Many of New York’s Basement Apartments Still Death Traps?It’s been a year since floodwaters drowned 11 New Yorkers in their homes, but nothing has been done to stop it from happening again.
  10. the city politic
    4 Big Takeaways From New York’s Weird Late-Summer PrimariesHow backlash to overturning Roe v. Wade, incumbency, and the rejection of a few extremist candidates by New York Republicans may matter.
  11. the city politic
    The Draw of the VineyardMore members of New York’s Black political Establishment are making the late-summer sojourn to Martha’s Vineyard.
  12. the group portrait
    The Subtle Differences of the Many Candidates for New York’s 10th DistrictIt’s a very crowded race for one of the city’s most progressive districts.
  13. early and often
    The Biden Age Is Hitting Its StrideThe debate over how old the president is and whether he should run again is a distraction from how much he has already accomplished.
  14. the city politic
    A Kid Accused of a Crime Is Still a KidYoung New Yorkers should be protected from the inequities of the criminal-justice system, not demonized by the mayor for cheap political points.
  15. the city politic
    Al Vann, the Brooklyn Progressive Who Reshaped New YorkHis contributions — the institutions he built, the leaders he mentored, and the opening of the system he engineered — will stand the test of time.
  16. the city politic
    Brooklyn’s Democratic Boss Is Taking a Step Back — for the Happiest of ReasonsRodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn isn’t done with politics though.
  17. the city politic
    New York’s Primaries Were Decided by Politics As UsualDespite national upheaval, the turnout and results remained distinctly normal.
  18. the city politic
    Is Eric Adams All Talk?Six months in, the mayor is facing questions about what, exactly, he’s doing to fix New York.
  19. the city politic
    The Fight to Make Sure Yeshiva Schools Provide a Secular Education, TooThe state hasn’t been ensuring children at religious schools receive an adequate secular education. A new court order could change that.
  20. early and often
    Hochul’s Democratic Challengers Leave Her Plenty of Middle GroundCentrist Tom Suozzi and progressive Jumaane Williams are running out of time to make an impression on Democratic primary voters.
  21. the city politic
    Is New York Ready for Recession?The economic warning lights are flashing red.
  22. the city politic
    6 Things to Know About New York’s New Congressional MapThe final redistricting map was revised to avoid a civil-rights firestorm, but it still creates a complicated mess for Democrats.
  23. the city politic
    Why the Brooklyn Democratic Party Is at War With ItselfA fight over neighborhood patronage gigs has led to threats, insults, accusations, lawsuits, and an effort to oust the party’s first female boss.
  24. life after roe
    We’re in a Different Universe Than We Were in 1973Recent events harken back to that tumultuous year, but women are now much more of a political force in Washington and around the country.
  25. early and often
    How to Gerrymander a FiascoNew York Democrats thought they could rig redistricting. They made the state’s democracy a national laughingstock again instead.
  26. the city politic
    New York Is Failing Its COVID-Orphaned KidsThousands of New York City children lost a parent or caregiver to COVID-19. They and other at-risk kids still aren’t getting the support they need.
  27. the city politic
    Regular New Yorkers Fight Crime, TooMayor Adams needs to realize that cops aren’t the only crimefighters, as average New Yorkers proved during the hunt for the subway shooter.
  28. the city politic
    Eric Adams Says He’s ‘Getting Stuff Done.’ What Stuff?After 100 days in office, the mayor has made little progress delivering on his campaign promises — and some seem to have been forgotten entirely.
  29. the city politic
    AOC’s Warning for Democrats: ‘We’re in Trouble’The progressive star says she’s been vindicated about Joe Manchin and that President Biden must go it alone to save their party in the fall.
  30. the city politic
    Eric Adams Isn’t Off to a Great Start on Public SafetyAs Adams nears 100 days in office, there’s already good reason to wonder if the results of his public safety strategy will ever match his rhetoric.
  31. the city politic
    New York’s Homelessness Crisis Needs More Than ThisLawmakers need to invest far more to help the New Yorkers with mental illness who live on the streets and in the subway.
  32. politics
    Why New York Republicans Are Dreaming of a Banner YearThe state GOP hopes to expand on its 2021 wins, take further advantage of Democrats’ distraction, and ride the national red wave.
  33. the city politic
    Sports Betting Will Bring a Wave of Misery to New YorkFacilitating addiction across the state is a high price to pay for all that tax revenue.
  34. the city politic
    Judges Can Be Dangerous, TooMayor Adams and other bail-reform opponents want judges to be able to use “dangerousness” to set bail, but that comes with its own perils.
  35. the city politic
    New York’s Overlooked Diabetes Epidemic Is a Bigger Scandal Than ‘Fishgate’Communities of color are losing their battle against type 2 diabetes. That needs far more attention than Eric Adams’s occasional branzino.
  36. the city politic
    The Risks of Overselling Violence InterruptionThe strategy has shown promise, but it’s not the miracle cure politicians are suggesting.
  37. the city politic
    Slain Cops Paid the Ultimate Price for Society’s FailuresThe city must do more than praise the bravery of police it sends into harm’s way.
  38. the city politic
    Everyone Needs to Take a Deep Breath About Alvin BraggHis criminal-justice reforms have prompted a freak-out, but they’re reasonable — and exactly what he promised.
  39. the city politic
    ‘His First Week in Office Has Been Quite Extraordinary’The mayoralty of Eric Adams is very new — so why does it feel like so much has already happened?
  40. the city politic
    Voting Isn’t Enough to Protect a Democracy Under ThreatNew Yorkers must take individual action to ensure that January 6 wasn’t a preview of something much worse.
  41. the city politic
    A New Mayor, a New BeginningAs the curtain rises on the Adams administration, it’s worth looking back at how previous mayors have handled the act of taking office.
  42. the city politic
    New York’s Prisons Are Turning Into Senior CentersWith COVID raging through the facilities, it’s time for Kathy Hochul to take action to protect older inmates.
  43. the city politic
    The Education of Eric AdamsWhen the new mayor takes office, keep a close eye on what happens in New York City schools.
  44. the city politic
    Is Tish James Aiming Higher Than Governor? Stay Tuned.James dropped out of a winnable race, suggesting her high-stakes inquiry into the Trump Organization could be a national launching pad.
  45. the city politic
    Why New York City’s Low Voter Turnout Isn’t the Problem Everybody Says It IsThe city’s voting system is far from perfect. But don’t buy the argument that it needs an overhaul to get more people to the polls.
  46. the city politic
    A New Era for Latino Politics in New York?There’s no shortage of political talent — but the fast-growing community is still underrepresented at the highest levels of power.
  47. the city politic
    Eric Adams Needs to Knock Off the Globe-trottingThe mayor-elect’s frequent international jaunts could come at a political cost.
  48. the group portrait
    What the NYC Taxi Drivers on a Hunger Strike Won“It’s a beautiful victory — both the destination and the journey.”
  49. the city politic
    What It Means That New York Just Elected Its Second Black MayorA generation after David Dinkins made history, Eric Adams won in an atmosphere of almost casual inevitability.
  50. the city politic
    Who Will Be Eric Adams’s Partner in Power?City Council Speaker is an extremely powerful position that can help shape a political era in NYC. But it’s not on the ballot.
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