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  1. criminal justice reform
    The Man Who Cracked the Code of L.A.’s Notorious Sheriff Gangs“Nobody believed that the cops could lie like this,” says John Sweeney.
  2. Hitmen of HarlemThe Diplomats’ do-it-yourself street rap wows fans—and label execs.
  3. Influences: Brian WilsonThe lost Beach Boy’s favorite things—Phil Spector, Arthur Koestler, and Celine Dion’s legs.
  4. Influences: Joni MitchellThe folky songsmith discusses great artists and synchronicity. Just don’t call her a poet.
  5. Montreal, CanadaUp-and-coming bands, hot parties, and a refreshingly friendly club scene.
  6. Newer OrderThe band that invented moody eighties dance-rock makes fresh contact with its inner loveliness.
  7. Influences: Al GreenWhat music did you listen to as a kid growing up in Arkansas? Mahalia Jackson, all the great gospel singers. But the most important music to me […]
  8. The Half-Buck Stops Here50 Cent hawks himself into a corner on The Massacre.
  9. Songwriter: Martha WainwrightRufus and I were totally trying to kill each other at all times. We’d also have these competitions to see who could outsing the other person at […]
  10. Intelligencer: February 14–21, 2005Damon Dash goes Harvey Weinstein-hunting, final skirmish in ‘DisneyWar’, Christopher Guest’s latest ensemble satire, and more.
  11. Intelligencer: January 31–February 7, 2005Irv Gotti’s dirty laundry, Melania Knauss’s best dress man, Daniel Boulud on B’way, and more.
  12. Nature BoyDowntown scenester and cabaret singer Antony embraces the spirit of the Earth.
  13. The Modern LoversCologne’s Kompakt label has gained much unlikely U.S. renown by making techno sort of sweet.
  14. Crystal Meth Went Underground.A pariah drug culture found a new home.
  15. James MurphyDFA Records Co-Owner, Producer, Bandleader
  16. The Prince Paul PlanNew York’s hip-hop auteur wants to move beyond the gangsta doldrums.
  17. FabolousOn party anthems like “Young’n,” New York rapper Fabolous had a raucous delivery and a lust for the good life. But his new single, “Breathe,” is […]
  18. Eminem’s Anti-Bush VideoIt’s entirely possible that the strident Bush-bashing video for his single, “Mosh,” might affect the election.
  19. Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre Of OrpheusAbbatoir Blues, the first entry in Nick Cave’s ambitious new two-disc set, begins with a rush of noise: the sound of drumsticks striking a snare […]
  20. Beats, With a Touch of BluesRaphael Saadiq isn’t as celebrated as Timbaland or the Neptunes, but as a producer he has a lot more depth; a reggae singer who lets loose.
  21. Fighting MadFormer U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter wants Bush gone, but says Kerry’s “a liar.”
  22. Woe Is ThemInterpol’s second album isn’t as gloomily monochromatic as the band’s first, but it still feels removed from the world; what has happened to E […]
  23. Top of the VoxFor pure vocal wizardry, you can’t beat the new albums by Dizzee Rascal, the British rapper, and Björk, the Icelandic chanteuse.
  24. Revolution RockClash co-founder Mick Jones talks about the 25th-anniversary boxed set of London Calling—and the rediscovered Vanilla Tapes.
  25. Heart and SocaRupee hopes to follow in the footsteps of fellow soca sensation Kevin Lyttle when he releases his U.S.-debut CD, 1 on 1.
  26. HookmasterNas seeks out hip-hop supremacy with his double CD Street’s Disciple.
  27. Better Late Than NeverThe Afghan Whigs and the Screaming Trees are hardly worth remembering, but their former front men have reemerged with the best work of their careers.
  28. Sibling RevelryIn a rock world bogged down in retro-chic uniformity, the brother-sister duo Fiery Furnaces blaze their own trail.
  29. Back in BlackThe Elvis: ’68 Comeback Special DVD restores the King to his throne—with startling footage of Presley wrestling with his reputation, and […]
  30. In Brief: The CureThanks to tepid records like Wild Mood Swings and Bloodflowers, the Cure haven’t mattered to anyone beyond their devoted fans for more than a decade.
  31. Dull RoarPJ Harvey is back to her old angry self, but she can’t quite hold our attention like she once could. Plus, the loner-loser roots of electronic music.
  32. Straight TalkThe British rapper Mike Skinner, a.k.a. the Streets, lets us back into his weird, obsessive life on his surprisingly powerful sophomore record.
  33. Morrissey Loves CompanyThe ex-Smiths singer has made a startling comeback by reminding old fans how sad and lonely they used to be.
  34. In Brief: Loretta Lynn and Jack WhiteLoretta Lynn Van Lear Rose (Interscope)
  35. Blogs Over BaghdadA new set of Iraqi bloggers on the ongoing war.
  36. A New ReignPrince has been disappointing for a decade. But just when expectations could hardly scrape any lower, he has made a great record.
  37. Out of TouchWhile other eighties pop stars are redefining themselves as entertainers and sexual icons, Janet Jackson seems oddly stuck in time.
  38. Booked ClubWhat really takes place after hours? A close reading of the Sound Factory indictment.
  39. Key WestProducer Kanye West makes his rapping debut with an album suffused with emotion; disco auteur Arthur Russell gets his due, posthumously.
  40. Closing Time?A proposed after-hours license looms like an apocalyptic last call over everyone from Lotus to Schiller’s. Club owners’ alternative: Let us have cops!
  41. In Brief: Norah JonesNorah Jones Feels Like Home (Blue Note) Comfy and cozy but never challenging, Feels Like Home is the perfect title for Norah Jones’s new CD. […]
  42. Get LostEscape into Kylie Minogue’s warm and cozy electro; Courtney Love goes solo; the Walkmen need to get out some more.
  43. In Brief: Twista and The Glimmer TwinsTwista “Slow Jamz” (Atlantic)
  44. Pop StarsRecording artists working everywhere from Brooklyn to Berlin made it a surprisingly rich year—despite fears that piracy would kill the ind […]
  45. Soul on IceOne of rock’s greatest ever, R&B-loving Talking Heads deserve a better retrospective; Kelis’s second album stays her oddly endearing […]
  46. Get BackStripping the Beatles’ final album of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, Paul McCartney exposes “The Long and Winding Road”&# […]
  47. Got Beef?The hip-hop world is at war. Vicious rhymes are flying between 50 Cent and Ja Rule, both products of the mean streets of southeast Queens. Bul […]
  48. In Brief: Jay-ZJay-Z The Black Album (Roc-A-Fella)
  49. In Brief: Pink and K.I.M.Pink Try This (Arista)
  50. No SmokingThe Strokes’ Room on Fire is more fizzle than sizzle, but on his first album, D.J. Ricardo Villalobos breathes life into min […]
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