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  1. Q&A: Soul on IceBack in the late nineties (remember them?), John Forte was a member of the Fugees, a backup singer for Carly Simon, and a boldface name who part […]
  2. Young at HeartNeil Young’s new album doesn’t offer much fresh news about love (whose does?); there wasn’t much new at the Winter Music Conference, either – b […]
  3. New York RocksFor the first time in almost twenty years, the city’s music scene is stocked with inventive local bands, packed rock clubs, and happily hunting […]
  4. Puffed OutAre Puffy Combs’s high-flying ways striking sour notes in today’s down-and-out music biz?
  5. Church SaleA death in clubland is never proud: Moomba disappeared without a whimper, Twilo (right down to its sound system) was auctioned off on eBay, and […]
  6. Some GirlsAlanis Morissette makes art of introspection, but Under Rug Swept plays like the teen-diary entry its title suggests; Kylie Minogue unaba […]
  7. In BriefSomeday, a particularly lively episode of Behind the Music will be made about N.E.R.D.’s debut album, In Search Of … There are at least thr […]
  8. Tommy Boy’s New Beat Few music moguls would relish the opportunity to lose their deal with a major label, but according to Tom Silverman—the irrepressible founder o […]
  9. Electro Boy Gets Recharged“Brooklyn is a gold mine,” declares helium-voiced club promoter Larry Tee while standing in a studio apartment in the East Village, preparing pr […]
  10. In BriefU.K. production duo the Chemical Brothers are critically acclaimed for making electronic music that “rocks” instead of merely moving coolly to t […]
  11. Drinking SongsAll across TV land, network execs are (discreetly) licking their lips following NBC’s decision to reverse its nearly 50-year ban on hard-liquor […]
  12. In BriefMuch to the chagrin of jazz purists like Stanley Crouch, Miles Davis in his 1990 autobiography hailed Prince as an artistic heir of Duke Ellingt […]
  13. High AnxietyTrue, everything has changed, but marijuana, too? “I’ve noticed that my bags of weed have gotten smaller and smaller since September 11,” says o […]
  14. InexplicableAfter six years and a reported $30 million, Invincible should be worth its wait in gold records. But Michael Jackson sounds like he’s moo […]
  15. In BriefJay-Z’s paeans to a player’s paradise fall even flatter now.
  16. Ladies Sing the BluesBjörk’s utopian exuberance turns emotionally direct on Vespertine; Mary J. Blige’s canned happiness undermines raw emotion on No […]
  17. Immaterial GirlMadonna’s tours have always had a method to their madcap spectacle, but “Drowned World” makes the singer seem smaller than life.
  18. In BriefDance music is at its most exciting when it’s at its most impure, whether it’s Detroit techno’s mixture of Kraftwerk and Funkadelic or drum ‘n’ […]
  19. Drugs: GHBustedThe party drug GHB is so deadly it made private ambulances a fixture in New York nightlife and led clubbers to dub overdose collapses “the GHB d […]
  20. 12 Hot Concerts1 MADONNA at Madison Square Garden, July 25, 26, 28, 30, 31; at the Continental Airlines Arena, August 2-3. Mrs. Richie’s first tour since 1993’ […]
  21. In BriefFrom Radiohead’s ambient lessons on “How to Disappear Completely” to Sigur Ros’s sonic cocoons, hiding out within music has become hip again. Li […]
  22. Crack DownWhile the NYPD was winning its war on street crime, Harlem’s Black Top gang took its drug business indoors and resisted conventional policing […]
  23. Music: Chai & MightySome rappers boast of their impossibly expensive Rolexes, and others brag about their SUVs, their women, and other flashy accoutrements of succe […]
  24. Love Is the DrugAlways a psychedelic cyberspace cadet, Missy Elliott has made hip-hop’s first ecstasy opus; R.E.M. is stuck on Automatic on Reveal.
  25. In BriefEqual parts Eve Ensler and Maria Bartiromo, today’s pop’s feminists demand empowerment, the right to belittle the boys, and – most important – […]
  26. Club MedDr. Rudy’s prescription for nightlife: No private ambulances. But club owners say 911 is a joke.
  27. Miami Sound MachinesWithout a hyped-up hit, the annual Winter Music Conference gets its groove back; legions of guest stars can’t help Run-DMC find theirs.
  28. Refreshment: Fad ThaiRed Bull’s silver can is cherished by after-hours clubbers and workaholics alike. But the energy drink’s success might be threatened – not by o […]
  29. Marketing: Making Denise RicherNotoriety almost always translates into record sales – think Columbine and Marilyn Manson – even for the Fifth Avenue set. The Pardongate cont […]
  30. All About EveEve reveals a tough but fully human persona on Scorpion; Daft Punk succumbs to the agonies of irony.
  31. Music: Record Breakers“Our model is the Virgin brand of seven or eight years ago, before it got diluted by shitty cola and bridal shops,” says Maurice Bernstein (pict […]
  32. Back From the FutureOn The W, the famously inventive Wu-Tang Clan slows down for a victory lap around the old school, but their retread beats don’t make the […]
  33. Keeping It SurrealWith psychedelic guitar, drum ‘n’ bass beats, and over-the-top satiric excess, Outkast bring hip-hop’s street pose back down to earth.
  34. London ComingMeet the new nightlife tourists: The D.J.-obsessed, the all-night partyers, the sweaty club kids yearning to dance free. Just don’t expect to se […]
  35. White RiotTo spin gold records out of rock and hip-hop, Everlast aims six feet under, while Limp Bizkit just goes for the lowest common denominator.
  36. Head TripOn the experimental, adventurous “Kid A,” Radiohead shuns literate wordplay for an abstract, emotional vocabulary of sound.
  37. In Brief: ‘Tiny Reminders’ and ‘Let’s Get Ready . . .’Two lone swordsmen – former Primal Scream producer Andrew Weatherall and production partner Keith Tenniswood – make the sort of expressive ele […]
  38. Clubs: New York UndercoverAs clubs fill up with cops, partygoers practice narc-spotting.
  39. Protection RacketTo combat Napster pirates, music labels are adding unexpected sounds to the mix.
  40. Dance FeveredMadonna gets back to where she once belonged – the dance floor – and gets by with a little help from her producer friends.
  41. In Brief: Björk’s new ‘Selmasongs’In brief: in her review of West Side Story, Pauline Kael wrote disapprovingly that the film was essentially a musical for people who didn’t like […]
  42. Fall Preview: Pop MusicPOP & ROCK
  43. Fall Preview: NightlifeCentro-Fly45 West 21st Street (212-627-7770) With its mod decor and cozy lounges, Centro-Fly has become an upscale oasis for aging hipsters tire […]
  44. Fall Preview: Nightlife / Tunnel VisionPeter Gatien has faced tax-evasion charges, an angry mayor, and fickle clubgoers who would rather lounge than dance. But he’s riding the wave of […]
  45. Songs From Big TentWyclef Jean and De La Soul court new constituencies on albums packed with guest stars. But while De La Soul parties, Wyclef panders.
  46. Nightlife: The Tabs Keep Tabs on TabsIf it looks like an ecstasy overdose and sounds like an ecstasy overdose, it’s close enough for the tabloids, which seized on the apparently dru […]
  47. Rap SheetFor F.E.D.S. publisher Antoine Clark, true crime pays.
  48. Nightlife: Paradise LostD.J.’s and producers remember the Garage – even if they weren’t there.
  49. e-commerceOnce just for raves, ecstasy is now all the rage – the favorite party pill of Wall Streeters, prep-school kids, and mall rats alike. Smugglers […]
  50. Classless ClownRap upstart Eminem – a.k.a. Slim Shady – once played the picked-on white kid. But success has made him slimmer, shadier, and far less fun.
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