Ethan Brown

  1. Pets: Every Dog Has Its DayNew York’s most secret society is devoted to this year’s “It” animal.
  2. Sleater-KinneyInspired by the do-it-yourself ethos of the riot grrrl movement, Sleater-Kinney’s first albums were deliberately ragged, but they achieved trans […]
  3. Hooked on ClassicsPearl Jam started out angry, became eccentric, and finally ended up as classic rock. Too bad their new album won’t stand the test of time.
  4. Mmm, Teen-BopTeen pop may be the future of the music business, but its marketing – and sound, in Hanson’s case – owe more to another decade: the fifties.
  5. Production ValuesRodney Jerkins’s Pentecostal parents forbade pop music in their house. So how did the 22-year-old prodigy – charged with Michael Jackson’s come […]
  6. Bar CodesIn their war on nightlife, Giuliani and the city have found a new foe: the state.
  7. Unmade ManChris Paciello owned two of Miami’s hottest clubs and hung out with Ingrid Casares, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna. A murder charge scattered his […]
  8. E-MergencyThe agony! There’s no ecstasy! A Florida convention shuts down New York’s e-channel.
  9. In brief: Green VelvetThe then-lowbrow shotgun wedding of dub reggae and hip-hop that gave birth to drum ‘n’ bass in the early nineties could never happen in today’s […]
  10. WillkommenCabaret and “Cabaret” star Ute Lemper invites a new generation into the genre by singing Costello and Cave.
  11. Leggo My EgoOasis gets experimental – and even a bit modest – on “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants,” but Great Pumpkin Billy Corgan stays self-involved.
  12. Bold AmbitionAs teen pop shimmies up the charts, Air and William Orbit are hooked on classics and Femi Kuti is reinventing Afro pop. Auteurism, anyone?
  13. Playboy’s New PlaymatesThe magazine heads underground in search of tomorrow’s audience.
  14. Pirate TreasureHip-hop bootlegging is causing brawls – even as some industry insiders say it’s a blessing.
  15. Nightlife ‘99: Clear And Present DangerThe drug now threatening clubland is colorless, odorless, and so dangerous even some dealers won’t sell it. But you can buy it with a credit car […]
  16. Chart FailureRock isn’t dead, but it’s facing commercial decline, critical dismissals, and even insults from Sting. Three fall releases offer some hope for a cure.
  17. The Right StuffYou’d think the New York Post would’ve had to search long and hard to find a columnist as conservative as the farther-than-far-right Ray Kerriso […]
  18. Tough LifeIs this megaclub at the end of its velvet rope?
  19. There’s Something About MaryShe reinvented R&B for the nineties with painful, personal songs about love and loss. Now, secure as the self-styled “queen of hip-hop soul,” Ma […]
  20. Pop Music: Blonde AmbitionWith the frank, bawdy Hard Core, Lil’ Kim cast herself as the Mae West of hip-hop. Now, on her new album, she plans to go beyond the boudoir.
  21. Nightlife: House PartySoftware millionaires are the new rock stars – and thanks to Rockstar Games COO Terry Donovan, they’re getting a party all their own.
  22. Sour PuffHard on the heels of his recent arrest, Puff Daddy releases his long-awaited album. Does it explain the life of rap’s most celebrated producer? Nah.
  23. Masters of the HouseThe production team Masters at Work have been injecting el ritmo Latino into dance music since Ricky Martin was in Menudo. Now that salsa […]
  24. True BelieverRock and roll may be out of fashion, but Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band prove that emotional and artistic daring outlasts pop.
  25. Night ShiftIs John Davis the city’s next Peter Gatien?
  26. Heavenly MusicWhere to hear New York’s mightiest gospel choirs make a joyful noise. Can we get an “Amen”?
  27. Missy in ActionHip-hop is still responding to the sonic gauntlet thrown down by Missy Elliott on her debut. On ‘Da Real World,’ she rises to her own challenge.
  28. Pay DirtIs “The Source” stiffing its stringers?
  29. House AfireThe media has gone gaga for European electronica, but the real story in dance music is happening right here in the New York clubs.
  30. Southbound TrafficWas it spring break – or a drug run?
  31. Night ClubbedThe NYPD crackdown’s chilling effect.
  32. Mi Vida LocaOne song at the Grammys changed Latin pop star Ricky Martin’s life – but newly minted crossover status doesn’t guarantee a good record.
  33. Bad VibesKeith Clinkscales leaves behind big questions.
  34. Fight the PowerHip-hop luminaries take on police brutality.
  35. Tunnel VisionHip-hop’s ground zero is “thug paradise.”
  36. Rock BottomMatador Records faces the music.
  37. E-CommerceA club-world marketing campaign is taken directly from the streets.