Evan Ross Katz

  1. met gala 2023
    The Best, Weirdest, and Most On-Theme Met Gala 2023 LooksWhat category did Dua Lipa, Pedro Pascal, and Anne Hathaway fit in to? Find out.
  2. cut covers
    Reintroducing Ali WongHer next phase includes dipping into dramatic roles on TV and testing the dating-app waters.
  3. pride
    Why I Won’t Be Wearing Pride Merch TodayEach year brands roll out Pride collections, which are often maximalist and just about always an eyesore.
  4. met gala 2022
    Christine Baranski Turns 70 at the Met Gala“I’m going to pretend everybody showed up just for me.”
  5. spring fashion
    The Women Make EuphoriaThe cast on playing teens forever on the brink of disaster.
  6. and just like that
    All the Goings-on at the Premiere and After-party for And Just Like That …I was SJP’s “guest.” Here is what happened.
  7. style
    Sunny Hostin Is More Than Just Co-host of The ViewHostin on Meghan McCain, her puppies, and The View’s COVID scare.