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  1. sports
    The Decline and Fall of the All-Star GameWhy has a once-hallowed staple of the pro sports world become so irrelevant?
  2. sports
    Threads Has Woj Bombs Now, So the Site Has Really ArrivedA-list scoop machines like Adrian Wojnarowski and Adam Schefter are giving Mark Zuckerberg’s “Twitter killer” some sports credibility.
  3. small pleasures
    Bluesky Reminds Me of When Social Media Wasn’t TerribleIt’s refreshing to share inane thoughts in an extremely low-stakes atmosphere.
  4. americana
    The Hot-Dog Cannon Is Better Than Any Baseball Game27 years after its debut, it’s still the apotheosis of between-inning entertainment.
  5. sports
    After All That, the Nets Are Great AgainThe team went from world beater to embarrassment and back to championship contender. Now they need to perform without their best player.
  6. social studies
    My Week With America’s Smartest* PeopleThe strange but affirming experience that is Mensa’s Annual Gathering.
  7. elon musk
    11 Weird and Upsetting Facts About Elon MuskEven after a week of wall-to-wall Elon Musk news coverage, there’s still more to learn.
  8. environment
    Lessons From My Year of Pests and VerminSince leaving New York, battling household intruders has become my new normal. Weirdly, all the ants, flies, and mice have made me feel more human.
  9. beijing olympics
    Why Letting Kamila Valieva Compete Is a TravestyMedal-winning American skaters Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu on the “circus” at the Beijing Olympics.
  10. sports
    Winter Olympic Events, Ranked by How Scared I Am to Try ThemSurprisingly, a sport called “skeleton” doesn’t take the top spot.
  11. just asking questions
    How the Internet Changed What It Means to Be NormalIn her new book Finding Normal, former New York columnist Alexa Tsoulis-Reay explores the internet’s influence on sexuality and identity.
  12. sports
    The Las Vegas Raiders Are an Inspiration to Screwups EverywhereIf this team of misfits can make the playoffs, you can do anything.
  13. better know a billionaire
    7 Weird and Utterly Fascinating Facts About Mark ZuckerbergSome things to know as Zuckerberg launches us into the metaverse — from his affinity for spear throwing to the time he used a “laser gun” on a goat.
  14. weaponry
    Reno’s Weird Whip ProblemThe city is cracking down, so to speak, on an unlikely public menace.
  15. politics
    Red Flags From Lindsey Graham’s Fickle FriendshipsThe senator has a history of cozying up to D.C.’s “alpha dogs” — and then turning on them. Here’s what his next potential pal should know.
  16. state of the nation
    TMZ Is the Only Public Opinion Polling I TrustThe site’s “Stars and Scars” survey has its finger on the pulse of America.
  17. technology
    The West Coast’s Hottest New Trend? Finding Breathable AirApps and sensors are helping people find healthier air, even if that sometimes becomes an unhealthy obsession.
  18. politics
    Donald Trump’s Latest Money-Making SchemesHustling for cash is core to Trump’s being (plus he has lots of debt coming due). Here’s how he’s using his post-presidential clout to make big bucks.
  19. tokyo olympics
    Captain America Durant and Team USA Strike Gold After AllAfter struggling to pull off earlier victories in Tokyo, Team USA pulled it all together over France in Saturday’s gold-medal final.
  20. 2021 olympics
    The Fate of U.S. Men’s Basketball Gold Rests in Kevin Durant’s HandsWhen Team USA bested Spain in the quarterfinals, Durant was dancing. For the U.S. to emerge as Tokyo Olympics champions, he has to keep doing it.
  21. olympics 2021
    U.S. Men’s Basketball Had a Rocky Olympics Start. I’m Still Excited.This year, Team USA taking home the gold is not a sure thing by any means. But there’s plenty for fans to look forward to.
  22. just checking in
    So, What Are Jared and Ivanka Up to These Days?Six months after their White House exit, they’re writing the Great American Political Memoir, facing perjury accusations, and ditching Donald.
  23. better know a billionaire
    12 Weird and Utterly Fascinating Facts About Jeff BezosSome things to know as Bezos steps down as Amazon CEO and heads to space, featuring Lizzo, an ill-fated iguana, and his vision for space colonization.
  24. sin city
    Las Vegas Is Back, But I’m NotWhat it’s like to return to normalcy when everyone else is already there.
  25. covid-19
    The People Who Transformed Themselves During the PandemicIs there such a thing as post-traumatic growth?
  26. covid-19
    The Families Torn Apart By Vaccine PoliticsTheir loved ones turned anti-vaxx. Then everyone turned on each other.
  27. covid-19
    The People Who Plan on Wearing Masks ForeverFor a select few, covering up has become a way of life. What is the cost?
  28. covid-19
    When Can Biden (and the Rest of Us) Take Off Our Masks?Even the fully vaccinated, like the president, are told to cover their faces. How much longer?
  29. covid-19
    ‘A Great Excuse to Do Nothing’: The People Who Don’t Want to Return to NormalcyFor a socially anxious and solitude-loving few, the pandemic has been a sort of strange blessing they don’t want to lose.
  30. politics
    Gerontocracy Is Hurting American DemocracyHow did we get here?
  31. covid-19
    How to Overcome Fear of Needles to Get Vaccinated, According to Experts“Shots in arms” isn’t exactly a comforting phrase for many.
  32. jailbreak
    Americans Who Masterminded Carlos Ghosn’s Escape Now in Japanese CustodyU.S. special forces veteran and his son spirited the ex-Nissan CEO out of Tokyo while he was awaiting trial.
  33. wall street
    Oatly Is Going PublicFive years after taking over every fancy coffee shop, the oat-milk company could be worth billions on the Stock Exchange.
  34. politics
    Biden Aide Threatened to ‘Destroy’ Reporter Asking About His GirlfriendTJ Ducklo, a White House spokesperson, accused the reporter of being “jealous” he was with another journalist after she poked into his love life.
  35. money!
    How to Find Your Missing Stimulus ChecksIf you didn’t get the first or second one, there’s good news: You might still! The bad news is that you’ll have to go through the IRS.
  36. art
    Whatever Happened to Those Monoliths?What was all the rage in 2020 feels a little played out now. Maybe try a new shape?
  37. covid-19
    How the Pandemic and a Bunch of Lunatics Taught Me to DriveA carless liberal flees New York City for Reno.
  38. space
    Let This Harvard Professor Convince You That Aliens ExistA Harvard astrophysicist thinks a mysterious object that swung by our solar system in 2017 was from an extraterrestrial civilization.
  39. finance
    Wall Street’s Millennial Wonder Readies Her Next ActLauren Simmons, the youngest woman ever on the New York Stock Exchange, on her new show, diversity, and the future crash.
  40. how we live now
    What Has the Pandemic Done to Our Eyes?Humans weren’t meant to stare at screens.
  41. china
    Where in the World Is Jack Ma?One of China’s richest men hasn’t been seen or heard from since he criticized Beijing in a speech two months ago.
  42. celebrity
    The Instagram Detective Calling Out Hilaria Baldwin and Other CelebsTracie Egan Morrissey on how she pulled apart the dubious story of Alec Baldwin’s wife growing up in Spain.
  43. that happened
    The Time Trump Ranted About Hair Spray Quality to Coal MinersA moment that spoke to the president’s strange, contradictory brand of masculinity.
  44. covid-19
    Gambling With the VirusInside Nevada’s casinos, it’s almost like the pandemic never happened.
  45. filthy lucre
    Pornhub Funders Include… Cornell University, Financial Times Report RevealsWall Street giants JPMorganChase and Fortress with in the mix with the tax-exempt Ivy League institution.
  46. tomorrow
    Senior Government Officials Keep Saying That UFOs and Aliens Are RealIsrael’s former defense chief talked about a “galactic federation.” Now a former CIA head is speaking out.
  47. politics
    Are Republicans Chilling Out on Legal Weed?Five members of the House GOP voted to decriminalize marijuana.
  48. sex scandals
    The China Sex Spy Scandal Is a Reminder: Don’t Govern While HornyA Chinese spy got to know some prominent American politicians — including former presidential candidate Eric Swalwell.
  49. labor
    Nevada Sex Workers Are Getting Stiffed by Brothels, the Government — and COVIDBarred from both working and receiving unemployment benefits, sex workers are struggling to survive the inequality of the socially distanced economy.
  50. early and often
    ‘Self-Defense Is Self-Care’: How Liberal Gun Owners See the Election“The tree can’t be harmed if the Lorax is armed.”
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