Everett Bogue

  1. countdown
    Revealed: Will the Battlestar Galactica Finale Disappoint?Do we have another ‘Sopranos’ — or, gasp, ‘L Word’ — on our hands? Plus: plot predictions.
  2. election hangover
    The Election-Aftermath SlideshowLast night was historic. We know because we couldn’t get any sleep with all of you hollering on the streets. Just kidding, we were black-out on Old Granddad — nothing could have woken us up.
  3. New Year, New LookOnce you’ve made the big night’s plans, it’s time to turn your attention to finding the perfect outfit. Here’s what to wear for a romantic dinne […]
  4. Santa Takes ManhattanSt. Nick is all over Gotham so seize that photo op.
  5. Turkey for TwelveDoes the thought of cooking for a dozen guests scare the stuffing out of you? We’re here to save the day.