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  1. Summer Music Preview: Drake, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and So Much KanyePlus: Wild speculation about Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Childish Gambino.
  2. Childish Gambino Passed Drake on the Charts, But for How Long?For both artists, the South is the source of success.
  3. The New Beach House Album Is Their Best YetSame magic, new resolution.
  4. The Rise and Fall and Rise of Meek MillEveryone supports him now, but three years ago, it was a different story.
  5. What It Means When Childish Gambino Says ‘This Is America’There’s a lot going on here.
  6. The Brightest Star on Travis Scott’s ‘Watch’ Isn’t Kanye WestCheerful, insistent, and futuristic, the Pi’erre Bourne beat is world-class.
  7. Portishead’s Third Was a Major Comeback for a Major BandIt’s an album that comes through clearer just as things get worse.
  8. Kanye West’s Theatre of the AbsurdTalking loud and saying nothing.
  9. Kanye West Raves His Way Into Trump WorshipThe first step to freeing your mind is freeing it from any doubts you might be wrong.
  10. A Perfect Circle Goes Soft and Heavy on Eat the ElephantAn album fit for people, sheep, and sheeple alike.
  11. Kanye Will Never Really Log OffHis tweets are cunning, trite, and will continue until morale improves.
  12. Kendrick Lamar Is Doing the Music Pulitzer a Favor by Winning itThe Pulitzer is another feather in his Dodgers fitted cap.
  13. song review
    Cardi B’s Album Intro, ‘Get Up 10’ Is Bronx Rap Poetry at Its FinestInvasion of Privacy opens with a blunt, brazen, and beautiful manifesto.
  14. An Appreciation of Cowboy Bebop, 20 Years LaterBebop, like the jazz that inspired it, can never truly fall out of style.
  15. radio vulture
    The Weeknd’s ‘Wasted Times’ Does Drake Better Than Drake CanHow long until the Weeknd replaces Drake entirely?
  16. soundcloud rap
    SoundCloud Rap Has Its First No. 1 Album — Now What?XXXTentacion’s chart success seems significant, but it might be the first step toward nowhere for SoundCloud rap.
  17. the streaming wars
    Can YouTube Really ‘Frustrate’ People Into Paying for Music?If you watch a lot of music videos on YouTube, prepare for a barrage of ads.
  18. concert review
    Don’t Underestimate G-EazyG-Eazy shows off his strengths, while embracing his limits, at Radio City Music Hall.
  19. breakups
    Fifth Harmony Was Never Built to LastTheir hiatus signals the end of girl groups as we know them, at least in America.
  20. How Do We Talk About Cultural Appropriation Between People of Color?Is the issue so black and white?
  21. the industry
    Why Most Big Artists Don’t Release Albums Early in the Year AnymoreAs more artists chase Grammy eligibility, the beginning of the calendar year has dried up for big album releases.
  22. spring preview
    Spring Music Preview: Cardi B, Jack White, and More Albums We Can’t Wait to HearThe soundtrack for the warmer months is already stacked.
  23. Taylor Swift Now Welcomes Your DisgustIf you don’t like what you see, you’re not really a fan.
  24. Vince Staples Will Never Negotiate His Artistic FreedomHis new single, “GTFOMD,” says as much, albeit in spicier terms.
  25. How One Rap Clique in the ’90s Remade the Whole Culture in Its ImageThe Soulquarians themselves may have receded, but the example they set inspires today’s best artists.
  26. Sade’s First New Song in Nearly a Decade Is a Quiet MarvelIs it the sign of a new album?
  27. Scarred and Wiser, Andrew W.K. Finds a New Way to Party on You’re Not AloneHas partying always been a form of self-help?
  28. Surrounded by Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Future, DJ Khaled Shows Off by Doing NothingWhy say much of anything when you don’t have to?
  29. For Weeks, the Top Artist on SoundCloud Was an Icon of the Arab SpringSinger Hamza Namira has a huge fan base, but it’s not one often heard from in the West.
  30. How Fast Can 6ix9ine Paint Himself Into a Corner?The Bushwick rapper’s debut collection is an exercise in fitful monotony.
  31. Were There Songs Better Than ‘Creep’ on Radiohead’s First Album?Twenty-five years later, the band’s debut, Pablo Honey, still has plenty to offer.
  32. Marilyn Manson and the Politics of Being a Huge TrollThe same approach means different things in different times.
  33. Smooth, Solid, and Cool: 25 Perfect Pop Songs for Figure SkatingFinding the sweet spot where stateliness and energy intersect.
  34. Kendrick Lamar and the Art of the Guest AppearanceWhat’s Kendrick Lamar if not Phife Dawg with a messiah complex?
  35. Other Sites Have Fake News, So SoundCloud Has Fake MusicWhy rise to the No. 1 spot when you can just buy it?
  36. Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples Get Upstaged on ‘Opps’Yugen Blakrok’s verse immediately eclipses her more famous partners.
  37. Somehow, Dashboard Confessional Found a Way to Make Writer’s Block BeautifulThe closer off their new album is a rare gem.
  38. A YouTube Vlogger Made an R&B Song and it’s Actually GoodIt’s about infidelity, of course.
  39. Justin Timberlake Was the Least Memorable Musician at the Super BowlBells and whistles couldn’t save JT from being upstaged by a ghost and a prisoner.
  40. Rich Brian Wants to Do EverythingThe Jakarta rapper and producer discusses his album Amen, The Raid films, working with Pharrell, the time his dad had a Molotov cocktail, and more.
  41. Justin Timberlake’s ‘Montana’ Is Very Funky, But Slightly AwkwardA beautiful beat by the Neptunes gets stranded in flyover country.
  42. The Peaks and Pitfalls of the Grammys Were Politically ConnectedNot surprisingly, showing the world a new look without losing the old one produces a scrambled message.
  43. What ‘Despacito’ Losing Out on 3 Grammys MeansNothing good!
  44. Five Years After ‘Versace’ Drake Is Back With Migos on ‘Walk It Talk It’Drake’s not going anywhere, but everything around him has shifted.
  45. What Do A$AP Rocky’s New Songs Tell Us About His Next Album?He sounds muted, but there’s clearly more going on here.
  46. Telling the Migos’ Voices Apart: A Brief GuideNorth Atlanta’s finest need more of an introduction than you might think.
  47. The Lack of Feeling of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Supplies’ Is Kind of Awe-InspiringIt’s just a slow, swirling vortex of numbness.
  48. Troye Sivan’s ‘My My My!’ Is Groundbreaking in a New WayThough to be fair, the black-and-white video has a definite Madonna feel.
  49. Taylor Swift Strikes All the Right Notes in Her ‘End Game’ VideoIt turns out you can graduate from “girl next door” to “mega-millionaire woman celebrity” and still be likable.
  50. 11 Things Radiohead Could Do That Would Be Smarter Than Suing Lana Del ReyTo be fair, just about anything would be smarter than suing her.
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