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  1. Kendrick Lamar Says Plenty — He Doesn’t Have to Bring Up TrumpHe knows what he’s doing.
  2. Cardi B Is Perfect for Bruno Mars’s ‘Finesse’ Video in More Ways Than OneThe video pays tribute to In Living Color, an ideal show for Cardi’s skill set.
  3. most anticipated of 2018
    32 Albums We’re Excited About in 2018Cardi B! Beyoncé! Kanye?!
  4. Lorde Is Not a BigotClearly, 2018 is off to a great start.
  5. year in culture 2017
    Rap Dominated Pop in 2017, and It’s Not Going Anywhere Anytime SoonNotes on a takeover.
  6. On ‘Like Home’ Eminem Still Thinks America Can Be SavedIsn’t it nice to think so?
  7. Can Chief Keef Change Music Again?Never count Chicago’s finest out.
  8. year in culture 2017
    The 10 Best Songs of 2017Vulture’s music team picks its favorite songs of the year.
  9. Joyner Lucas’s Viral Hit ‘I’m Not Racist’ Is ExhaustingHe’s technically talented, but his message doesn’t really apply to the current state of the world.
  10. Another Grammys, Another Year of Confusing Rock NominationsIt’s getting harder and harder to define what rock is supposed to be.
  11. What Would It Mean for Kendrick Lamar to Win Album of the Year?Maybe this will be the year the Academy finally gives him everything he deserves.
  12. Lil Pump Responds Bizarrely to a Bizarre WorldExploring the sources and viral success of the South Florida sound.
  13. Tove Lo’s Blue Lips Is the Best Album of Her CareerIt’s a package as compelling as it is seamless
  14. unfounded predictions
    What Is the Next Taylor Swift Single Going to Be?And what if it’s all of the songs?
  15. Eminem Sounds Uncommonly Quiet on ‘Walk on Water’The Beyoncé-backed track feels more like a prelude than an actual song.
  16. The Best Songs on Taylor Swift’s Reputation Are the Least AggrievedShe saved the best for last.
  17. Sparks Don’t Always Add Up to a Fire on Sleigh Bells’ Kid KruschevThe more guitars, the better.
  18. The Unlikely Rise of Rich ChiggaHow an 18-year-old foreign-born rapper played to a capacity crowd last night in New York.
  19. Could a Democratic Socialist Actually Win a Spot on City Council?Probably not, but Jabari Brisport’s campaign is still a sign of the post-Bernie new-left revival.
  20. Kelsea Ballerini Strikes a Careful Balance on Unapologetically The rising star of country shows new facets, but there’s a tradeoff.
  21. The Anesthetic Lift of Taylor Swift’s ‘Call It What You Want’It’s pleasant but unfocused.
  22. Rihanna and N.E.R.D. Evolve on ‘Lemon’They keep advancing.
  23. A Pair of Recent Mixtapes Showcase Atlanta Rap’s Continued VitalityThanks to Gucci Mane, it’s plug and play among the Peach State’s elite.
  24. The Best Songs of 2017 (So Far)Lorde, the War on Drugs, Lil Uzi Vert, Khalid, and more.
  25. Taylor Swift Can Be Anything She Wants, So Long As It’s Computer GeneratedWho needs one identity when you can afford them all?
  26. All 73 Sade Songs, Ranked From Worst to BestHer greatest songs hold out the possibility of a better world.
  27. The Judgement of XXXTentacionHe wouldn’t be where he is if he wasn’t very good at making it very clear who he is.
  28. How Rap Reveals What a ‘Rock Star’ Really MeansThe dark reality of rock stardom, explored.
  29. The Odd Timing and Faulty Logic of Taylor Swift’s ‘Gorgeous’Her sketch of a relationship feels disjointed and implausible.
  30. Will Smith’s New Song Is Absolutely AbsurdWho even knows why he decided to make an EDM song.
  31. On Carry Fire, Robert Plant Honors the Legacy of Led ZeppelinVoices age but the song remains the same.
  32. Eminem Is Taking On Donald Trump, But Does It Matter?Maybe he could make a difference.
  33. Liam Gallagher and Kele Okereke: Two Paths for the Front Man Turned Solo ArtistBoth are kind of weird in their own ways.
  34. Shouldn’t There Be More Music in Neo Yokio?Though Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend is the show’s creator and Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes worked on some of the music, Neo Yokio is a quiet show.
  35. St. Vincent Embraces Artifice in the Video for ‘Los Ageless’Also featured: bright colors, pop wizardry, and cosmetic surgery.
  36. Revisiting Portishead’s Moody Self-Titled Second AlbumTwenty years after its release, Portishead is a moody, harrowing, listening experience.
  37. Beyoncé Jumping on J. Balvin and Willy William’s ‘Mi Gente’ Means SomethingLanguage and culture barriers are incredibly high, but it’s good to recall that they’re not insurmountable.
  38. Analyzing Chart Topping Hits From Cardi B, Post Malone, and Taylor SwiftThe Billboard singles chart is the closest thing the U.S. has to a representative body.
  39. On Ununiform, Tricky Finds New Angles in DarknessThe trip-hop legend returns with a dense and dark new album.
  40. A Beginner’s Guide to Travis ScottA brief guide to the rapper, producer, and reported soon-to-be father of Kylie Jenner’s child.
  41. Listening to MF Doom Is Still a Frustrating ExperienceThe reclusive rapper is releasing music at a steady clip, but is it any good?
  42. Perfume Genius’s ‘Wreath’ Video Is a Tribute to the Human FormAnd it showcases the power of personal expression.
  43. Foo Fighters’ Concrete and Gold Is Resistance Rock, But Is it Good?The sound, though always executed with great competence, is intentionally and collectively haphazard.
  44. Lana Del Rey’s Video for ‘White Mustang’ Is Pretty Out ThereThere’s a guy in it that looks like the child of Lana and Ed Sheeran
  45. Radiohead’s ‘Lift’ Video Is Literally a DownerIt takes place in an elevator.
  46. What Does David Lynch Have to Say About Race?In the filmmaker’s vision of America, whiteness is the source of all evil.
  47. anniversaries
    The Imperfect Innovation of Kanye West’s GraduationTen years after its release, Kanye West’s third album is a fascinating peek into the world of an artist in transition.
  48. The Perfectly Off-Center Sound of SZA’s New Song, ‘Quicksand’The singer delves deeper into the lush heartbreak she explored on Ctrl.
  49. Foo Fighters’ ‘The Line’ Is Predictable, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s BadThe Foo Fighters are one of the most reliable rock bands we’ve got, and their new single doesn’t change that.
  50. Here’s Why Taylor Swift’s ‘…Ready for It?’ Might Sound FamiliarTaylor Swift’s second single is edgier than the first, but maybe you’ve heard something like it before
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