Franklin Foer

  1. Freedom FriesWhat’s in a word? A culture war.
  2. BooksIt wasn’t just E. L. Doctorow who looked into the past this year—though some didn’t look too far, with one 9/11 novel outshining the rest. Brook […]
  3. The Journal at SeaThe beleaguered Wall Street Journal hopes to find calmer water as it sails into the weekend with its Saturday edition. Now if only the cr […]
  4. Fixing a LeakTimes reporter Judith Miller landed behind bars for a story she didn’t write about a crime she didn’t commit. Our easy reference guide […]
  5. Susan SuperstarHow Susan Sontag became seduced by her own persona.
  6. Missionary Impossible Hey, yuppie heathens— are you ready to be saved? Then meet Pastor Scott Rourk, who’s come up from Georgia to troll for you […]
  7. The Source of the TroublePulitzer Prize winner Judith Miller’s series of exclusives about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq—courtesy of the now-notorious Ahmad Chalabi […]