Fred Kaplan

  1. PreemptionAn idea whose time was made.
  2. The Abstract ExpressionistAfter 60 years of playing tenor sax, Sonny Rollins thinks he just might be getting the hang of it.
  3. Authentically WeirdNellie McKay on channeling Doris Day’s sunshine.
  4. The View From His WindowPhotographer W. Eugene Smith’s infatuated vision.
  5. Miles of MilesThe astonishingly diverse jazz legend gets the boxed set he deserves.
  6. 1959: Sex, Jazz, and DatsunsA year that left its mark— many marks— on the city and the world.
  7. Seriously Hi-TechSony’s new Qualia store tries to take electronics way, way upscale— but where’s the fun?