Gabriel Debenedetti

National Correspondent, New York Magazine

Gabriel Debenedetti joined New York as its national correspondent in 2018. Before that, he covered politics for Politico and Reuters. He is the author of The Long Alliance, about Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

  1. reasons to love new york
    Donald Trump Has Met His Match in Fellow Queens Native Arthur EngoronThe judge overseeing Trump’s civil fraud trial is a fiery Queens native, too.
  2. the inside game
    The Impeachment Prosecutor Turned DefenderDan Goldman went after Trump but says there’s no comparison to the ‘bald-faced lies’ against Biden.
  3. the inside game
    The Strike From Hell for ‘Union Joe’The UAW doesn’t want his help, but he will need theirs against Trump, who sees an opportunity.
  4. infinite jets
    Why Are We Still Watching the Jets?Two miserable fans recap week two and try to process their grief.
  5. the inside game
    ‘The Party of Cuckoo, Wacko, and Weirdo’Biden world watched the non-Trump debate with a mixture of boredom, disgust, and glee.
  6. the inside game
    Biden’s Hollywood Debut Is on HoldThe strike has forced him to avoid some of his biggest donors, except the one helping run his campaign.
  7. encounter
    J. B. Pritzker Is a New Democratic Power BrokerThe governor of Illinois is rich and powerful, making him both an ally to Joe Biden and his own center of influence.
  8. the inside game
    Joe Biden vs. Tommy Tuberville: How the President Picks His EnemiesTommy Tuberville is just the latest Republican foil.
  9. sensations
    America Has Never Seen a Spectacle Like MessiIf he stays in Miami long enough, he could supercharge a sport that’s already having its moment.
  10. the inside game
    The Guerrilla War to Stop No Labels From Electing TrumpD.C.’s centrists used to be friends, until a few inexplicably went rogue.
  11. the inside game
    The Two Bidens Are Fighting Each Other Over the Debt CeilingThe president started the debt-ceiling fight by saying he’d never negotiate, but he can’t seem to resist cutting deals.
  12. the inside game
    Old Beats CrazyBiden was always going to run again, and a longtime adviser explains how he might argue that age is but a number.
  13. the inside game
    Gavin Newsom Isn’t Supposed to Be Doing ThisThe Feinstein dilemma looms over the wannabe face of Democrats.
  14. the inside game
    How Democrats Started Winning in Wisconsin AgainAfter years of being crushed by Republicans, liberals have clawed their way back into power with more cash, better organizing, and abortion politics.
  15. the inside game
    5 Clues That Joe Biden Is Already RunningIt’s time to stop pretending he isn’t.
  16. the inside game
    The One Big Question Bernie Sanders Won’t AnswerThe progressive hero has more power than ever. He has to decide whether to try and keep it ’til he’s 89.
  17. the inside game
    Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s Translator, Leaves the White HouseShe explains the press to the president, preaches Twitter-is-not-real-life, and keeps the West Wing from leaking.
  18. the inside game
    The Agonizing Fall of the Florida DemocratThe few left in office insist their state isn’t a lost cause … yet.
  19. the inside game
    Joe Biden’s Big Lesson From the Last Debt-Ceiling FightAnd why this time is totally different from 2011. Hopefully.
  20. the inside game
    Joe Biden Is Quietly Rolling Into 2024He has silenced a year’s worth of chatter about potential replacements.
  21. the inside game
    One of Democrats’ Biggest Draws This Year? Dave Matthews.Jamming out the white suburban Gen-X vote.
  22. sbf: the virtue was the con
    How Much Political Power Did SBF’s Millions Buy?“Bankman-who? Never knew the guy.”
  23. world cup
    The Wrenching Moral Calculus of Watching the World CupQatar 2022 is rotten to the core, but ignoring the tournament is not realistic.
  24. the inside game
    The Vindication (for Now) of Joe BidenBeing underestimated is not new to those who’ve been with him from the start.
  25. the inside game
    Why Democrats Are Suddenly Very NervousObama, both Clintons, and even Biden try to rescue their party from a potential rout.
  26. the inside game
    The Most Important Senate Race Is Also the Most IgnoredWhile most of the chatter is about other races, Nevada might actually decide control of the chamber.
  27. the inside game
    What Obama Is Doing Behind the Scenes to Help Democrats WinWorking the phones, advising on messaging — and trying to make all that work with his own vision for being an ex-president.
  28. the inside game
    What Biden Privately Thinks About the MidtermsBehind closed doors, his 2022 priorities (like beating Ron Johnson) are also about his 2024 reelection.
  29. the inside game
    Biden Isn’t the Main Character of the Midterms AnymoreThat’s a very good thing for Democrats — and it has Republicans nervous.
  30. politics
    Who’s the Change Agent Now?Joe Biden is delivering breakthroughs that long eluded Barack Obama. Who understands the presidency best?
  31. the inside game
    The Super-High-Stakes 2022 Race No One Is Talking AboutCharlie Crist has been Florida governor before. He thinks he can win again, toppling Ron DeSantis and sending the GOP into chaos in the process.
  32. the inside game
    The Kamala ConundrumThe Democrats’ leader-in-waiting is unpopular, derided by donors, and here to stay.
  33. the inside game
    Why More and More Democrats Want Trump to Declare Soon“It’d be terrible! We don’t want him back!” said a party pollster. “But it would highlight the contrast.”
  34. the inside game
    The 3 Most Important Races in the Post-Roe Midterms“The stakes have gone up because these races are fundamental to protecting democracy and abortion rights.”
  35. the inside game
    How 4 Senators Finally Got Bipartisan Gun Control Done“I’m so sick of thoughts and prayers.”
  36. the inside game
    Could Biden’s Post-Midterm Pivot Start at Treasury?Janet Yellen has become a face of the inflation problem. Business-friendly Gina Raimondo is rumored as a potential successor.
  37. vision 2024
    Democrats Quietly Search for an Alternative to Biden in 2024Inside the 2024 soul-searching that’s happening in every corner of the Democratic Party — except the White House.
  38. the inside game
    ‘I Mean, We Need More Money’: An Exit Interview With the COVID CzarJeff Zients on funding gaps, misinformation, and the future of the virus.
  39. the inside game
    Biden’s Theory of EscalationThe president doesn’t want a war, but he’s been eager to show Putin what he’s made of.
  40. intelligencer chats
    Is Biden Trying to Psych Putin Out?His administration has been playing an unusual information-warfare game against the Russian leader.
  41. the inside game
    Is This the One Democrat Who’s Figured Out COVID?Governors on the coasts are playing catch up to Colorado’s Jared Polis.
  42. the inside game
    What Democrats and Pollsters Missed in New JerseyRepublicans may be shy in responding to surveys, but not about turning out on Election Day, says one of the state’s top pollsters.
  43. the inside game
    The Next Democratic ReckoningHigh election turnout was supposed to benefit the party, but Tuesday’s results showed once again that it cuts both ways.
  44. the inside game
    It’s Election Day in Virginia and Democrats Are Very NervousDemocratic confidence gave way to an anxious sprint after Republican Glenn Youngkin took a slight polling lead ahead of Terry McAuliffe.
  45. the inside game
    The Lucky Phil MurphyHow New Jersey’s governor got ahead of the backlash that has stung Democrats from coast to coast.
  46. the inside game
    Polling in America Is Still Broken. So Who Is Really Winning in Virginia?The polls were disastrously wrong in 2020. That has political insiders extra nervous about a pivotal state election.
  47. the inside game
    Virginia’s Election Is Breaking the RulesDemocrats nationalize the governor’s race despite the mess in Biden’s Washington.
  48. the inside game
    Joe Biden’s FDR Dream Hits The RocksPromises of a truly transformative presidency have run up against reality — much sooner than many expected.
  49. the inside game
    This Trump-Backing Congressman Has a History With the BidensJill Biden brought future GOP congressman Brian Mast to the State of the Union in 2011. Things are less friendly now.
  50. intelligencer chats
    What Newsom’s Landslide Victory Says About National PoliticsAmong other things, voters are still taking COVID very seriously.
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