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  1. bernie sanders
    What Does Bernie Sanders’s Health Scare Mean for His Campaign?Intelligencer staffers discuss the possible ramifications of the senator’s setback.
  2. vision 2020
    Is Impeachment the End of the Road for Most of the 2020 Field?The news-dominating impeachment of President Trump will make it even harder for candidates to attract the attention they need to survive.
  3. joe biden
    How Bad Might Impeachment Be for Joe Biden’s Prospects?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the Democratic contender will sustain collateral damage from the investigation into Trump.
  4. politics
    Big Tech’s Big Divorce From DemocratsInside the collapsed marriage of Silicon Valley and the Democratic Party.
  5. democratic debates
    Why Bernie Sanders Started Actually Going After Joe BidenIt was inevitable — eventually.
  6. vision 2020
    Expect Some Debate Fireworks — But Maybe Not From Biden vs. WarrenTeam Biden wants to “pump the brakes” on the hype around their first matchup, and a head-on attack would be a strategic break for both candidates.
  7. vision 2020
    Beto O’Rourke Tries on Urgency for SizeThe Texas Democrat has had trouble connecting with voters. Will dire warnings about Trump and a lot more F-bombs bridge the gap?
  8. intelligencer chats
    When Will the Dems With No Chance Drop Out?Intelligencer staffers discuss at what point the longshots in the primary field might call it a day.
  9. joe biden
    How Big a Problem is Joe Biden’s ‘Enthusiasm Gap’?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Democratic frontrunner’s pragmatic pitch.
  10. vision 2020
    Ranking the Most Influential Democratic Donors in the 2020 RaceWhose money are the presidential hopefuls gunning for?
  11. vision 2020
    Is Tom Steyer Making a Mockery Out of the DNC?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the billionaire, who’s likely to be on stage for the third Democratic debates, is damaging the primary process.
  12. democratic debates
    It’s Time for Warren and Biden to Share a StageA clash between Warren’s and Biden’s vision undergirds the entire primary — but the two haven’t yet met in a debate.
  13. democratic debates
    Was Steve Bullock’s Big Introduction Enough?The Montana governor’s presidential candidacy is built for a normal political world. Unfortunately, he’s running in the real one.
  14. vision 2020
    Who’s Got the Most to Gain at the Second Round of Debates?Intelligencer staffers discuss which candidates might make a leap after Tuesday and Wednesday night’s showdowns in Detroit.
  15. vision 2020
    9 New Dynamics Campaigns Are Expecting in the Second Democratic DebatesHow strong is Biden, really? What will Harris’s strategy be? Will Bernie come to fight? Campaign insiders have thoughts on these questions and more.
  16. intelligencer chats
    Is It Too Late for a Primary Dark Horse to Emerge?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether time has run out for Democratic underdogs.
  17. early and often
    Live Polling of the Debates: Good News for Harris, Warren, Biden, and SubstanceThese voters liked the senators from MA and CA, but they aren’t yet abandoning the former veep. And they don’t like food fights.
  18. vision 2020
    Why Elizabeth Warren Raised Her HandShe does want to eliminate private insurance. And she’s making a political bet.
  19. early and often
    The First Debate-Night Lesson: This Race Is Not All About Joe BidenHe may be the front-runner, but he’s a different kind than we’re used to. He wasn’t mentioned once.
  20. just asking questions
    DNC Chair Tom Perez on the Debates: ‘We Don’t Want to Talk About Hand Size’The chief Democrat on the debate rules, what he thinks about his critics, and why you should stop worrying about a brokered convention.
  21. early and often
    Who Needs to Do What in the First Democratic Debate of 2020Based on conversations with leading campaign strategists, debate veterans, and candidates from across the party.
  22. early and often
    ‘That’s Hell’: Democrats’ Debate Prep Gets RealEveryone expects Biden to come under serious fire. He’s getting ready for it.
  23. intelligencer chats
    Will Democrats Really Start Attacking Each Other in the Primary?Amid Warren-Sanders tensions, Intelligencer staffers discuss whether a play-nice strategy is possible – or a good idea.
  24. early and often
    Sanders and Warren Had a Secret Nonaggression Deal. Is It Over?Late last year the two quietly agreed not to attack each other. But, with Warren rising in the polls, Sanders now seems to be going on the offensive.
  25. just asking questions
    Governor Steve Bullock on Being Excluded From the Democrats’ First Debate“When you look at that stage, it’s disappointing that it’s missing someone who has had success in a Trump state.”
  26. vision 2020
    Jimmy Carter Is Emerging As a Role Model in the 2020 PrimariesNot only is his name no longer a political slur, Democratic candidates are actively trying to emulate him.
  27. vision 2020
    How Much Does Age Matter for Presidential Candidates in 2019?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether the over-70 crowd should worry about their electoral prospects.
  28. vision 2020
    Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren Are Making Massive Bets on IowaBut is aggressive organization-building still the best way to win the nation’s first caucus?
  29. vision 2020
    No One Knows How to Prepare for the Democratic DebatesThe details remain fuzzy, so 2020 candidates are casting around for ideas. Engineered viral moments? Planned attacks? Take a page from Carly Fiorina?
  30. vision 2020
    How Does Obama Feel About Biden’s Candidacy? It’s Complicated.As the former VP invokes his old boss, Obama has his reasons for keeping his distance.
  31. vision 2020
    A Long Talk With Seth MoultonThe 2020 candidate on socialists, replacing VCRs, and lessons from challenging Nancy Pelosi.
  32. vision 2020
    Bernie Sanders Thinks He Needs the FightWith Biden as the firm Establishment front-runner, Sanders hopes he can be the outsider with the favorite’s advantages.
  33. just asking questions
    Eric Swalwell on Running As the ‘Guns and Russia’ CandidateThe 2020 candidate on why Robert Mueller should testify, Twitter fights, and still having $100,000 in student debt.
  34. vision 2020
    Wall Street Democrats Are Absolutely Freaking Out About Their 2020 CandidatesBiden? Pete? Trump?! 
  35. just asking questions
    Cory Booker on Progressive Purity Tests, His Work With Jared Kushner, and More“I end up talking about love — which maybe doesn’t sound like a normal presidential campaign. That’s fine. People should know who I am.”
  36. vision 2020
    How Joe Biden Plans to Steamroll the 2020 Democratic FieldThe former VP has been reaching out to old allies, hoping to show he has more institutional support than all the other candidates combined.
  37. vision 2020
    A Long Talk With the 2020 Candidate Putting Climate Change FirstThe Washington governor on nuclear power, constituent Howard Schultz, and the prospect of debating Trump.
  38. encounter
    Tom Steyer Isn’t Ready to Give Up on ImpeachmentThe billionaire Democratic megadonor is still trying to win over whomever he can.
  39. vision 2020
    A Long Talk With John HickenlooperThe former Colorado governor on marijuana legalization, getting vetted to be Hillary Clinton’s VP in 2016, and what he learned from Kurt Vonnegut.
  40. early and often
    Bernie Sanders Is Hiring a Former Hillary Clinton Staffer As Research ChiefTyson Brody helped pull together Clinton’s opposition-research book on Sanders in 2016.
  41. early and often
    Bernie Sanders Is Hiring a Former Hillary Clinton Staffer As Research ChiefTyson Brody helped pull together Clinton’s opposition-research book on Sanders in 2016.
  42. vision 2020
    Howard Schultz and His Team Think the Backlash Means They’re ‘Onto Something’Schultz has been ridiculed on the left, and his own polls show that he could help reelect Trump. But his team thinks he’s struck an important nerve.
  43. mueller time
    Why a Lot of 2020 Democrats Are Nervous About the Mueller ReportThe campaigns have no idea how to write post-Mueller playbooks. It’s slowing some of them down.
  44. just asking questions
    A Long Talk With Kirsten GillibrandThe New York senator on the NRA, Al Franken, and the line between capitalism and greed.
  45. vision 2020
    What Really Happened to Bernie Sanders’s CampaignThe sudden departure of a team of veteran consultants that were key in 2016 says a lot about Bernie’s new state of mind.
  46. just asking questions
    A Long Talk With Pete ButtigiegThe Democratic 2020 hopeful on college contemporary Mark Zuckerberg, how sewers are like national security, and Ulysses.
  47. just asking questions
    A Long Talk With Julián CastroThe former San Antonio mayor and Obama Cabinet member on why people care if he speaks Spanish and how Trump is like a fastball.
  48. 2020 elections
    Kamala Harris Embraces Populism — and Tries to Define What That Means in 2020At her campaign kickoff in Oakland, Harris quoted RFK and declared she’s “for the people” — a message touted by many fellow candidates.
  49. politics
    John Fetterman’s New FightPennsylvania’s new lieutenant governor wants to revitalize Trump Country… and the Democratic Party.
  50. tales from the trail
    Democratic Ex-Presidents Expected to Sit Out 2020 PrimariesBut they are taking meetings … Also: Gillibrand talks to potential big-money donors and Beto gets signs from potential high-profile supporters.
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