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  1. Spotlight LiveSpotlight Live is braced for flocks of free-spending fame freaks, wannabe American Idols and karaoke fans hungry for fame, popcorn shrimp, and m […]
  2. Wild SalmonThe embattled Jeffrey Chodorow seems tame at a friend’s tasting at Wild Salmon—his fourth new restaurant since December.
  3. Wild EdiblesQuiet as an octopus scooting along the ocean bottom, Wild Edibles stuffed a mini eat-at counter and eight two-top tables into its small seafood […]
  4. AnthosAnthos, Greek for “blossom,” is the stage for chef-partner Michael Psilakis’s obsessive dream—an homage to his mom’s rustic home cooking, everyt […]
  5. Hawaiian Tropic ZoneClearly, Hawaiian Tropic Zone is the consummate place for dinner to keep our guys happy that Sunday night of The Big Game.
  6. FiresideFans of Sam DeMarco’s comfort food at the restaurant First, and later District, will want to know he’s back from a post-9/11 midlife crisis and […]
  7. Agata & Valentina Ristorante1513 First Ave., at 79th St.; 212-452-0691
  8. Hurapan KitchenNot even a week’s gone by and we’re back a second time to taste more spicy designer riffs on Thai staples at Hurapan Kitchen. That’s how much I […]
  9. Le BingeGobbling along with a group of French professional gourmands on a three-day eat-a-thon that proves New York’s gastronomical superiority.
  10. Kobe Club68 W. 58th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-644-5623
  11. Dark Night at the CircusSirio Maccioni frets over who can bring the stars back to Le Cirque.
  12. Klee Brasserie200 Ninth Ave., nr. 22nd St.; 212-633-8033
  13. Gordon Ramsay at the London151 W. 54th St., nr. Seventh Ave.; 212-468-8888
  14. The Russian Tea Room150 W. 57th St., nr. Seventh Ave.; 212-581-7100
  15. Metro Marché625 Eighth Ave. at 41st St.; 212-239-1010
  16. Porter House New York10 Columbus Circle, at 60th St., fourth fl.; 212-823-9500
  17. Café Gray “Brasserie”10 Columbus Circle, at 59th St., third floor; 212-823-6338
  18. I-Chin247 E. 50th St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-223-4959
  19. Picholine35 W. 64th St., nr. Broadway; 212-724-8585
  20. Je’Bon Noodle House15 St. Marks Pl., nr. Second Ave.; 212-388-1313
  21. Darna633 Second Ave., nr. 35th St. 212-213-9095
  22. The North Fork Table & Inn57225 Main Rd. (Rte. 25), Southold, N.Y.; 631-765-0177
  23. Sfoglia1402 Lexington Ave., at 92nd St., 212-831-1402
  24. Central Park Boathouse RestaurantE. 72nd St. and Park Dr. N.; 212-517-2233
  25. Dressler149 Broadway, nr. Driggs Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-384-6343
  26. Le Cirque151 E. 58th St., nr. Lexington Ave., 212-644-0202
  27. Barmarché14 Spring St., at Elizabeth St., 212-219-2399
  28. Capital Grille155 E. 42 St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-953-2000
  29. Dona208 E. 52nd St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-308-0830
  30. Crema RestauranteThat seriously grown-up $12 margarita we are sipping at the new Crema sums up the tale. Julieta Ballesteros has graduated from teeny Mexicana Ma […]
  31. A VoceAll those years chef-partner Andrew Carmellini spent pleasing Daniel at Café Boulud inform everything that’s wonderful right now at the new A Voce.
  32. Ask GaelI felt a shiver of excitement at Café d’Alsace as I savored a gorgeous soup bowl of that almost abandoned classic, quenelles de brochet, rich an […]
  33. Men and the MenuFrom her memoir, a restaurant critic’s awakening (with romantic help from Elvis, Burt Reynolds, and Clint Eastwood, and Gilbert Le Coze).
  34. Cocoa-flavored gnocchi? Do I dare?I admit I had little hope for that gnocchi, or for fried cod over lemon marmalade, or fennel salad with licorice-spiked olive oil, bold moves on […]
  35. Is it the real or discount David Burke at Bloomie’s?Taste the mellow green-apple lobster bisque and those fabulous Asiago truffle fries and you’ll believe the real David Burke has been lurking n […]
  36. We’re hungry for comfort on the Upper East Side.The narrow storefront that was Butterfield 81 has always catered to the neighborhood, and that’s Francesco Antonucci’s mind-set here in a room t […]
  37. Is it Gilt or just plain brass?I have little tolerance for dinner as a cataclysmic life experience. But bad-boy chef Paul Liebrandt promised to soften his edge at Gilt in the […]
  38. I Wouldn’t Mind a Dose of Vintage Hotel ClassicThe city’s almost manic effervescence has invaded the once-staid Waldorf, unleashing a jangle of energy in the lounge of the newly reorganized P […]
  39. And What’s a Barbounia?It’s a small, not all that remarkable Mediterranean fish, but the restaurant that has taken its name is making waves already.
  40. Can We Trust the West Side Renaissance?Local grape nuts may cheerfully surrender to the provocative wine pairings in flights of two-ounce tastes at Pair of 8’s, an ambitious new launc […]
  41. Stop the (Food) World, I Want to Get OffIf you hunger for constancy and dignity, it’s time for Café Boulud. The big cheese himself, Daniel Boulud, may be downtown at Daniel, on the r […]
  42. How Can You Tell It’s the New Harlem?A smartly perfect mojito and the deep-fried sage leaves in the fried calamari signal the renaissance at Melba’s. “Born, bred, and buttered in Ha […]
  43. I Need an Old-World Cocoon for Grandma’s LunchAging debs from the nabe, capitalists in bespoke suits, even Tony Blair hosting a dinner for fourteen feel like they never left home in these ha […]
  44. Desk Drudgery Is Getting Me Down.Nibble the life of leisure at the Asia Society, where culture, bauble-boutiquing, and lunch converge. My friend and I snuck away from our desks […]
  45. Direct Me to a Seriously Excessive Pasta.Ride the lift to Piano Due (Italian for second floor) and immerse yourself in these handmade pasta twists—torsione, the menu calls them—lushly s […]
  46. Will Whimsy Curdle My Udon Noodles?Yumcha, closed in August when the original chef decamped, is born again, more Chinese and less Pan-Asian in the gifted hands of Ten Vong. A vete […]
  47. Give Me a New Reason to Go DowntownAarón Sanchez pops out of the kitchen at Centrico with the same flirtatious sweetness he radiated as an adolescent checking coats and kissing la […]
  48. Am I Awake? I See David Bouley CookingAcross the street at Danube and his three-star Bouley, hundreds will pay hundreds for dinner. But Upstairs at Bouley Bakery, in full view behind […]
  49. Why Do I Feel a Sea Breeze on Delancey and Norfolk?“I’d send you here for the touching romance of the venture, and for that aristocratic lobster roll.”
  50. How far wil Jean-George’s empire stretch?Hong Kong, Texas, and now the Village. Here’s where the restless globe-hopper lives, and his brand-new Perry Street does “pantry service” in one […]
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