Gary Suarez

  1. album review
    Bad Bunny’s Endless SummerBenito’s approach on Un Verano Sin Ti erodes the usual boundaries of the season, its infiniteness dotted by fun flings and moments alone on the beach.
  2. the file
    Bad Bunny Is Remaking Pop in His Own Wild ImageLanguage barriers, gender norms, the sheer boringness of quarantine — none of it stands a chance against him.
  3. a long talk
    Rap’s Renaissance ManJuicy J nearly retired after Three 6 Mafia’s Oscar win. Now he’s unstoppable.
  4. album review
    Bad Bunny Has Become Bigger, and Better, Than the Industry Knows What to Do WithEl Último Tour Del Mundo proves he’s outgrown both his peers and the artificial constraints placed on Latin artists.
  5. crossover hits
    Before Pun Went Platinum: The Unsung History of New York Latinx RapThe real story of hip-hop begins years before the landmark event that birthed it.
  6. vulture lists
    The 100 Songs That Define New York Rap, RankedIt’s not a sound, it’s an attitude.
  7. the grammys
    The Grammys Still Don’t Get ItRegardless of genre or language, if we’re going to do away with the term urban, we actually have to do away with it.
  8. music
    How Bad Bunny Brought Latin Trap to the American MainstreamAnd became a household name in the process.
  9. deep soundcloud
    Beyond Trap Queen: 17 Fetty Wap Hidden GemsSay “hey, what’s up, hello” to lesser-known Fetty highlights.
  10. vulture lists
    7 Undeniable Contemporary Influences on Prince’s New Album, HITnRUNFrom DJ Mustard and Miguel to EDM and reggaeton.
  11. exclusive
    Oneohtrix Point Never on Alien-Themed New AlbumOn Garden of Delete, Daniel Lopatin uses aliens to shed humanity on outsider culture.