Geoffrey Gray

  1. cold case
    The Curse of D.B. Cooper: Why the Latest Break in a Legendary Skyjacking Case May Not Pan OutThe FBI has a new suspect and a “most promising” lead, but veteran followers of the 40-year old case have heard such talk before.
  2. pirates
    Whale Wars Captain Paul Watson Embarks for LibyaBattling blue fin poachers in the no-fly zone.
  3. seal team sex appeal
    SEAL Team Six Author Is Very, Very Popular Right Now, But Not With His MomOn a break between interviews No. 67 and 68, Howard Wasdin talks about his fortuitously timed memoir, and why it has him feeling a little guilty.
  4. osama bin killed
    Former NYC Antiterrorism Big: Look for Al Qaeda Retaliation ‘in the Next Three to Six Months’“Basically, what we’ve done is taken away the image they are most proud of, the face of the franchise so to speak, and now they have to regroup to keep their image alive.”
  5. The Invisible ScentHe’s built a career concocting high-concept fragrances like “Wet Mitten” and “Clean Baby Butt.” Now Christopher Brosius is attempting his next […]
  6. parks and rec
    City Quietly Doubles Cost of Annual Tennis PermitsIs this really necessary?
  7. tom zbikowski
    Tom Zbikowski’s Bid for a Fast-Track Title Continues in Atlantic CityErstwhile Ravens safety meets the press.
  8. 81 Minutes With Mike TysonThe erstwhile ear nibbler turned Animal Planet star visits one of his many pigeon coops and grabs a vegan lunch.
  9. tennis
    Tennis at MSG: Ivan Lendl Returns to Frighten John McEnroe AgainAn ankle injury caused John McEnroe to retire from his match against rival Ivan Lendl at the Garden last night.
  10. The Lords of RikersThe juvenile unit of the New York City jail is a survival-of-the-fittest finishing school for the roughest kids in New York. And an upcoming cas […]
  11. veteran’s day
    Barrett and Robbins: Voice Veterans LostWhat’s the real story?
  12. Historical Artifacts
    Time to Learn About Tortellini en Brodo: A Christmas Soup With Serious HistoryGeoffrey Gray learns about the dish’s rich history.
  13. 32 Minutes With  Joe DioGuardiA quick peek under the hood of the campaign of the GOP challenger to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. It’s not firing on all cylinders.
  14. The Indestructible Roger StoneT he Roger Stone show must go on. The legendary political dirty trickster has rematerialized this election season, directing the novelty guberna […]
  15. The New Gangs of New YorkThey’re younger, harder to catch, and quicker to violence. Who holds sway where.
  16. 110 Minutes With Dan DonovanThe Staten Island Republican running for state attorney general does not want to be the sheriff of anything—certainly not Wall Street. Michael […]
  17. Foodievents
    Old Classmates Go Dutch at Herring FestivalGeoffrey Gray visits a herring-festival–cum–class-reunion.
  18. boxing
    Foreman Fights Hard, But Loses to Cotto in NinthBrooklynite wins new fans in the Bronx.
  19. boxing
    Previewing Cotto vs. Foreman at Yankee StadiumA dispatch from the weigh-in on backstories and tax implications.
  20. 93 Minutes With Ed KochThe former mayor is leading an insider’s insurrection against Albany’s corruption. But no throwing the bums out.
  21. Boss KellyThe long-serving NYPD commissioner is autocratic, dismissive of civil-liberties concerns—and effective. Is that a reasonable trade-off to keep t […]
  22. The Escape ArtistRonald Tackmann’s ingenious prison breakouts— and his jailhouse sculptures of soap and toilet paper—have made him a legend of the penal system. […]
  23. Bellini TroublesIn 1985, the Cipriani family, which has owned Harry’s Bar in Venice since 1931, opened Harry Cipriani in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. Soon enoug […]
  24. Cy Vance Jr. Quickly Immersed in Harsh D.A. PoliticsBloomberg is already testing his mettle, and he hasn’t even taken office yet.
  25. 88 Minutes With Mark GreenA disappointing primary night for the never-say-die former—and still just possibly future—public advocate.
  26. the sports section
    Celebrity Psychic Azra Shafi-Schelierini JailedThat was one strike she didn’t see coming.
  27. u.s. open
    Who IS This Guy?Why is the same old story — Federer wins — always so compelling?
  28. parks and recreation
    At Least Somebody Gets to Play Tennis in This TownRoger Federer can show up and find plenty of places to volley in this city … but you can’t.
  29. d.a. drama
    Bob Morgenthau Skips Vacation, But Is It to Aid Cyrus Vance Jr.?Prosecutors think Morgenthau is rushing headline-grabbing cases, which might aid Cyrus Vance Jr. in his bid for D.A.
  30. early and often
    Candidates for Manhattan D.A. Breathlessly Await Times EndorsementWho annoys the editorial board the least?
  31. early and often
    Gloria Steinem Backs Cy Vance for Manhattan District AttorneyOne of the founders of modern feminism isn’t backing Leslie Crocker Snyder, who hopes to be the island’s first female D.A.
  32. people who are seriously old and still working
    Robert Morgenthau to Officially Endorse Cyrus Vance This WeekEven though a poll says who the Manhattan D.A. endorses won’t really matter, Morgy wants to get going on it.
  33. The Old Man and the She89-year-old Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau has set himself one last duty before stepping away: to prevent the brassy Leslie Crocker Snyder fro […]
  34. hard bodies
    The Cost of Cage FightingThe state may pass a bill legalizing mixed martial arts. But does the potential revenue outweigh the costs?
  35. early and often
    Senator Bill Perkins Endorses Richard Aborn for District Attorney“I like him,” Perkins tells Intel, “and I think he can win.”
  36. early and often
    Bloomberg Changes Deposition LocationThe mayor will talk to government lawyers at the offices of his law firm tomorrow.
  37. police
    Peter Vallone Jr.: Kelly Move to Oust Reporters From NYPD HQ ‘a Step in the Wrong Direction’The chair of City Hall’s public-safety committee is worried about the police commissioner’s effort to clear reporters from “the Shack” this summer.
  38. Deposing MikeThe Bloomberg L.P. discrimination suit returns to bedevil the mayor. Will it affect his reelection?
  39. The Rise of John LiuAn Asian-American politician arrives.
  40. Backhanded EleganceA requiem.
  41. early and often
    Paterson Appoints Peter J. Kiernan As Chief CounselThe New York lawyer will now be a powerful adviser to the governor.
  42. early and often
    Will Paterson’s Budget Strategy Help or Hurt Him?Democrats are divided over whether Paterson’s wait-and-see-the-proposals approach is the best way to tackle the budget gap.
  43. Gov. Nice GuyEverybody likes David Paterson—maybe because he never asked them to take him too seriously. But can New York’s decidedly unusual governor keep t […]
  44. early and often
    Yep, It Was Howard Rubenstein‘They’re all clients,’ the PR man told us of the heavy-hitters he rounded up to support a third term for Bloomberg.
  45. early and often
    Howard Rubenstein’s Fingerprints All Over Bloomberg Third-Term PushA bunch of boldface names came out in support of abolishing term limits today, but earlier in the week, the loudest voices on the subject were all clients of the PR legend.
  46. vu.
    Russian Financier Andrei Vavilov Sues Plaza Over Tiny Windows, Ugly Air ConditionersA buyer for two new penthouses at the legendary hotel is highly unimpressed with what his $53.5 million got him.
  47. Building an American NadalTennis in this country has been falling behind the rest of the world, without a new generation of stars. The USTA’s answer? Tennis boot camp.
  48. The ObstructionistIs State Assembly leader Sheldon Silver the master of passive-aggressive politics, or the guy who keeps bad things from happening to good people?
  49. The Un-ReformedFor twelve years, nobody could threaten Joe Bruno’s pugnacious hold on power. But now Eliot Spitzer finally has him on the ropes.
  50. Hockey Mom Scores With PatersonNot that he’d vote for her.
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