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  1. holiday food 2018
    A Four-Course Thanksgiving Menu From the Chefs at FrenchetteAn upside-down lamb for meat-lovers, a Moroccan-inspired tagine for vegetarians, and more dramatic ways to satisfy everybody at the table.
  2. holiday food 2017
    What 10 Notable Chefs Made for Their First Dinner PartiesCaesar salads, prosciutto-wrapped pork loins, whole roast ducks, and more easy-to-copy recipes from famous chefs’ early entertaining days.
  3. holiday food 2016
    Georgette Farkas Shares Her Recipes for a Roast Guinea Hen FeastA party on the 17th floor, despite a broken elevator.
  4. holiday food 2016
    Inside Le Coucou Chef Daniel Rose’s Seafood Dinner for Two at the FrickFor this intimate meal, Rose set out to design a menu that would allow him to spend more time eating and less time cooking.
  5. Mimi Chef Liz Johnson Shows Us How to Make Salt-Baked Venison for 18With a side of pig’s blood.
  6. Dinner Parties
    How Fashion Designer Han Feng Prepares Arctic Char for 10 — With a Side ofShe looks to New York’s restaurants for both sustenance and inspiration, and her Nomad kitchen has come to resemble the ones used by the city’s best chefs.
  7. Dinner Parties
    See Laurent Tourondel Serve Suckling Pig in a Candlelit Sewer TunnelA dinner party for “the Internet’s Coolest Teenager” and his friends.
  8. Gallery
    Dinner for Two in JFK’s Historic TWA TerminalThe former flight attendant and her husband ate recipes prepared from the chefs’ new cookbook.
  9. The Scene Inside Tribeca Grill’s 25th Anniversary PartyHors d’oeuvres for 500 friends, neighbors, early investors, and longtime diners.
  10. See David Bouley Make Dinner for Alice WatersBouley decided to honor Waters, and the 20th anniversary of her Edible Schoolyard Project, in a way they could mutually appreciate: by cooking a meal.
  11. Dinner Parties
    Jim Gaffigan’s Epic Ansel Dessert FestOne Saturday afternoon, after the children had run off all their excess energy in the park, they found Ansel at their apartment, laden with boxes of his latest desserts.
  12. Gallery
    Inside Mission Chinese Food’s Brisket-and-Dumplings Dinner Party for theThe challenge: Create a pop-up restaurant in a theater foyer to feed a starving ensemble — and crew and everyone’s guests — in a manner befitting the years-long hype of the bicoastal restaurant sensation.
  13. Dinner Parties
    Inside an Uptown Dinner Party at Christophe de Menil’s HomeNantucket bay scallops for 25, prepared by Canard, Inc.
  14. Dinner Parties
    Inside Musician Shamir Bailey’s Late-Night Grilled Cheese PartyDelivered by Commodore chef Stephen Tanner.
  15. Date Night
    How Estela’s Ignacio Mattos Managed to Serve a Honeymoon Dinner in a TreeWhich he prepared in a van.
  16. Dinner Parties
    How Alex Stupak Makes Lamb Barbacoa Tacos for 30 PeopleThe lamb is rubbed with adobo sauce, enveloped in banana and avocado leaves, and left to steam slowly for six hours.
  17. Dinner Parties
    Del Posto Dinner for 12 in a Studio ApartmentA mattress ended up in the hallway.
  18. dinner parties
    See Photos From 4 Decades of Valentino’s Dinner PartiesHe’s hosted everyone from Jackie Onassis to North West.
  19. Parties
    How Black Seed’s Matt Kliegman and Noah Bernamoff Throw a Bagel Brunch inFeaturing soft-scrambled eggs with butter, cream, and fish roe, the Smile’s granola, beet-cured lox, and, of course, lots of Montreal-meets-New York-style bagels
  20. Dinner Parties
    How Jody Williams and Rita Sodi Throw a Party for 100Prepared in honor of their new restaurant, Via Carota.
  21. Holiday Dining
    How Jean-Georges Vongerichten Cooks a Swanky Vegetarian FeastPrepared in honor of his upcoming raw, veggie-centric restaurant, ABC V.
  22. Holiday Food 2013
    Holiday Food 2013: The Sinful and the SaintlyThanksgiving two ways: a truly gluttonous spread for those looking to indulge, and a Mediterranean-style meal for the butter-phobes.
  23. Holiday Food
    Complete Thanksgiving Menus From Chefs Daniel Humm, and Larry and Marc ForgioneHumm shares a cutting-edge, Michelin-quality dinner, while father and son chefs Larry and Marc Forgione serve up a traditional family-style feast.
  24. In Season
    In Season: Seamus Mullen’s Crispy Fried Jerusalem ArtichokesHe likes to serve fried sunchokes as an alternative to fried potatoes.
  25. Snow PeasSnow peas, or, as the French call them, mange-touts (owing to the fact that you can eat the whole package, pods included), are at their sweetest […]
  26. RhubarbRhubarb, in all its iridescent pink-and-green-stalked splendor, is considered a vegetable in most parts of the world, including China, where it’ […]
  27. The Art of the FeastA master class in holiday dining from the city’s most maximalist chefs.
  28. CauliflowerLocal cauliflower is at its best this time of year, as it and fellow brassicas like cabbage and Brussels sprouts supplant summer’s tomatoes and […]
  29. CucumbersThe humble cucumber, a relative of squash, is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables (or rather, like tomatoes and eggplant, botanically a fru […]
  30. Bocuse D’or
    Dispatches From the Bocuse d’Or: American DisappointmentGillian Duffy was at the competition. She examines why America just can’t win.
  31. Bocuse D’or
    Dispatches From the Bocuse d’Or: Day OneGillian Duffy chats with Team USA at the culinary competition in Lyon.
  32. CaponLarger than a chicken, a little smaller than a turkey, but with more flavor and moisture than either, the capon is a French and Italian holiday […]
  33. My Mother’s ThanksgivingEleven great chefs share their families’ secret recipes.
  34. Potage for a PrincessTo make your own batch of warm, wintry goodness, Andrew Carmellini suggests this royalty-inspired recipe.
  35. GooseWallsé chef Kurt Gutenbrunner grew up in Austria, where roast goose at Christmas is traditional. He started serving it at his restaurant on Ch […]
  36. Thanksgiving Three WaysA French classicist, a molecular gastronomist, and a pair of Brooklyn Slow Food–ists reinterpret cooking’s most traditional meal.
  37. Edible GivingA trio of New York chefs share their personal food-as-gift strategies.
  38. A Local ThanksgivingA soup-to-nuts plan for a homegrown holiday meal.
  39. Like ButterAfter having been knocked to the back of the dairy case by margarine in the sixties, and buried under a fashionable flood of olive oil in the de […]
  40. The Globalist’s ThanksgivingNew York’s top ethnic chefs take the holiday meal international.
  41. Taste Taste: StuffingBefore there was cranberry sauce, before there was the Little Pie Company’s sour-cream apple walnut pie, before there was even such a thing as T […]
  42. Holiday Recipes: David ChangDavid Chang demonstrates how to make his shrimp spring rolls.
  43. Holiday Recipes: David BurkeDavid Burke demonstrates how to make scrambled eggs with lobster and caviar served ostrich style.
  44. The Mid-Range Party: Strings AttachedOne space-squeezed Chelsea party gets redefined with a mild infusion of seventies kitsch and an elaborate, showstopping menu by David Burke.
  45. The High-End Party: Gilded to PerfectionWhat to do with an Upper East Side apartment full of antiques and contemporary art? Put it all on the table.
  46. The Cheap Party: Eight on the FloorIn Williamsburg, a massive loft turns cozy with some red silk, slow-cooked pork, and an inverted Christmas tree.
  47. The DIY BasketFrom chef and veteran hiker Bill Telepan, a menu for four that can withstand a cross-country trek and emerge from plastic containers unscath […]
  48. Alfresco DeliciosoWhether you’re eating solo on a park bench or sprawling on a meadow, there are far superior picnic alternatives to the nearest knish vendor.
  49. The Subtle KnifeWith popularity comes proliferation. We enlisted chef Masayoshi “Masa” Takayama to evaluate the best of the expanding Santoku breed.
  50. Lambs’ TalesSpring lamb is an Easter and a Passover dinner-table tradition. Yet this is also the trickiest time of the year to buy it because supply is limited.
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