Ginny Hogan

  1. outdoors
    Blazed TrailsFor thru-hikers, climate change is posing new, treacherous risks out in the wild. Not that that’s stopping them.
  2. recommendations
    I Can’t Run But I Can JumpAfter I pinched a nerve in my back, I thought I had to give up high-impact exercise. Then I got a trampoline.
  3. climate crisis
    Staying Sober on a Dying PlanetI gave up drinking to give myself a better future. But what if Earth isn’t getting one?
  4. road trip
    Life Is a Highway (Finally)Learning how to get behind the wheel in my 30s kept me young.
  5. family planning
    I’d Like to Formally Request an Extension for My FertilityAhem, why didn’t anybody warn me it wouldn’t last forever?