Grady Hendrix

  1. mansplaining
    What I Learned About Women From Reading Novels About Female FriendshipThey all have cancer or cheating husbands. Sometimes both.
  2. museum of junk
    Take a Tour of Bad Movie Merchandising Through the Ages’Jaws’ nightshirts! ‘Star Trek’ funerary urns! Weirdly sexual Jar Jar Binks lollipops!
  3. chat room
    Crime Fiction Kingpin Dennis Lehane on Going Back to the Boston of Gone, Baby, Gone“I’m not a mystery writer. Those are whodunnits and I’ve only written two of those and it’s very clear while reading them that I don’t give a shit who did it.”
  4. chat room
    Rainn Wilson on His New Spiritual Book and How The Rocker’s Epic Flop Changed His Life for the Better“If I have a legacy besides playing weird, creepy goofballs it would be to try to get the ball rolling for taking philosophy out of academia and reclaiming it for 17-year-olds … “
  5. chat room
    Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson Weaves the Unmissable Tale of a Man-Boob Mammogram (and More)“I went to the doctor and he said, ‘Well, it’s not cancer. It’s tits. You’re growing breasts.’ I had to have a mammogram.”
  6. chat room
    Original Saw Director James Wan on His Horror-Movie Comeback“I wanted to come back with a scary movie, that didn’t have an ounce of blood in it, to counteract what I’ve become known for with Saw … “