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  1. Get Out Your Wallets, Big Donors!Summer shakedown is here.
  2. The Rudyfication of BloombergBullying. Self-righteous. Lecturing. Obstreperous. How Mayor Mike is becoming Rudy-like.
  3. Wall Street Shorts the GOPIn 2005, the Democrats outraised Republicans in the securities-and-investment industry for the first time since 1994.
  4. Kathleen Turner Overdrive!Serial Mom sells self-help book.
  5. Offensive LinemanMark Green’s 23-year-old political director tackles the tabloids and New York’s political establishment—and wants you to know that his boss isn’ […]
  6. Is Silverstein Sandbagging the Port Authority?On March 30, PA chief Anthony Coscia privately accused Silverstein’s camp of harming ongoing negotiations by leaking untrue stories to the Post, […]
  7. Battle to Kiss Up To SpitzerPucker up, Dems!
  8. Rupert Murdoch F.O.B. (and Hillary)Joins Bill’s Big-Shot Club. (Davos, Shmavos.)
  9. Out of Florida: Redford vs. HarrisSundance Kid goes after Sunshine State’s recount queen.
  10. Kissinger Plants One On Buddy WeldFund-raiser is sweet gesture.
  11. Go Directly to JailPosh motorists confront “uncivilized” police dragnet.
  12. DNC’s ATM WithdrawsWatch for the Clinton-Dean show!
  13. Is Tisch the New Bloomberg?Top city politicos are floating Loews big for mayor.
  14. Mass. GOPers Fund Weld RunNo sign of Pataki-ites’ $$$
  15. Wilbur Ross’s DistressThe Sago mine tragedy illustrates the potential human cost of Ross’s distressed-asset investment strategy.
  16. General ConfusionLoyalty tug-of-war over the attorney-general race.
  17. The Specter of Hillary Haunts Wannabe Gifford MillerCould being too close to Hillary Clinton actually hurt a New York Democrat? Insiders say the race for City Council speaker is down to the wire b […]
  18. Bush Threatens U.N. Over Clinton Climate SpeechBush-administration officials privately threatened organizers of the U.N. Climate Change Conference, telling them that there was no chance for t […]
  19. Blue in Your FaceCan the Democrats stay united long enough to take back the Senate? At least it’s easier for them to raise money now.
  20. State GOP Smackdown!With the end of Pataki’s reign nigh, the New York State Republican party seems to be at war with itself. A handy guide to who’s stabbing wh […]
  21. Meshugah Machers Go to War over Hamptons RabbiThe simmering ego battle over power rabbi David Gelfand has erupted into an all-out legal war at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons.
  22. In Like Quinn?Forget the mayoral election— it’s time for the race for city council speaker! Not that you get a vote.
  23. Gentrification’s Foamy First WaveHow a brewery helped make Brooklyn’s seedy waterfront safe for condo high-rises.
  24. Al Sharpton’s Cartoon ButtocksNo longer come between Ferrer and Green.
  25. Senator Pothole Gets Ready to RumbleD’Amato wants to “bury” Dem big shot Zimmerman.
  26. Hillary Becomes Fernando CommandoHedging Hill joins Bill in a last-ditch mission to save Ferrer.
  27. Rock the VoteCan a Princeton-educated Rockefeller scion make politics interesting for kids who never went to college?
  28. David and the GoliathsCivil war breaks out among the summering big shots at East Hampton’s preeminent synagogue over whether to keep its charismatic chief rabbi.
  29. The Incredibly Bold, Audaciously Cheesy, Jaw-Droppingly Vegasified, Billion-Dollar Glam-Rock Makeover of Coney IslandA first look at its not-preposterous future.
  30. Getting Ferrer ThereFreddy Ferrer’s campaign manager on trying to make a democratic town vote democratic again.
  31. The Man Behind Jeanine PirroHe thinks she’s “the protoypical model for a successful statewide Republican.”
  32. Power-Plant HungryThe energy mogul who wants to stop high-rises in Williamsburg—and Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff.
  33. Ed Klein’s Canoodle KerfuffleBill’s “mouth-kissing” photo in “The Truth About Hillary”
  34. Chuck’s StakeWhy is Schumer suddenly wading into the World Trade Center rebuilding process? And why does he think Bill Frist’s a good thing for the Democrats?
  35. Wi-Fi for Everyone!Would-be public advocate Andrew Rasiej says 311 is a joke, wants to introduce city to 21st century. Can techie upstart unseat Betsy Gotbaum?
  36. What Up, G?Gifford Miller tries to get out the youth vote; promises faster subway, cheaper apartments.
  37. Millionaire for FerrerHe may be smack in the upper echelons of the mayor’s demographic, but Leo Hindery Jr. is out to give Bloomberg a run for his money.
  38. The ReinvestigatorMarty Tankleff has spent the past fifteen years in prison telling anyone who’d listen he was wrongfully convicted of killing his parents. Can […]
  39. When Eloise Met Norma RaeWhy does hotel-union leader Peter Ward think he can tell the Plaza’s owners they can’t turn it into luxury condos, anyway?
  40. More Than One Way to Kill a CatKinder, gentler euthanasia at the city pound.
  41. Big-Boxed OutRichard Lipsky, retail insurgent, helped drive Wal-Mart out of Queens. How does he turn back the tide of shopping gigantism?
  42. Intelligencer: February 7–14, 2005New PAC attack tries to sink Hillary Clinton, Graydon Carter tosses Ellen Barkin a career life raft, Rev. Al Sharpto endorses Andrew Cuomo for N […]
  43. Intelligencer: January 10–17, 2005Post-Disney, Harvey Weinstein may go indie, Tupac’s suspected shooter back in town, Richard Jefferson in Tribecca, and more.
  44. Unpopularity ContestBloomberg’s reelection-team leader talks turkey about the mayor many voters still don’t want to have Thanksgiving with.
  45. The Other West Side StoryA new stadium isn’t the only waterfront boondoggle.
  46. Intelligencer: January 3-10, 2005John McDonald helps with Gramercy Park Hotel renovation, Elie Tahari buys Jay Chiat’s oceanfront home, the Food Network goes all-American, and more.
  47. Intelligencer: December 27–January 3Donny Deutsch’s talk show, Rupert Murdoch’s new address, a 9/11 Video Game, and more.
  48. Intelligencer: December 13–27, 2004Bernie Kerik’s brilliant career path, Martha Stewart’s big book deal, art hipsters in “Democracy Plaza,” O.J.: The Musical, and more.
  49. And They’re OffThompson’s sitting mayor’s race out this time
  50. Intelligencer: December 6-13, 2004Gen. Wesley Clark for President, eye-lifts while you sleep, Rudy Giuliani’s Hampton house, and more.
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