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  1. chat room
    Nashville’s Sam Palladio on Gunnar and ScarlettWill they, or won’t they?
  2. vulture asks
    How Does Silver Linings Handle Mental Illness?Vulture consulted with Harvard Medical School psychiatrist Dr. Steven Schlozman. He loved the film.
  3. shirtlessness
    We Ask a Twilight Fan: Was Team Jacob Just a Big Scam All Along?It was never meant to be.
  4. hi ho
    Could the Disney-Lucas Deal Mean the Return of Muppet Babies?Rumor always had it that rights to the clips it used (like from Star Wars and Indiana Jones) kept it from DVD. Now they’re all in the same family!
  5. most devoted fans
    What Are the Fans Saying About Star Wars: Episode 7?We looked at the message boards and asked one of Vulture’s Most Devoted Fans.
  6. how to
    Dexter’s Prop Master Tells How He Made the Show’s Most Gruesome Set PiecesA practical guide to building your own dead Rita, severed-limb Christmas presents, decomposing couple (with 20,000 maggots!), and more.
  7. most devoted fans
    Influential Fans: The Webmasters of Westeros.orgGame of Thrones brought this couple together.
  8. most devoted fans
    Influential Fan: Star Wars’s Dustin RobertsThis childhood fan is now content manager for the largest online Star Wars community.
  9. most devoted fans
    Portrait of an Influential Fan: Trekkie Professor John TenutoIt all started with a Star Trek bridge play set. Now he teaches classes on the show.
  10. most devoted fans
    Doctor Who Vs. Community Vs. Real HousewivesIt’s a Superfan Thunderdome as three true believers fight over which show reigns supreme.
  11. most devoted fans
    Influential Fan: Twihard Laura Byrne CristianoThis fan got in on the ground floor and now helps run the oldest Twilight fan site.
  12. most devoted fans
    Influential Fan: Harry Potter’s Melissa AnelliThe editor of fan website the Leaky Cauldron has since become close to J.K. Rowling.
  13. most devoted fans
    Portrait of an Influential Fan: Marc Cohen, One of Lady Gaga’s Little MonstersThis 18-year-old NYU student first met her by tracking her down to a Detroit bowling alley.
  14. most devoted fans
    Influential Fan:’s Kimmy WestThis 20-year-old first entered the fan world with a Twilight site before moving over to the world of Panem.
  15. most devoted fans
    Influential Fan:’s Erica ChallisShe went from snooping around at New Zealand filming locations to being embraced by Peter Jackson.
  16. most devoted fans
    Portrait of an Influential Fan: Justin Bieber Army’s Jackie AugustusThis 18-year-old Pennsylvanian is co-founder of one of the oldest Bieber fan sites.
  17. fact-check
    The Master: Can You Really Make Booze Out of Paint Thinner?Joaquin Phoenix does in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film. But is it actually possible?
  18. chat room
    James Van Der Beek on Dawson’s Creek Nostalgia never gets old.
  19. fall tv 2012
    Vulture Diagnoses TV’s Most Notable Anti-heroesWe had a UCLA-affiliated psychiatrist diagnose, and prescribe treatments for, TV’s most compellingly mental characters.
  20. chat room
    Amanda Palmer Isn’t Shy About Nudity, Obviously“I’m sitting in a beer garden in Brooklyn right now, pretty much naked.”
  21. And How Do You Feel About That, Mr. Draper?We had UCLA-affiliated psychiatrist Paul Puri diagnose TV’s most compellingly mental anti-heroes—and prescribe the treatments that might ease t […]
  22. The Meaning of Marie’s Yellow Shirt on Breaking Bad Revealed!Theories abound, and we ran them by Breaking Bad’s costume designer.
  23. emmys 2012
    Jim Parsons’s Favorite Season 5 Big Bang EpisodeCan you guess what it is?
  24. clothes talker
    Breaking Bad’s Season Five Costume Designer on Walt’s Darker Look“Walt wears those Wallabees 24/7.”
  25. fact-check
    Ask a Doctor: Is Batman’s Healing Method Sound?The following contains spoilers of the filmic and medical varieties. Don’t read until you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises.
  26. chat room
    Mayim Bialik May Feel Awkward at the Emmys“I don’t even do well at cocktail parties.”
  27. fact-check
    Does Seth MacFarlane Love Talking Animals Because His Mom Masturbated a Dog?Could Ted’s talking stuffed bear be a manifestation of some deep psychological imprint involving his mother, a pet, and a happy ending?
  28. chat room
    Kathleen Turner Is Reviving Red Hot PatriotShe’s bringing Molly Ivins to Washington, D.C., in August.
  29. chat room
    Smash’s Megan Hilty on Prescription Drugs“I kept telling them, ‘Guys, I take prednisone all the time. All it does is make me a little bloated and a little shaky.’”
  30. How in the Name of Lannister Do You Write a Game of Thrones Cookbook?“I think we changed the name for Dothraki Sausage because it sounded too sexual.”
  31. chat room
    Rex Lee on Suburgatory, the Highly Suspect Entourage Movie, and the Piv“There’s this weird sort of protocol when you’re working with another actor, where it’s not cool for one actor to direct another actor. But whenever Jeremy had an idea about something and it was just so good that he couldn’t not share it, he would share it.”
  32. stand clear of the closing doors
    And Now for an Upbeat Follow-up to the Viral Ukulele-Conga Subway DuetRemember that singer-rapper who entertained the A train last month? She now has a manager and opportunities aplenty.
  33. chat room
    Busy Philipps on Cougar Town, Freaks and Geeks, and Being a ‘Talking Prop’ on Dawson’s Creek“I had done 44 episodes of the show, and then they didn’t even want me in the series finale? I just felt like no one particularly cared about me.”
  34. chat room
    Vanilla Ice on Flipping Homes, To the Extreme, and His Car Club ‘Cadillac Ninjas’“I jumped a ‘67 Cadillac into a lake this year, sank to the bottom, and almost killed myself.”
  35. vulture lists
    Eleven Beverly Hills, 90210 Alums: Where They Are Now — and Where They Should Be Duh nuh nuh nuh. Duh nuh nuh nuh. Clap! Clap! 
  36. chat room
    Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Shannon on the State of Agent Van Alden’s Soul “Everybody is probably wondering: Where the hell has Van Alden run off to and what did he take with him?”
  37. Watch a Dead Boardwalk Empire Character’s Farewell RapTake it from the late Agent Sebso: “Listen up, any bad guys / If you are Jewish, don’t you ever get baptized.”
  38. chat room
    A Feminist-As-Ever Tori Amos on Her Latest Album and ‘Penetrating’ Classical Male Composers “They became the egg and I acted as the penetrator.”
  39. movies
    Jerry Weintraub on Taking Steven Soderbergh’s Liberace Biopic to HBOAnd a long digression on why his Communist granddaughter is not thrilled with his wealth.
  40. picture if you will …
    How Hollywood Could Make Five Other Twilight Zone Tales Into Happy-Ending BlockbustersThey did it with ‘Real Steel.’ Why not turn “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” into a Ryan Reynolds action flick?
  41. video
    Watch Rip Torn Go Street Fighting in They Might Be Giants’ New VideoTo fight a tank-topped Rip Torn is to lose to Rip Torn.
  42. chat room
    Evan Rachel Wood on Her Justin Bieber Video, Making Music, and Her Ides of March Co-star Ryan Gosling“I think he’s the James Dean of now. And he’d better kiss my a-s for saying that.”
  43. chat room
    Lauren Ambrose Stays Mum on Funny Girl, But Compares Herself to Carrot Top and Talks Torchwood“It goes along being cute and campy and gay, and then all of a sudden it’ll nail you.”
  44. the time of your life
    A Timeline of 24 Years of Dirty Dancing Pop-Culture ReferencesFor 24 years, saying “nobody puts Baby in a corner” has been a surefire applause line.
  45. chat room
    Entourage Creator Doug Ellin on the Show’s Final Season“If Jeremy Piven doesn’t win an Emmy for this season coming up, I just don’t know what to say. It has to be that people just don’t like him as a human being.”
  46. behind the scenes
    They Might Be Giants: Sixteen Random Tales From 30 Years on the RoadIn the band’s nerdy tradition, they’re not about groupies and drugs: They’re about cow crap, Bob Mould dinner dates, and high-voltage electrocutions.
  47. fact-check
    Is the Mob Now As Laughable As Reality TV Makes It Seem? We Ask an FBI Agent“Based on my knowledge, the mob looks at these TV shows as a mockery of what they do.”
  48. reboots
    A Guide to the Revamped Torchwood for Both Newcomers and Longtime FansThe show’s selling points and stumbling blocks.
  49. chat room
    Torchwood’s John Barrowman on ‘Man Sex,’ Glee, and Closeted A-Listers“I will say this: Half of the straight actors who are playing straight characters in Hollywood are actually gay.”
  50. behind the scenes
    Willie Garson of Sex and the City and White Collar Tells 12 Odd Stories From 12 TV RolesLike that time Jimmy Smits broke his ribs on ‘NYPD Blue.’
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