Hanna Rosin

  1. just asking questions
    Exploring the Secret History of Trump’s WomenTrump and his “Queens,” as Nina Burleigh calls them in her new book, Golden Handcuffs, are a link to a different era.
  2. crime
    Kelli Stapleton Can’t Forgive Herself. Can You?Her abuser was also her daughter — a violent, autistic teen. A dynamic that soon turned tragic.
  3. 7. Because There’s Nothing Like a Great Old New York Hack (Except a Great New New York Hack).You’d be lucky if you got in my dad’s taxi. He was a neat freak, and for all the 37 years he was driving, he cleaned behind the seats almost eve […]
  4. The Genius GapAre boys the second sex?
  5. The Case Against the Case Against CircumcisionWhy one mother heard all of the opposing arguments, then circumcised her sons anyway.
  6. Politics: The Seven Stages of NewtFor years, Newt Gingrich’s daily affairs and his slowly metamorphosing physical presence have been on constant display for all the world to see. […]
  7. The Amoral Majority?As the public rallies around the scandal-ridden president, conservatives have gotten all flustered and turned on the common folks they once clai […]
  8. Free Willy!?!So long for now, President Gore. Clinton is on the verge of another comeback.
  9. Starr StruckA prosecutor run amok, a harassment case run amok, and a president who has, well, run amok – Kenneth Starr may have hit the jackpot, but the pa […]
  10. Oedipus & PodhoretzHis father fought Stalinists. But for Post edit-page chief John Podhoretz, sitcoms are the battleground of freedom.