Hannah Howard

  1. ask a cool person
    I’m About to Have a Second Kid. How Will I Schlep Everyone Around?Double strollers, double wagons, and sets of roll-up bibs that will fit your older and younger kid equally well.
  2. now that i know better
    How I’d Redo My Baby Registry: With an Electric Nail File and British Rash Cream“I don’t know if I ever saw my husband so upset as when he tried to clip her nails and ended up snipping a tiny bit of pinky skin.”
  3. this thing’s incredible
    Icelandic Smoked Sea Salt Ended My Pandemic Cooking RutSometimes, it’s worth cheating on Maldon.
  4. this thing’s incredible
    In the U.K., I Found an Actually Sexy Bra for Big Boobs (at a Reasonable $67)Despite being so femininely detailed and beautiful to look at, it turned out to appear perfectly smooth under my sweater.
  5. rip
    Remembering New York’s Favorite Cheese Man“Life for him was wild and precious, in all of its glory and all of its gluttony.”
  6. health concerns
    How Are New York Restaurants Preparing for Coronavirus?“Nobody wants to be restaurant zero.”
  7. uncertain times
    Tariffs Continue to Confuse Customers and Hurt the Wine WorldPrices are going up, and nobody’s sure how long it will last.
  8. grocery wars
    Inside the Slow, Agonizing Death of Fairway“There’s no trust.”
  9. grub guides
    The Grub Street Guide to Drinking and Buying Natural Wine in New YorkThere’s never been a better time to embrace the glou glou life in all its glory.
  10. dupes week
    I Cheat on My Japanese Chef’s Knife With This Cheap Ceramic SetI thought that the best thing about them would be the fun colors. But the chef’s knife has turned out to be sharper than my fancy Japanese blade.
  11. winter weddings 2019
    The Coolest Winter Wedding Invites Come in Shades of TumericThe wellness trend has made its way to your wedding colors.
  12. winter weddings 2019
    6 Showstopping Foods to Serve at Your WeddingFondantlike towers of Brie may be all over Instagram, but plenty of other foods can make a dramatic non-dessert display.
  13. summer weddings 2018
    Where to Shop for Wedding Gowns When You’re Not a Sample SizeThere’s a whole new bridal-scape catering to non-model shapes. An engaged writer ranks her top-six experiences, both in-store and online.
  14. this thing’s incredible
    This Hand-Blender Changed My SummerI use it to whip my Bolognese into the perfect texture in mere seconds.
  15. reopenings
    How to Open a Brand-new, Totally Old Restaurant“The memorable part wasn’t any one piece of the design, it was the net sum of the experience.”
  16. the best gift i ever got
    This Cleaver Does So Much More Than Chop MeatThe relationship ended, but my love for the meat cleaver lives on.
  17. cheese
    Runny, Funky Vacherin Mont d’Or Is the Cheese You Need Right Now“Eating it is akin to losing your virginity.”
  18. the strategist
    This Cuisinart Hand-Blender Changed My SummerI use it to whiz my Bolognese into the perfect texture in mere seconds.
  19. 10 Big Cooking Tips From This Weekend’s New York Culinary ExperienceExcellent advice from some of the country’s most talented chefs.
  20. Trouble
    Inside the Collapse of Fairway, New York’s Favorite, Failing Grocery Store“Lives have been totally changed and ruined … What happened was an injustice.”
  21. M Restaurant
    M Restaurant Grows Up: This Weekend’s Menu and Cheese ListI manage M restaurant, where my boyfriend is the chef.
  22. Cheesesteakery
    Cops Patrol Home of Geno’s Owner, Joey Vento
  23. Italian Market
    The Ninth Street Sweep: Change in the Italian MarketWhat will happen to the quirky, colorful Italian Market?
  24. Etiquette
    How to Get on a Restaurant BlacklistIt helps to be polite and treat the host/server/bartender/busboy with the respect you would treat a fellow human.
  25. Media
    Philly Mag Mocks Food Bloggers and Blog ReadersWill we all turn into a bunch of blogging zombies?
  26. Olive Oil
    Are You Buying Counterfeit Olive Oil?Our country is full of sub-par olive oil.
  27. Openings
    Grindcore Opens in Pennsport: Get your Nondairy Milk!Grindcore brings cool art and coconut milk to Philly.
  28. Biba
    Stop Texting and Talk to your Date: A ManifestoNo distracting devices at Jon Myerow’s restaurants.
  29. Food Events
    Stuff your Face with Pounds of Food at Jake’s for FreeIf you eat everything, your 3 pounds of sandwich are free.
  30. Grocery
    Mexican Buffet at Grocery: Ropa Vieja and Juicy Chicken“Little Lolita” comes to Grocery
  31. Openings
    Opening Any Minute: 943 in the Italian MarketPascual Cancelliere will unveil his Italian-Argentine BYO, 943, after Labor Day, on 943 S. Ninth St. in the Italian Market.
  32. Openings
    Cruising, Boozing, and DiningDine on the Delaware River
  33. Food Events
    A Yummy, Rum-y EveningEnjoy an educational and boozy night at World Cafe Live.
  34. Restaurant Review
    Feasting at Frog Burger Is Perhaps Worth an Early DeathSteve Poses opens a really good burger stand.
  35. where to eat
    Where to Eat Out with your Little OnesThese 15 spots cater to kids and grownups
  36. Openings
    Philly Restaurant Preview: Openings, Openings Everywhere!Fall means a slew of restaurant openings.
  37. Deals
    Awesome Dumplings and Cheap Lunch at Szechuan Tasty HouseThere’s a big list of dishes under ten bucks, and a lunch menu that includes three courses for $6.
  38. Openings
    The New Sweet Ending on 13th Street Has Sweet HoursSweet Ending will be open on Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m.
  39. Food Events
    Summer Harvest Dinner and Cocktails at TraxTrax, a BYOB with outside seating in the old Ambler train station, will host a Summer Harvest Dinner on Wednesday, August 25.
  40. Openings
    Bistro Evviva Will (Re) Open this Fall in the Main Line
  41. Food Events
    Free Cheesesteaks at LOVE ParkThis Wednesday try a cheesesteak you can feel good about
  42. Events & Promotions
    Going Out on the Town for a Good Causebars and cafes will donate a percentage of their sales to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  43. Booze News
    Three Martini Lunch at Le MeridienThree martinis with onion soup and steak frites for $30.
  44. White Manna
    A Reason to Travel to Jersey: The Famous White Manna Hamburger StandClassic burgers at this vintage burger stand.
  45. Hot Potato Cafe Is History; Sugar is Bad for YouIf you want to “improve your health and your life,” steer clear of hydrogenated oils, sugar, and “fake” spices
  46. Food Events
    Supper Hosts a Southern Hospitality Dinner, Pig’s Feet and AllChef Edward Lee comes to South Street from Kentucky to cook a $38 southern dinner.
  47. Food TV
    Are You The Next Food Network Star?The Next Food Network Star comes to Philly on Aug. 31 to find contestants for Season 7
  48. Food Events
    Amada Celebrates Tomato Food Fight with Heirloom Tomato Tasting MenuChef Macgregor Mann will serve a $55 four-course menu through next Wednesday
  49. Booze News
    Fat Salmon Gets a Liquor License and Some Good StuffThe owner hopes adding liquor will up the check average and make booze-seeking crowds happy.
  50. Green Eggs Cafe Serves Eco-Friendly Eggs; Doc Watson’s Will Become the Blue Bear