Helin Jung

  1. mad men
    Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Goes Off on the Internet“If you have no personal opinions, you should not be involved in the content business.”
  2. party lines
    John Starks Is a Chameleon on the SubwayBy the time you realize it’s the Knicks fan favorite, he’s already gone.
  3. party lines
    Steven Weber Is Annoyed by New York’s ‘Stupid-Looking’ Glass TowersIs New York’s heyday coming back?
  4. party lines
    Hathaway and Hudson at the Bride Wars PremiereAnd she smelled like nachos.
  5. party lines
    Streep, Adams, and Hoffman at the Doubt PremiereWhat you missed at last night’s ‘Doubt’ premiere.
  6. Beckford & Lil’ Kim at the Get Out the Vote PartyThe ladies of West New York are waiting.
  7. Samuel L., Ice-T, & Legend at Soul Men’s PremiereWhat Ice-T’s wife won’t be wearing as part of her costume.
  8. mad men
    Matthew Weiner and the Cast of ‘Mad Men’ on the Season Finale, Sarah Palin, and Legalized MarijuanaPete Campbell: ‘I’m just really stoned. Is that bad to say to a magazine?’
  9. the greatest depression
    Laid-Off Bankers Turn to DrugsBotox, that is.
  10. Mirren, Scorsese, and Hargitay at the DGA HonorsThe actor gets irate at a DGA party: “I’m talking about both parties. They’re all shameless pigs.”
  11. LiLo and Frankel at the Key to the Cure Launch‘I don’t want to get political,’ said the ‘Project Runway’ winner. ‘People yell at me.’
  12. party lines
    Noth and Nixon at A Man for All Seasons’s OpeningChris Noth casts a contemporary version of ‘A Man For All Seasons.’
  13. party lines
    Kimora Lee Simmons to Sarah Palin: ‘Get Off of Them Caribous, Girl!’“I think she needs to be a little more refined.”
  14. party lines
    Adorable Ryan Lochte Wants to Be a Fashion Designer“I’m really into fashion, and I’m trying to slowly get out of swimming.”
  15. party lines
    Mazar on Role of Menstrual Cycles in The WomenEva Mendes told us last night that this year is “the year of the woman,” and since we were at a screening for The Women, we thought we would talk to celebs about feminine stereotypes.
  16. olsen update
    Ashley Olsen Enacts Own Version of Runway SpillModels aren’t the only ones nearly taking falls this Fashion Week.
  17. party lines
    Economic Hardships Discussed at Miss SixtyHow is the economy affecting folks in attendance at yesterday’s Miss Sixty show? Perhaps we should’ve known better, but we had to ask.
  18. party chat
    The Vivica A. Fox Guide to Being a CougarBe rich and get microdermabrasion, not necessarily in that order.
  19. Can China Control the Weather?Weatherman Al wants to find out.
  20. Credit Crisis Kills Voice-over WorkThere are worse things.