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  1. mansplaining week
    Q&A: A Trans Man in a World That Loves BinariesThomas Page McBee on seeing behind the lens of male privilege.
  2. cure
    Guy Covers Adele’s ‘Hello’ With Disney VoicesSomehow, we no longer feel the need to sob.
  3. critics
    Megyn Kelly Too Busy Trying to Sell Books to Listen to Trump-Interview CriticsViewers just really wanted to see Kelly throw down.
  4. uncomfortable
    Cam’ron Uses Reddit for Its Intended Purpose: Making Gross Sexual Comments“I don’t get my dick sucked and tell.” Broadcasted on a Reddit AMA.
  5. lawsuit
    NYU Researcher Says Career Was Ruined By Sexism“Women don’t belong in science.” Oof. 
  6. mad baby
    Alexis Bledel, Vincent Kartheiser Are ParentsRory is a mom … to a 6-month-old.
  7. nope
    IMDB Is Dominated By Dudes Who Hate Sex and the CityThey also have too much time on their hands.
  8. bombshell
    Hollywood, Sarah Paulson Doesn’t Need Your Blonde Hair Dye “I’ve never been asked to play the leading lady without having to be a blonde.”
  9. none of the above
    Obituary Is Brutally Honest About Election 2016“Faced with the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mary Anne Noland of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God … “
  10. baby got back
    Blake Lively Says She Has an ‘L.A. Face’ and an ‘Oakland Booty,’ Which, HmmmSir Mix-a-Lot on the red carpet.
  11. the art of the book deal
    Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Made Up Just in Time for You to Buy Her BookIt’s titled Settle For More.
  12. kelly v. trump
    Trump Forgets Calling Megyn Kelly ‘Bimbo’“Did I say that?”
  13. expert
    In Groundbreaking Interview, Beautiful Model Admits She Sometimes Eats BurgersGirl knows her meat.
  14. rockstar
    This Symphonic Bassist Died Onstage, Literally Playing Out Life to the End Jane Little was a symphonic bassist for 71 years.
  15. speak out
    In Case There Was Any Doubt, Trump Is Not Angelina Jolie–Approved A swift shutdown.
  16. unlikely friends
    Why Millennial Women Need Grace and Frankie, a Show About 70-SomethingsLearning from a depiction of late-in-life female friendships.
  17. postpartum depression
    Hayden Panettiere on Her Postpartum Depression“The postpartum depression I have been experiencing has impacted every aspect of my life.”
  18. gender-fluid
    The Brant Bros Are Adding More Products to Their Gender-Fluid M.A.C Line Available online May 26.
  19. rumors
    Katy Perry Is Not About ‘Dumb Conspiracy’It’s like celebrity Mad Libs.
  20. Maryland Women Will Have the Easiest Access to Contraception in AmericaBy 2018.
  21. paid leave
    Nike Is Now Offering Paid Leave to EmployeesThey’re offering birth mothers a minimum of 14 weeks.
  22. surprise!
    This Guy Had a Surprise Guest at His Wedding — and She Came Prepared With a BurnGuessing she didn’t sign the guest book.
  23. planned parenthood
    Judge Says the Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Is Mentally Unfit for Trial He shouted “Filthy animal!” at the judge.
  24. diversity
    You Might Actually Be Able to Identify With Google’s New Female Career Emoji Finally, an accurate representation of Career Day.
  25. reactions
    This Girl’s Reaction to Drake Lyrics Should Be the Music Video for ‘Hype’So many facial expressions.
  26. exception to the rule
    A Dude Mansplains Women’s Clothes, But in This Case, We’ll Let Him It’s okay, let him talk – dude’s got a point.
  27. sexy talk
    Goop Found an All-Natural Lube That Isn’t Making Us HornyInspired by yams.
  28. owned
    Loretta Lynch Owned the North Carolina Bathroom Bill “This action is about a great deal more than just bathrooms.”
  29. gorgeous dna
    Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Had Beautiful Baby No. 2 Actually, like, two weeks ago.
  30. mothers day 2016
    Mindy Kaling Reminds Us That, for Some, Mother’s Day Is Bittersweet ” … Mother’s Day can be really tough.”
  31. new police
    Hari Nef and Rowan Blanchard Talk Red Carpet Real talk.
  32. sporty kate
    Kate Middleton Is Now Officially the Sportiest Royal Sporty.
  33. coupling
    Report: Drake and Rihanna Are Secretly Dating A source tells People.
  34. mom talk
    Pink Revealed Her Daughter’s Crush on Matt Damon — Not Cool, Mom For revealing her crush on Matt Damon.
  35. i spy
    Can You Find Trump’s Ex-Wife in His Cinco de Mayo Taco Pic? I spy Marla Maples.
  36. on the record
    Hot Mics Caught Chris Matthews Being Gross About Melania Trump Yes, your mic is on.
  37. live magic
    Magic Mike Is Doing a Vegas Show — or, Basically, Live Hip-ThrustingDoin’ it live, starting March 2017.
  38. new guy
    Meet Zach Miko, IMG’s New Plus-Size Male Model ” … Kids like me can look at a website or a magazine and see somebody their size instead of these Adonises.”
  39. burn
    Samantha Bee Sent Off Ted Cruz With a Burn Ouch.
  40. love for elsa
    The Campaign to Give Elsa a Girlfriend Continues Give this royal a lady.
  41. dolly parton wedding
    Dolly Parton Is Marrying Her Husband of 50 Years — Bring on the Glitzy Gown To her husband of nearly 50 years.
  42. cheat sheets
    Everything to Know About Chanel’s Cuba Resort 2017 Show Chanel’s resort 2017 collection in Havana.
  43. tulle
    Jennifer Hudson and Her Tulle Had the Best Time at the Met Gala Just a gal and her Met Gala gown.
  44. not becky
    Rita Ora Is Officially Not Becky With the Good HairRumors squashed.
  45. met throwback
    Naomi Campbell’s Throwback Met Gala Pic Reminds Us of a Simpler TimeA time with fewer robot arms.
  46. social media shade
    The Internet Reacts to the 2016 Met Gala Zayn tried. He tried. 
  47. bonding
    Jay Z and Blue Ivy Had Daddy-Daughter Time Backstage at Beyoncé’s Tampa ShowDaddy-daughter time.
  48. charlotte
    It’s Princess Charlotte’s Birthday — Time for a Photo ShootNobody does baby portraits quite like royalty.
  49. haters
    Old Navy’s Interracial Ad Got Attacked By Trolls — But Its Message Still Stands Model Grace Mahary says she’s “proud to be representing interracial love.”
  50. cannot handle
    Drake’s Views Is Making You Feel Feelings, But It’s Going to Be Okay Just missing exes you don’t even have. It’s fine.
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