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  1. remembrance
    Michael Sorkin Taught Me How to Look at New YorkRemembering the critic and architect — who died a year ago this week — and revisiting his book Exquisite Corpse.
  2. No More HeroesMichael Lewis tries hard to pluck champions from the financial crisis in his new book, The Big Short, but overlooks the most weirdly au […]
  3. the new red scare
    The Global Debt Crisis Is the New Cold WarThe furor over Greece is just one of many small panics we can expect to see in the coming years.
  4. the downturnaround
    The Hummer Is Dead, Long Live the HummerOne day, we will be nostalgic for even the worst of the aughts.
  5. Obama’s Bank JobThe Volcker rules are a great political idea—even though the real problems may lie elsewhere.
  6. Let the Good Times RollMight the recovery be more robust than widely expected? Wall Street’s most respected pessimist thinks so.
  7. last night’s gig
    Secret Phoenix Show Culminates With Excellent Cadillac JingleOur love for the band gets kicked into the stratosphere.
  8. sand traps
    Dubai: Bowed, But Not BrokenDubai has stabilized, but they probably won’t be building any luxury underwater resorts anytime soon.
  9. all eli all the time
    Do the Giants’ Coaches Trust Eli Even Less Than We Do?Play-calling seems a vote of no-confidence.
  10. all eli all the time
    Eli Plays Like Some Sort of Super Dave Brown in WinStill needs to play tougher in fourth.
  11. all eli all the time
    The Dave Brown ParadoxHow Eli Manning is like the old Giants disaster.
  12. Brooklyn CallingAs the industry of music went into its death throes, the actual making and performing of it prospered on the far side of the East River. Animal […]
  13. all eli all the time
    Eli and Giants Still Not Helping Each OtherEven patient, rational fans must admit it’s time to put this guy on the hot seat.
  14. last night’s gig
    Night at the Rock Museum: Second Concert of the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of FameRock’s museum waxworks come to life for a series of sometimes incongruous, sometimes inspired duets.
  15. Sunday GuiltConscience collides with NFL fandom.
  16. Cranky ScienceJohn Paulson’s grumpy market advantage.
  17. all eli all the time
    Eli Needs a New Game PlanHome loss should trigger philosophical reassessment.
  18. all eli all the time
    Can Eli Carry the D?Expectations about the relative strengths of the Giants’ units have to be revised.
  19. all eli all the time
    Eli’s Ready. Is the Rest of the Offense?We’re still not sold on the receiving corps.
  20. all eli all the time
    Eli Bloodthirst ConfirmedRout provides opportunity for character study.
  21. all eli all the time
    Cowboys to Eli: ‘It’s On You.’ Eli: ‘No Problem.’Ill-mannered interloper ruins oil-baron soiree.
  22. Big Wheel Keeps on TurningDavid Byrne adds bike evangelist to his eclectic résumé.
  23. money for nothing
    Utopia for a Price: All Tomorrow’s PartiesAn adventure in cultural escapism.
  24. all eli all the time
    Introducing the Eli Manning MicroblogAn obsessive weekly account of the maddening experience that is watching Eli Manning play professional football.
  25. the downturnaround
    Bob Benmosche Is an Equal Opportunity BullyThe Downturnaround is heartened to see that Andrew Cuomo isn’t the only person the new AIG CEO is talking tough to.
  26. Lizzy Goodman and Hugo Lindgren’s Want-to-HearsWhat our critics are most eager for this fall.
  27. Eat My MetalThough he’s big in Europe, Danko Jones plays small indie clubs in the U.S., where the crowds often don’t get his brand of hard rock. Perhaps tha […]
  28. T-Shirt by DarwinIt’s been burned, washed, stoned, dipped in acid, discarded and rediscovered, even shot. The evolution of a once-humble garment.
  29. the greatest depression
    The Death of Lenny Dykstra’s DreamThe beloved ex-Mets and -Phillies star files for bankruptcy.
  30. OinkhamptonRare is the East End joint that greets its customers with a full roast suckling pig—an eighteen-pounder, snout and all. But Michael and Tracey […]
  31. My Moby MakeoverCan the studio whiz save even a rank amateur? If only. But it could have been worse.
  32. ink-stained wretches
    Apocalypse Postponed: Obama Diplomacy Fixes Krugman ProblemPerhaps talking to your enemies really can change their hearts.
  33. the downturnaround
    Ford Needs to FocusFord has been running a public-relations campaign promoting their lack of reliance on the government. But so far, it sounds pretty weak.
  34. white men with money
    At First, John Paulson Was in a Wolf Pack of One …Now he has been joined by other hedge-fund managers, and they are all making lots of money together. Why?
  35. the downturnaround
    We Like the New GM Ad and We’re Not Ashamed to Admit ItIt’s not fashionable to say anything nice about the American car companies, but Hugo Lindgren does not like the alternative.
  36. the downturnaround
    The Downturnaround’s Top 10 Websites for Making Your Own Prediction About Economic RecoveryIf not for the blogosphere, Hugo Lindgren would just be a lost soul searching for a breadline to join.
  37. The World Will AdjustAmar Bhide is a professor at Columbia Business School and the author of The Venturesome Economy. Although Bhide is fairly confident that the rec […]
  38. China Is the New KingStephanie Pomboy is an economic forecaster who took her own medicine. A few years ago, after she’d been warning clients (and friends) that the h […]
  39. Detroit Looks Like a StealJames Grant, who publishes the excellent newsletter ‘Grant’s Interest Rate Observer,’ is one reason to believe Wall Street has a brain.
  40. London Is a BustNiels Jensen, an economist and partner at London-based Absolute Return Partners whose latest investor letter is titled “Green Shoots or Smoking […]
  41. The Downturnaround Is HereOr is it? A worrier’s guide to our economic future.
  42. white men with money
    David Einhorn Strikes AgainEinhorn attacks Geithner, Buffett, “hope” at annual hedge-fund conference.
  43. Giuseppe Six-packItalian beer doesn’t have quite the romantic allure of Italian wine, but it’s damn fine stuff nonetheless.
  44. white men with money
    Hedge Funds Sharpen Blades in Preparation for Annual ConferenceTomorrow’s the annual Ira Sohn Research Investment Conference offers a chance for hedge fund managers to show off.
  45. the downturnaround
    The Good Times Are Over, Long Live the Okay TimesSo you have to trade your filet for a ham sandwich. Big deal.
  46. the downturnaround
    Why New York City Won’t PopPundits and economic forecasters love coming up with elaborate scenarios for how New York City will meet its doom. The Downturnaround defies them all.
  47. the greatest depression
    The Stress-Test Results Are Out: What Now?What to expect and how to feel about today’s stress-test results.
  48. the downturnaround
    All Hail the LowballerHow the battle of wills between real-estate vultures and steadfast property owners will help the market.
  49. white men with our money
    Wait, So How Did Big Banks Go From Being Dead Broke to Having Billions for Bonuses?They just went with the flow.
  50. white men with money
    Let Them Eat Index FundsAnd also Big Macs.
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