Hunter Kennedy

  1. Retail: What Price Irony?On a recent afternoon in Park Slope, a father and son stopped at an unmarked store window at the quiet southern end of Seventh Avenue to admire […]
  2. Past PerfectNew York’s memorabilia shops have just the right thing to light the corners of your mind.
  3. NavigatorQ: My inner Luddite has reared its head and I’ve decided to dump Windows 98 in favor of an old manual typewriter that has seen years of n […]
  4. NavigatorQ: I just bought this extravagantly beautiful antique chair for a song at the flea market. I suspect it might be valuable; how do I find […]
  5. Tune TownAustin, Tex.; March 18-19, 2000
  6. Homeless Box OfficeCan’t afford a jet but want to be jet-set? Time to get your own in-flight movie. The first portable Digital Versatile Disc player on the market, […]