Ilana Kaplan

  1. influences
    How Basic Instinct, Fight Club, and Hitchcock Shaped Do RevengeDirector Jennifer Kaytin Robinson on the unexpected cinematic inspirations behind her candy-coated black comedy Do Revenge.
  2. role call
    Kate Bosworth Answers Every Question We Have About Blue CrushOn competing for the lead role with Jessica Biel, eating sand during her audition, and surviving the “cruel” streak of the early 2000s.
  3. coachella 2022
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of Coachella 2022From Harry Styles’s Shania Twain cameo to … a metal version of the Simpsons theme?
  4. chat room
    Jenna Ortega on Returning to You and Twisting the Good Christian Girl Trope in X“I think I’m most comfortable when I’m running and screaming for my life.”
  5. role call
    Shane West Answers Every Question We Have About A Walk to Remember“You want to be acknowledged for the work that you’re putting in, but I was never really a TMZ person.”
  6. dancing with the devil
    The Biggest Revelations From Demi Lovato’s Documentary Dancing With the DevilFinally, her unfiltered truth.
  7. role call
    Jennifer Love Hewitt Answers Every Question We Have About HeartbreakersOn being attached to Ray Liotta’s crotch, the media’s obsession with her body, and the possibility of a sequel.
  8. a long talk
    Phoebe Bridgers Feels Your PainThe wildly prolific singer-songwriter on her devastating new album Punisher and being “the sad girl.”
  9. the bling ring
    And So It IsAn oral history of the infamous 2010 reality show, Pretty Wild.
  10. vulture lists
    All of Moira Rose’s Wigs on Schitt’s Creek, RankedCatherine O’Hara’s dramatic hairpieces have become some of the show’s best supporting characters.
  11. sitcoms
    The Messy, Hilarious World of Workin’ MomsThis Canadian comedy doesn’t flinch at the absurd realities of postpartum life. They’re why it exists.
  12. teen dramas
    What Euphoria Owes to Degrassi, the Godfather of Taboo Teen DramasBefore Euphoria shocked audiences with sex, drugs, and dick pics, Degrassi paved the way.
  13. Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda on Life After Chester Bennington, in His Own Words“I’d be out getting ice cream with friends or my kids and a Linkin Park song will just side-swipe you at some point.”
  14. Phoenix Talk Positivity, Italy, and the Secret Influence on Their New Album“Around us, there was not a lot of pleasure.”
  15. Why Do You Keep Making Kanye Remind You He Was Right?The most vindicated man in rap is never wrong. And he’s said he’s running for president in 2020.
  16. still the 80s
    The 50 Best Modern Songs That Sound Like the 1980sMusicians are embracing the sounds of that decade in the same way other artists repurposed the blues, classic ‘60s rock, and ‘70s punk.
  17. riot!
    Meet Julia Cumming, Teen Rocker and YSL MuseSunflower Bean’s lead singer talked to us about modeling, blonde hair, and the new sound of grunge.
  18. q&a
    Ryn Weaver on Girl Power, Queer Sexuality, SelfiesThe electropop singer talks to the Cut on the eve of her new LP.
  19. the cut music special
    Purity Ring’s Megan James on ‘Future Pop’ and Sexism in MusicPurity Ring’s lead singer talks about making an album long-distance, sewing her own clothes, and the possibility of going solo.
  20. the cut music special
    Tei Shi on Covering Beyoncé and Making ‘Mermaid Music’The singer of “Go Slow” says she doesn’t want her music to be defined by labels.
  21. Slutever on That Name and L.A. PunkNicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi say their goal is to “inspire other girls to play music.”
  22. the cut music special
    Meredith Graves on Powerful Punk and Her Own LabelShe talks about “paying it forward,” and being a woman on the hardcore scene. 
  23. the cut music special
    Waxahatchee’s Wandering Spirit and Grungy SoundKatie Crutchfield on writing “depressing songs,” working with her twin sister, and more. 
  24. the cut music special
    Kacy Hill’s Kanye-Approved Pop The singer talks about working with West and making a music video in just ten minutes. 
  25. cut bands
    Halsey’s Dream Pop and Instagram ObsessionsThe blue-haired singer of “Hurricane” talks to us about her music, being a rebellious team, and Jaden Smith.
  26. first listen
    Listen to Cool New Indie Band Prinze George’s Debut EPEverything from folky lullabies to pure EDM bliss.