Ira Boudway

  1. 2. Of Course, Money Isn’t EverythingSix or seven NBA titles would be nice, too.
  2. 13. If You Win Here, We’ll Name a Street After YouWe’ve already got Babe Ruth Plaza, Joe DiMaggio Highway, Lou Gehrig Plaza, Joe Louis Plaza … you get the picture. For you, we’re thinking big:
  3. 14. If You Win Here, We’ll Name a Sandwich After YouThe LeBron MVP would be pastrami, corned beef, brisket, and turkey with American cheese, plus lettuce, tomato, and mustard on rye.
  4. 3. Allow Us to Introduce You to Chris BoshBefore the 2009 All-Star Game, you told a reporter, “I would definitely love to play with Chris Bosh. Being around him last summer [in the Olymp […]
  5. The Story of LeBron James (2018)What would a documentary looking back at LeBron James’s career in New York look like?
  6. 7. We’re Afraid There’s Just No Polite Way to Say This, But Our Superfans Make Your Superfans Look Plain SadThis is just an abbreviated photo gallery of celebrities who attended a game at the Garden this year.
  7. 4. We’ve Already Picked Out a Pretty Sweet Place for You to CrashYou’ve built yourself a nice spread out there in Summit County, Ohio: six bedrooms, 33,000 square feet, your own barbershop, aquarium, recording […]
  8. 8. Not That We’re All About CelebritiesIt’s not all glitz and glamour in New York. We are also home to the most legendary court in all of street basketball, Rucker Park, where Earl Mo […]
  9. 12. Winning a Championship in New York Is Like Nothing ElseJust ask these guys.
  10. 1. If You Want to Make That First Billion Before You Turn 30, This Is the Place to Do ItWe know you’re a brand-savvy guy. We read where you said you wanted to be a billionaire. You don’t need more business advice, and if you did, yo […]
  11. 10. The Cavs Are Aging Fast, and Your Other Potential Employers All Have WartsSure, you could play it safe and stay in Cleveland, but look around you: That might actually be the risky choice. The team is only getting older […]
  12. 11. We’re Remaking the World’s Most Famous Arena Just in Time for Your ArrivalThe newly refurbished Madison Square Garden, to be unveiled starting in 2011, will essentially be brand-new.
  13. 9. Oh, And If You Ever Feel Like Going Out …Noah Tepperberg, the impresario behind the clubs Avenue and Marquee, planned this postgame itinerary for you.
  14. 5. Right, We Almost ForgotThe man who can bring you all of this is Mike D’Antoni.
  15. Dear LeBron, We Need YouBut you need us, too.
  16. 6. A Few People You May Have Heard of Are Big FansHere’s what they have to say about how to get you here.
  17. nate watch
    The Last NatrixWalsh ships Robinson up to Boston with no regard for Sports Section’s running gimmick.
  18. nate watch
    Nate Robinson Was Basically a Super-Size Muggsy Bogues Out There YesterdaySparkplug turns facilitator.
  19. heating up!
    What Would Today’s NBA Jam Look Like?NBA Jam today would be fantastic.
  20. nate watch
    Shake and Bake Removed From FreezerAfter a fourteen-game hiatus, Nate busts loose for the Knicks.
  21. what could possibly go wrong?
    Rick Reilly Shakes a Nation’s Faith in TomorrowThe sad tale of one soul thrown off its bearings.
  22. nate watch
    We Want Nate?Dynamo spark plug gets plugged to apparent team benefit.
  23. nate watch
    Nate Robinson: Saboteur and HeroExcellent Sunday perhaps mitigates instance of intentionally shooting at wrong basket.
  24. pedro martinez
    For Better or Worse, a Chance to Say Good-bye to PedroPedro Martinez, never boring.
  25. make it stop
    Your Old Pal Channing FryeChanning Frye, another Knicks escapee playing well elsewhere.
  26. nate watch
    C’mon, Nate. C’mon, GuyFan fave fails to “assist” our running conceit, “misses” all of his “shots from the field.”
  27. world series
    Reviewing Pedro vs. the Yankees in Playoffs PastAll six games are memorable.
  28. nate watch
    Introducing the NatrixTracking Krypto-Nate’s performance in chart form.
  29. predictions
    All Right, It’s Time for This Playoff Business to Get Started’New York”s staff predictions for the 2009 baseball postseason.
  30. come on guys smile
    The Red Sox Had a Lot Less Fun Clinching Than the Yankees DidThe Red Sox didn’t get to party too much after clinching a playoff spot.
  31. if he dies he dies
    Встретите сети! (That’s ‘Meet the Nets’ in Russian)The new Nets owner (probably) is a Russian badass who does backflips on a jet ski.
  32. citi field
    A Sunny Day at the MorgueCiti Field crowd in good spirits.
  33. derek jeter
    A Red Sox Fan Admits to Some Fondness for Derek JeterHad previously accused the shortstop of loving wine coolers, being a nancy boy.
  34. lebron watch
    Shows We’d Like to See on LeBron’s Cablevision ChannelIf LeBron really gets his own channel from Cablevision, he’ll need some help programming it.
  35. Dan Brown’s Enemies ListThe Church isn’t the only one with a beef.
  36. chat room
    Sleepwalk With Me’s Mike Birbiglia on Making Audiences Feel His Pain, 198 Times“Yeah, the guy in the front row was text messaging, so I gave him some fire.”
  37. Who Is Ross Douthat?The Times recently announced its op-ed replacement for William Kristol: a young conservative blogger and author, not yet 30, named Ross […]
  38. Springsteen’s Hungry HeartHow do you remain a rock god for more than 40 years? You ride the Zeitgeist, play your politics, and don’t apologize for the house in Beverly Hi […]
  39. in other news
    Outsourcing Tycoon and Flat-World Pioneer Competes With Own Imagination, LosesTom Friedman, as we predicted, is friends with the latest international fraudster.
  40. HeadlinersWhat became of ten memorable newsmakers.
  41. Yelping Like a Grown-upThe Walkmen may no longer be the toast of Williamsburg, but that suits them just fine.
  42. Marilynne Robinson’s HomecomingMarilynne Robinson published her first novel, Housekeeping, in 1980; it would be 24 years until her next one. In the meantime, she produced a cr […]
  43. A Tale of Three Quarterbacks: Eli vs. the LegendsPedigree Joe Namath: Born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, to Hungarian immigrants John Namath (originally Janos Nemet), a steelworker, and Rose […]
  44. Enhanced PerformancesJuicing through the years.
  45. The Year in PopRadiohead rediscovered their instincts, Rihanna’s great summer hit was all about rain, LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire made it cool to be a geek […]
  46. Ballpark FiguresWho gets paid more for doing a job: Clemens or Gisele?
  47. Seek Out the NebbioloRed wine, good for the body and mind.
  48. The Media DiariesThree New Yorkers track everything they watch, read, and listen to in the course of a week.
  49. Because We’ve Got the Lowest Crime Rate in 40 Years (and the Lowest of Any Major U.S. City)While crime is down across New York, nowhere has it dropped more than in Washington Heights and Inwood, where felonies have declined by 85 perce […]