Jack Talbert

  1. aerospace
    The Boeing Retiree Who Knows That the Manufacturing Industry Has Changed Forever“I don’t care what anybody tells me, you can’t force 50,000 companies to keep all their manufacturing here or bring those jobs back.”
  2. energy
    The Oil-Production Accountant Who Wishes People Didn’t Waste Resources“I would never go out and picket or strap myself to a tree or anything like that, but I do consider myself a minimalist by nature.”
  3. logistics
    The Shipping Expediter Who Keeps a Freight Warehouse Running“We’d have cool things that come in. We had pieces of an assembly line for Frito-Lay. We had a submarine come by one day, like a research sub.”
  4. food service
    The IKEA Kitchen Worker Who’s Learned How to Deal With Angry Customers“At the end of the day you have to learn to let them be mad and to defuse the situation as much as you can.”