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  1. theater review
    A Christmas Carol, Heavy on the NightmaresJefferson Mays plays 50 characters, starting with Marley and Scrooge.
  2. dos jager bombs
    Adam DiMarco and Haley Lu Richardson Are Reading Your White Lotus Theories“They were like, ‘If Portia doesn’t get on this she deserves to be one of the people in a body bag.’”
  3. theater review
    In & Juliet, Verona Goes Pop!Power pop as empowerment, Renaissance Division.
  4. theater review
    Downstate, at the Limits of EmpathyIn Bruce Norris’s play about registered sex offenders, the characters are humanized but not quite forgiven.
  5. vulture festival 2022
    The White Lotus’s Meghann Fahy Knows Daphne Is No VictimThe series’ “Zen mommy” unpacks the marital mind games being played in this week’s episode.
  6. vulture festival 2022
    Where Are the Happy Endings Characters in 2022?And where were they on January 6?
  7. chat room
    The Crown’s Lesley Manville Missed Her One Chance to Meet Princess MargaretVia an invitation from her friend David Bowie.
  8. theater review
    Kimberly Akimbo Skates Uptown, Anagrams IntactThe joyous and quirky show, starring Victoria Clark, glides onto Broadway.
  9. emergency discussion
    Does The Crown Like the Royals or Not?A season about the Diana and Charles divorce would seem like a prime opportunity to tear into the monarchy. And yet …
  10. power rankings
    Which Young Harry Potter Star Is Having the Best Career Now?The once-rising stars have gone on to play Batman, work with the Coen brothers, and, as for Daniel Radcliffe, lead a weirdo biopic about Weird Al.
  11. chat room
    Simona Tabasco Is ‘Threatening the Equilibrium’ of The White LotusThe actor teases Lucia’s intentions and the tattoo that commemorates her spicy last name.
  12. theater review
    Surreal Humor and Medical Metaphor in You Will Get SickLinda Lavin and Daniel K. Isaac are onstage in a very peculiar caregiver-and-patient relationship.
  13. theater review
    Onstage, It’s Almost Almost Famous You’ll meet them all again on the long journey to the middle.
  14. theater review
    A Man of No Importance, Larger in MiniatureJim Parsons leads the revival of the Ahrens-Flaherty-McNally musical.
  15. credits italian style
    The White Lotus Gets Operatic, Horny in New Opening-Credits SequencePlay the season-two theme song at every Halloween party this weekend.
  16. character study
    How Tati’s ‘Redefining the Idiot’ on Los EspookysAna Fabrega finds deeper emotional truths in the HBO comedy’s most oblivious character.
  17. theater review
    A One-Dimensional Robert Moses in Straight Line CrazyRalph Fiennes stars in this talky, static retelling of Moses’s misdeeds.
  18. profile
    Gabriel LaBelle Is Suddenly Sorta SpielbergFor The Fabelmans, he beat out 2,000 actors to play a version of the famed director as a teen by embracing the meta-ness.
  19. theater review
    A Little Life, Off the Page, Is All In on PainIvo van Hove’s four-hour Dutch adaptation comes to BAM.
  20. midnights
    Taylor Swift’s Swear-iest Midnights Lyrics, RankedTaylor, after dark.
  21. endings
    Let’s Tálk About the Ending of TárIt’s hilárious.
  22. exit interview
    The Long Road to MordorThe Rings of Power creators explain Sauron’s identity and their plan to explore the edges of Tolkien’s map.
  23. theater review
    The Piano Lesson Returns With Generations of Memory Laid OnSamuel L. Jackson and Danielle Brooks show off their stage mastery in this August Wilson revival.
  24. the group portrait
    The Backstage Spirits of Phantom of the OperaThe people behind 35 years’ music of the night.
  25. music notes
    A Tour of the Tolkien Lore in the Rings of Power ScoreCourtesy of series composer Bear McCreary.
  26. bros
    Stop Saving the Rom-comAs an empty vessel of a genre, the romantic comedy is not worth resuscitating, though what it once contained probably is.
  27. theater review
    In Funny Girl, Lea Michele Does Exactly What You Thought She CouldThe shiny apple of our eye.
  28. chat room
    The Good Fight’s Alan Cumming Was Delighted to Free Eli Gold From Network TV“There was actually more swearing initially.”
  29. exit interview
    ‘They’re Hardwired to Something Transactional’Industry’s creators on season-two twists and the crushing power of the Establishment.
  30. chat room
    Robert Aramayo Knows His Elrond LoreThe Rings of Power star talks about prosthetics, pronunciation, and precious ores.
  31. theater review
    The Persistence of Memory, Via David StrathairnHe embodies the anti-Nazi resistance fighter Jan Karski in Remember This.
  32. gaming
    Don’t You Want to Jump Off These Little Tears of the Kingdom?The long-awaited Legend of Zelda installment comes out May 12, 2023.
  33. highs and lows
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2022 Emmy AwardsWhy was Zedd in charge of interrupting and playing off the best of TV?
  34. chat room
    Jay Duplass Wanted to See If He Could Survive the Brutality of IndustryOn Jesse Bloom’s similarities to Jeff Bezos and perfecting his gray streak.
  35. opening night
    Standing O’s and Subtext at Lea Michele’s First Funny Girl PerformanceThe crowd seemed to exist on separate, colliding tectonic plates, one-half wanting to see redemption and the other tilting toward comeuppance.
  36. fall preview
    29 Plays and Musicals We Can’t Wait to See This FallHow many Pulitzer winners can you fit in one season?
  37. cheat sheet
    Close-Reading Lord of the Rings With the Creatives Behind The Rings of PowerThe most expensive TV show ever excavates Tolkien’s supplementary materials to piece together an epic about the Second Age of Middle-earth.
  38. fall preview
    The White Lotus Returns, and the Behavior Is No BetterOn location in Sicily, with a new cast of characters who can’t stand one another.
  39. the greatest city in the world
    Lin-Manuel Miranda and John Kander Are Working on a New York, New York MusicalVery loosely based on the Scorsese film starring Liza Minnelli.
  40. chat room
    Milly Alcock Confirms Riding a Horse Is a Lot More Fun Than Riding a DragonHow the House of the Dragon star mastered constricting costumes, High Valyrian, and House Targaryen’s creatures for the Game of Thrones prequel.
  41. drama club
    Lea Michele Is the Funny Girl NowHere’s our first look at her as Fanny Brice, the role she’ll claim starting September 6.
  42. how to
    How to Sing Sondheim Like Sara BareillesWhy the pop singer’s voice was an unusual fit for the Broadway revival of Into the Woods.
  43. chat room
    Julia Lester Journeys to Theater Camp and Into the WoodsAs High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Ashlyn seeks her starring moment, the actress who plays her makes her own Broadway debut.
  44. broadway
    Angelica Ross Will Fosse Her Way Into Chicago This FallThe long-running show’s first openly trans star.
  45. olivia rodrigo
    What’s Olivia Rodrigo Up To on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series?This week, she sings!
  46. behind the seams
    Get Inside Westworld’s Spooky Robot Flesh SuitPlaying a Drone Host comes with as much visibility as you’d expect.
  47. trailer mix
    Morally Bankrupt Finance Grads Are Back in the Industry Season-Two TrailerPremiering August 1.
  48. chat room
    Fala Chen Is Still Pondering the Questions Her Irma Vep Character Raises“I wanted to challenge myself not to impose my idea of who Cynthia is too much.”
  49. bridges you cross
    Amanda Seyfried Was Auditioning for Wicked While Playing Elizabeth Holmes[Elizabeth Holmes voice] Popular, you’re gonna be pop-u-lar.
  50. theater
    Beanie Feldstein Now Has Tonsillitis: ‘Ya Gotta Laugh’Further rain upon the parade.
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